"Hey, do you guys hear something in the vent?"
M. Moore's reported last words. (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

Private First Class M. Moore was a member of United States Colonial Marine Corps aboard the USS Sephora when it discovered the USS Sulaco in orbit over Acheron (LV-426) in 2179.


M. Moore was one of the first Marines to be killed by Xenomorphs aboard the Sulaco. His last words were reportedly "Hey, do you guys hear something in the vent?", indicating that a Xenomorph dropped from the vent moments later and killed him.


  • M. Moore's Dog Tag is found in "Mission 1: Distress", located on the counter near the exit that leads back into the gravity well (the second time you return to the room with the gravity well) just after the encounter with the second Lurker. Although it is the second Dog Tag to be found, it is listed as Dog Tag 13 in Special Projects - Dog Tags. This is the only time M. Moore is mentioned.


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