The Armat M39 Submachine Gun (SMG) is an American-made submachine gun used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps as their standard issue SMG; typically during operations in civilian areas[1] and by Weyland-Yutani PMCs.[1][2]


Due to the relatively low-powered round it fires, the M39 is ineffective against armored opponents. It's lack of penetrating power also makes it useful in urban operations where collateral damage may be a concern, as walls and other obstacles in the environment will effectively stop stray rounds, thereby minimizing the risk to innocent bystanders. Even though the weapon fires a relatively small round, the M39 has extreme recoil, even higher than that of the M41A Pulse Rifle, especially when the weapon is equipped with the Magazine Accelerator.

The standard M39 came equipped with ghost ring sights providing minimal occlusion to the shooter's view, and a collapsible stock which could also be completely removed.[3][4]

Various customization options were available for the M39 including the High-Capacity Magazine, A4 Stabilizing Stock, Laser Targeting System, S6 Reflex Sight, Fold Down Iron Sights and the previously mentioned Magazine Accelerator. Also available for the M39 were "Skins" such as "Death Scale", "Digitized" and "Black Death".


  • In Stasis InterruptedLisbeth Hutchins uses a unique stock-less and black M39. Although it does not make much sense for the stock to have been completely removed as the stock could simply have been retracted.
  • In Stasis Interrupted, the stray fire from a W-Y PMC's M39 is what causes the electrical fire aboard the USS Sulaco when the stray fire hits the Facehugger attached to Ripley inside her hyperlseep chamber.
  • The M39's forend appears to be slightly based on the Franchi SPAS-12's heat shield, likely done so that the M39 would fit in with the Pulse Rifle.
  • Concept art reveals that the M39 was originally going to be called the "M3A Submachine Gun".
  • It appears that the M39 was originally not going to have the collapsible stock by default as the stock is missing from the weapon's Weapon Wheel icon, Killfeed icon, spare magazines icon, Arsenal Upgrades icon and the icon seen upon picking up spare magazines.
    • The Weapon Wheel, Arsenal Upgrades, Marine Loadouts and spare magazines icons are the same (however the Marine Loadouts icon is completely white with no details inside it) and the Killfeed and picking up spare magazines icons are the same.
    • The Killfeed and picking up spare magazines icons for the M39 shows the weapon firing rounds. The M39 is the only primary weapon to do this.
  • It also appears that the M39 was going to have Fold Down Iron Sights by default as they are seen in all of the weapon's icons. However it appears that the Fold Down Iron Sights were replaced by the M39's ghost ring sights in the final game.
    • The Fold Down Iron Sights can also be seen in the "M3A Submachine Gun" concept art.
  • The M39's spare magazines found lying around levels are actually spare 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol magazines. Although this could be an indication that the M39 uses 9mm rounds, the M39's actual magazine (seen when reloading) is much larger than the 9mm rounds. Also the 9mm rounds in the 88 Mod's magazines have a shell, but the M39 uses caseless rounds.
  • In the Colonial Marines Technical Manual, a gun known as the M38 is mentioned. Wether or not M39 is supposed to be a successor to the M38 is unknown. However, if the M39 was intended to be a successor to the M38, it could be a reason why "M3A" was changed to "M39".




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