The lunar rover, on board the USCSS Covenant, is a Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) that is used to navigate and assess the challenging and unknown terrain of a planet. Besides exploration and research support, the rover also patrols the Covenant for unseen dangers. It operated alongside Faris when Lander One dispatched an exploration team on Planet 4.


  • The Audi lunar quattro used in the film Alien: Covenant is a piece of real world technology. The lunar quattro rover was built by the German automobile manufacturer, Audi.
  • As part of the collaboration between Twentieth Century Fox and Audi, a short film created by 20th Century Fox, 3AM and Audi was captured on one of the movie's biggest sets. It shows the Audi lunar quattro patrolling the Terraforming Bay when it detects an unidentified lifeform and goes to investigate what lurks in the dark.[1] The events in the short however contradict the events laid out in the film, with the short film showing the Xenomorph on the Covenant on the same date that the crew woke up from hypersleep. Assuming the date is simply in error, it still does not explain how Cole (who was shown killed on Planet 4) is somehow still alive onboard the Covenant while the Xenomorph prowls about.







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