Lynch was one of the main characters in The Predator. He was portrayed by Alfie Allen.

He was one of The Loonies on the bus and helped Quinn McKenna fight the Predators to save Quinn's son, Rory McKenna. He was killed when he was on a hilltop watching over the group and had his arm blown off by a Plasmacaster.

He was the first of The Loonies to perish.


During his confrontations with the Fugitive and Upgrade Predators, Lynch armed himself an L1A1 SLR with a shortened barrel with a Colt Python revolver as his backup sidearm. He also used the McKenna family's Remington Model 700 rifle during the ill-fated assault on the Ark crash site.

Alfie Allen

Lynch's death.



  1. Lynch's actor's (Alfie Allen) height is 5' 7" (170cm), so that is how tall Lynch would have been.
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