"M'icli-de had wanted to kill them, but Tichinde had held them back; he had a better idea."
Aliens vs. Predator: Prey

M'icli-de[2] was an un-Blooded Yautja and a member of Dachande's Clan.

He took part in an initiation Hunt on Ryushi with ten others, led by Dachande himself. However, the hunt would go awry, leaving Dachande incapacitated and for Tichinde to assume the role as the de facto Leader.

M'icli-de was presumably killed during the rhynth stampede triggered by Machiko Noguchi.



M'icli-de and his pack landed over the horizon of Prosperity Wells. The Yautja were subsequently discovered by accident by Dr. Kesar Revna, the latter attempting to flee on his hoverbike. During his escape, he accidentally killed Chulonte, incapacitated Dachande, and drove into the Predator's shuttle, destroying it and killing the two Blooded supervisors Skemte and Warkha.

Stranded, fellow-Un-Blooded Tichinde assumed the role of leader and desired to lead a revenge campaign against the humans. Upon the pack witnessing Ashley Ikeda and David Spanner retrieve Dachande, M'icli-de desired to kill the humans, but Tichinde instead opted against it, preferring the humans to inadvertently solidify his new rank as Leader.[3]

Tichinde ultimately led a slaughter against the humans, killing several unarmed innocents, including children.


Eventually, colony administrator Machiko Noguchi unleashed a stampede of Rhynth upon the colony in the hopes of quelling the Xenomorph/Yautja threat. It can be presumed that M'icli-de was killed by the stampede, presumably being among the five bodies that Dachande later encountered.[4]