The M5 Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) is a portable, shoulder-fired, reloadable, semi-automatic unguided anti-armor rocket-propelled grenade launcher used by United States Colonial Marine Corps[2] as their standard issue RPG.[3] It also sees limited use from Weyland-Yutani PMCs.[1]

As of 2191, the M5 RPG was succeeded by the M12 RPG Launcher, with a radically different design and a new approach to anti-armor weaponry.[4]


The launcher itself is composed of a steel alloy tube, 140 cm in length and 2.3 kg in weight, which incorporates backblast diffusers, a trigger mechanism, a 4x power telescopic sight mounted on the left side of the tube and backup iron sights on the top. The round fired is a 60mm hypervelocity spin-stabilized rocket, weighing just 2.2 kg, armed with an impact-fused supercritical High Explosive Armor Piercing warhead. The rocket has an accurate range of approximately 400 m and a maximum range of 2,000 m.[2]

Though the M5 RPG has little chance of penetrating modern medium and heavy tank armor, it is both popular and effective in its secondary role against infantry in cover within bunkers and building strongpoints.[2] Some Marines in the field, despite its low-tech design, have found the M5 to be more useful than other anti-armor weapons such as M78 PIG.[2]

Two M5 RPGs make up part of a standard Rifle Platoon's organic support weapons.[5]


Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013 video game)[]

In Aliens: Colonial Marines, the M5 RPG appears as the M5 RPG Launcher. In the game, the M5 is a heavy weapon and when equipped the player will not drop any weapons they were previously carrying (unless the player was carrying another heavy weapon such as a M240 Incinerator Unit or M56 Smartgun) and the player will not be able to switch to any of their other weapons without dropping the RPG. In multiplayer the RPG can be found lying around the maps in certain areas or be obtained if a Marine using the M5 is killed since he will drop the weapon upon death. If lost the M5 will eventually respawn in the same place it was found before.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual[]

M5 RPG-0


The M5 rocket propelled grenade system is a small reloadable shoulder-launched weapon. The launcher consists of a 140 cm steel alloy tube weighing 2.3 kg, with a rear backblast vent incorporating backblast diffusers, trigger mechanism and 4x power telescopic sight. Each 2.2 kg round is a 60 mm hypervelocity spin-stabilised rocket with an impact-fused supercritical HEAT warhead. The rounds are carried seperately and handloaded into the launch tube. Sighted visually, the system has an accurate range of approximately 400 m and a maximum range of around 2,000 m. Though the rocket's warhead has little chance against medium and heavy tank armor, it has proven popular and effective for use in its secondary role against infantry in bunkers and building strongpoints.


Technical Manual[]

A different model compared to its modern incarnations, depicted as a single shot rocket launcher with a telescopic sight. Its appearance is strikingly different, more akin to a traditional Bazooka than a modern rocket launcher of the 22nd century.

M5 RPG[]

Standard model as of 2179; with a four rocket magazine and equipped with an optical scope. It saw limited use.

M5A3 RPG[]

Improved model as of 2184; single shot and equipped with an telescoping targeting scope.[6] It is designed after the variant that was likely used in 2179, albeit with some of the elements that was originally defined in the Technical Manual.



  • In Aliens the M5 RPG is briefly mentioned by Pvt. Hudson when he is boasting about the USCM's arsenal to Ripley; "We got tactical smart missiles, Phase Plasma Pulse Rifles, RPGs...".
  • The photo of the M5 in the Brady Games Aliens: Colonial Marines Guide (seen above) appears to have had the bottom of the M5's grips cut off.
  • In Aliens: Colonial Marines, there are multiple labels that can be seen in both sides of the weapon:[7]
    • A warning label at the top. But it is difficult to read.
    • A radioactive label on the middle, despite the weapon itself lacking any radioactive capability.
    • And manufacture label that says "CRYOXIS ARMS LTD. MADE IN THE USA". With its serial number "40074528" below it.



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