"I'm much more than human. I'm the living brain and nervous system of Neonopolis. I hardly remember where I end and Neonopolis begins anymore."
―The first MOTHER (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

MOTHER was the artificial intelligence mainframe that oversaw the day-to-day operation of Neonopolis. The computer was a biological construct, built around an organic core in the form of a re-purposed human being. A series of at least two MOTHER mainframes were constructed — the first was built around the body of Isabella Borgia, while the second was built around her granddaughter Lucretia.


The first MOTHER[]

"Hello, Scarface. Long time no see."
MOTHER, reunited with Scarface (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

The original MOTHER mainframe, with Isabella Borgia at its core.

The original MOTHER supercomputer was constructed by Borgia Industries around the body and mind of former CEO Isabella Borgia, who had grown too old and frail to continue and donated her body willingly. With her body housed inside a preservative tank in the heart of Borgia Towers in Neonopolis, Isabella's consciousness was hard-wired into the city's electronic network, allowing her to control the day-to-day operation of innumerable systems throughout the city. Her control over the city was sufficient that she could even raise the ambient temperatures to higher levels for prolonged periods,[1] thereby making the city more attractive to visiting Yautja, luring them to the city so that they might be captured by Borgia Industries and used in their research.

Eventually, the proliferation of Yautja technology in Neonopolis, all reverse-engineered by Borgia Industries, and the repeated capture of Predators there led to Scarface being dispatched to the city with orders to eliminate those responsible. He quickly worked his way up to the mastermind of the situation, MOTHER, and found her at the center of Borgia Towers. Both recognized that Scarface and Isabella had met a century before, but Scarface mercilessly fought his way through MOTHER's defenses before impaling Isabella's body on his Combistick, killing her and destroying MOTHER.

The second MOTHER[]

"She will make an excellent replacement for the original bio-hard drive which the monster destroyed."
―An unnamed Yutani Corporation executive to Weyland, regarding Lucretia (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Following Scarface's rampage through Neonopolis, the Borgia family was wiped out, and Borgia Industries' assets were subsequently acquired by a Mr. Weyland. Among the materials obtained in this takeover was the body of Lucretia Borgia, who had perished at the hands of her own father Hunter. Weyland and his scientists used this body to build a second MOTHER computer, which he proudly revealed to assembled representatives of the Yutani Corporation.


  • As well as appearing in the game, MOTHER acts as the narrator of the story.




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