The Armat M41AE2 Heavy Pulse Rifle is an American-made pulse-action support weapon weapon primarily used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps as a squad heavy automatic weapon (SAW), designed to enhance the firepower of rifle teams.


Currently being introduced on a trial basis to selected rifle and recon platoons. The E2 is similar to a standard M41A Pulse Rifle except that the grenade launcher has been removed and the gun modified with a replaceable barrel.

This barrel is 8 centimetres longer to increase the operating forces on the round and the barrel shroud has been extended to provide a solid mount for a folding bipod. An optional 'L' feed ammunition magazine contains up to 300 rounds. The intention is to introduce the E2 as a light support weapon, the replaceable barrel offering greater rates of sustained fire in support of rifle and recon squads.



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