"Mid to long range rifle constructed in a bullpup configuration; useful for reconnaissance due to both mid and long range combat capabilities."
M4RA Battle Rifle description (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

The Armat Battlefield Systems M4RA Battle Rifle (also simply known as the Battle Rifle) is an American-made bullpup dedicated marksman rifle and was employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps and Weyland-Yutani PMCs.


The M4RA is a semi automatic long range DMR, coming by default with a U7 Tac-Shotgun it can be replaced with a U1 Grenade Launcher firing either M40 HE grenades or proximity mines. The M4RA can also fit an A9 Sound Suppressor to suppress the gun's sound and flash for a better accuracy but it reduced the gun's stopping power, on the opposite a longer A14 Barrel Extension can increasing the muzzle velocity and stopping but slowering the rate of fire due to a higher recoil. A better accuracy can be achieved by replacing the default S4 2x Telescoping Sight by a S11 Variable Zoom Sight or a Smart Targeting Scope[1]

Notable Users[]

The M4RA is the standard weapons of USS Sephora Colonial Marines marksmen during the second conflict on LV-426. Some Weyland-Yutani PMC are also equipped with some of them.[1]

In 2179, Rick Levy after freeing Hicks from captivity made use of a M4RA Battle Rifle against Weyland-Yutani PMCs and might lose it after being catpured on LV-426.[2]

Later on, during the conflict between the Colonial Marines of the USS Sephora and Weyland-Yutani PMCs, aboard the USS Sulaco and the Origin Facility on Acheron, some Marines and PMCs used the rifle with Cpl. Christopher Winters among them.[1]


M252 High Explosive Armor Piercing (HEAP) round: An explosive-tipped match-standard round with a maximum effective range of 2,950 meters. Fusing is variable, and can be set to detonate either on impact or only after penetrating armor.[3] Fusing is controlled from a selector switch on the rifle.

A19 High Velocity Round: A propellent-assisted standard ammunition that leave the rifle barrel at a significantly higher velocity, causing tremendous damage.[1]


  • The M4RA is unlocked at Marine Level 11, making it the last weapon unlocked in the game; barring Legendary Weapons or DLC unlocks. There is no legendary weapon equivalent to this weapon as it is not a weapon used by the crew of the USS Sulaco in Aliens, nor does the weapon make an appearance in the film during that time.
ACM concept98

Concept art of the M4RA when it was going to be the "Armat M42A Rifle".

  • The M4RA Battle Rifle first appeared in Aliens: Colonial Marines and was one of the several new weapons created for the game. However, concept art for Aliens: Colonial Marines reveals that the M4RA Battle Rifle was originally going to be the M42A Scope Rifle seen in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual under the name "Armat M42A Rifle". However, its appearance would have varied greatly from the M42A seen in the Technical Manual. The designation "M4RA" is very similar to Scope Rifle's "M42A" designation and was likely based on the Scope Rifle's. Concept art also reveals that the M4RA was originally going to have an ammo counter, much like the M41A Pulse Rifle's. The model used for spare M4RA magazines found lying around levels is the same as the M41A Pulse Rifle MK2's spare magazines'.
  • All non-playable characters and Levy from Stasis Interrupted who use this weapon will not attach any modifications to the weapon or use alternate fires.
  • In the Brady Games Aliens: Colonial Marines Guide, "Battle Rifles" is misspelled "Battle Riffels" in the W-Y Elite section on page 41.
  • The buttstock of the rifle has a label that says "ARMAT M4RA" with "10mm M252 HEAP" below it, the latter likely referring its standard-loaded caliber, the same ammunitions used by the Armat M42A Rifle.




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