The Armat M37A2 Pump Shotgun, also known as the M37A2 Combat Shotgun, is an American-made pump action combat shotgun.[1] The M37A2 was a simple and effective pump-action shotgun; its "classic" pump action allow extremely powerful shells to be fired reliably.[2]

The M37A2 was employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps and Weyland-Yutani PMCs in 2179 and saw use against Xenomorphs and humans in conflicts aboard the USS Sulaco and the colony Hadley's Hope on Acheron.


Alternate Fire

  • B15 Timed Explosive: "High-explosive composition B15 fragmentation shells; when fired, the shell's fuse is activated, creating a short delay before detonation."
  • R1 Flechette Rounds"Specialty rounds which replace standard buckshot with pointed steel darts; the arrow-like shape of each dart ensures that spread is minimal." (unlocked at rank 16)


  • B3 Barrel Choke Tube"Ported, heat-treated barrel choke; threads into the M37A2 barrel and ensures a more efficient release of gas, resulting in tighter spread. +1 accuracy." (unlocked at rank 3)
  • C8 Custom Loading Port"Weapon modification consisting of a beveled loading gate and a boring of the shell port; allows overall faster reload times. -1.5s reload time." (unlocked at rank 5)


  • S7 Alloy Iron Sight"Steel alloy sight designed to reduce overall weapon weight by three ounces; weight reduction results in less fatigue and faster target acquisition when aiming down sights." (unlocked at rank 2)
  • Laser Targeting System: "Side-mounted red LED targeting laser; emits a laser targeting reticulated, indicating the epicenter of buckshot dispersal. +2 accuracy" (unlocked at rank 3)

Fire Mode

  • S11 Expanding Shot"An anti-personnel ammo type; each is filled with mushroom shaped shot, designed to expand when making contact with organic tissue. +2 firepower, -2 rate of fire." (unlocked at rank 5)


  • Midas Touch: Custom paint job consisting of a solid gold finish. (awarded for completing the Boom Stick challenge)

Behind the Scenes

Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout

An Ithaca Model 37 "Stakeout" with Parkerized finish and synthetic forearm.

The M37A2 is based on the cut down Ithaca Model 37 hunting variant carried Corporal Hicks in Aliens, which also appears in Aliens: Colonial Marines as the Legendary Weapon Hicks' Shotgun. In fact, the model for Hicks' Shotgun appears to be a modified version of the M37A2's, or vice versa. The M37A2's designation also appears to be based on the Ithaca, "M37" being an acronym for "Model 37" (as in real life) and "A2" suggesting that is an improved version of the Ithaca. However, despite being based on the same weapon, Hicks' Shotgun and the M37A2 do not share ammunition and have different round capacities (even though their models both have the same length magazine tubes).

M37A2 Combat Shotgun in bottom screen

The M37A2 in Aliens: Infestation.

Unlike most of the standard weapons of in Aliens: Colonial Marines, the M37A2 was not developed specifically for the game; it first appeared in the 2011 video game Aliens: Infestation (which is loosely based on Aliens: Colonial Marines) as the "M37A2 Combat Shotgun".




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