"Proximity triggered anti-personnel mine; filled with ball bearings encased on top of a high explosive compound."
Armat M20 Claymore Mine description (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

The M20 Claymore Mine, also known simply as the Claymore Mine, is a proximity triggered anti-presonnel mine filled with ball bearings encased on top of a high explosive compound manufactured by Armat Battlefield Systems and used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The M20 incorprates active sensors which, when tripped will cause the M20 to explode.[1]


The M20 Claymore Mine is placed on the ground and will detonate when a target crosses the moving red laser sight trigger. The M20 is best used to prevent flanks or to slow down an advancing force. The United States Colonial Marine Corps typically employs the M20 as a trap for their enemies. M20 Claymore Mines are very effective against Xenomorphs and Weyland-Yutani PMCs since the M20 is hard to notice and usually overlooked by them.

Behind the Scenes[]

The M20 Claymore Mine tactical is unlocked at marine level 6, and one of the two unlockable tactical weapons in the game. The other tactical that requires to be unlocked is the U4 Firebomb.