"Mid to long range rifle constructed in a bullpup configuration; useful for reconnaissance due to both mid and long range combat capabilities."
M4RA Battle Rifle description (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

The Armat M4RA Battle Rifle, also known simply as the Battle Rifle, is an American-made bullpup battle rifle employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps as the Colonial Marine's secondary infantry weapon.


The M4RA can also use the A19 High Velocity Round which exits the rifle's barrel at a significantly higher velocity than the standard M4RA rounds and cause more damage.


  • U7 Tac-Shotgun: "Under-barrel mounted, medium capacity, twelve gauge shotgun; offers a close range alternate fire option to a primarily mid-ranged weapon."
  • Prox-Mine Launcher: "Underslung rifle attachment; fires proximity detonated anti-personnel mines composed of a thermite charge."
  • U1 Grenade Launcher: Four-round magazine, pump action underbarrel grenade launcher carried over from the M41A.
  • A9 Sound Suppressor: "Cylindrical barrel-mounted sound suppressor; Reduces speed of propellant gasses, resulting in an overall reduction of volume for each shot fired."
  • A14 Barrel Extension: "Screw-fastened rifle barrel extender; lengthened, metal alloy barrel creates increased bullet spin, ,maintaining accuracy at greater distances."
  • S4 2x Telescoping Sight: "Standard issue with each M4RA Battle Rifle; telescopic 2x zoom scope with wedge reticule."
  • S11 Variable Zoom Sight: "Telescopic rifle sight with variable zoom settings; shooter can switch between 2x and 4x levels of zoom strength."
  • Smart Targeting Scope: "State of the art reconnaissance scope based on existing Smart Gun technology; infrared target tracking system identifies and displays threats at distances of up to 100 meters."


  • Unlocked: Rank 11
  • Firepower: 6/10
  • Accuracy: 6/10
  • Rate of Fire: 6/10
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Magazine Size: 15
  • Reload Time: 3 Seconds


In USCM use, the S4 2x Telescoping Sight is standard issue. The A19 High Velocity Rounds were also typically used by USCM snipers.

Behind the Scenes

ACM concept98

Concept art of the M4RA when it was going to be the "Armat M42A Rifle".

The M4RA Battle Rifle first appeared in Aliens: Colonial Marines and was one of the several new weapons created for the game. However, concept art for Aliens: Colonial Marines reveals that the M4RA Battle Rifle was originally going to be the M42A Scope Rifle seen in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual under the name "Armat M42A Rifle". However, its appearance would have varied greatly from the M42A seen in the Technical Manual. The designation "M4RA" is very similar to Scope Rifle's "M42A" designation and was likely based on the Scope Rifle's. Concept art also reveals that the M4RA was originally going to have an ammo counter, much like the M41A Pulse Rifle's. The model used for spare M4RA magazines found lying around levels is the same as the M41A Pulse Rifle MK2's spare magazines'.


  • In the Brady Games Aliens: Colonial Marines Guide, "Battle Rifles" is misspelled "Battle Riffels" in the W-Y Elite section on page 41.