"The M201 is a heavy-tracked and turreted missile launcher with eight massive rocket tubes."
―M201 MLRS's description (from Colonial Marines Operations Manual)

The M201 Multiple Launch Rocket System was a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher and the heaviest artillery piece used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps and the Three World Empire's Royal Marines Commandos.


The M201 was equipped with a large eight-tube 250mm rocket launche, and was capable of launching its rockets sequentially or volleyed together.[2] The launch crew was ablue to designate individual target zones for each rocket; however, this feature demanded that the launch vectors be adjacent to each other. While capable of delivering a devastating barrage, the M201 was encumbered by its reload time;[1] it could take ten to fifteen minutes for support personnel to reload all eight tubes from a specialized ammunition carrier.[2]


The 3rd Battalion's 5th Regiment's heavy ordnance platoon of the 33rd Marine Assault Unit toted a contingent of two M201 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems.[3]

In 2184, an M201 was maintained by two Deep Void technicians on Darwin Island on Pandora.[4]


The M201 was capable of firing three types of rockets:

250mm Thunderbolt Rocket: The main rocket used by the M201, which featured an effective range of 120km.[5][2]

250mm Rainmaker APM Rocket: A submunition rocket spreading several M20 Anti-Personnel Mines into a designated area.[5][2]

250mm Stormbringer QTC Rocket: An incendiary rocket filled with quinitricetyline and capable of incinerating an entire area.[5]