Luna[1], known colloquially as the Moon, is Earth's only natural satellite. It was the first extraterrestrial location to be colonized by mankind.[2] The United Americas and other governments and corporations now operate multiple colonies on Luna. The United Americas founded two main settlements: Plymouth and Olympia. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation also had major headquarters in the Sea of Tranquillity region.[3]

Ellen Ripley was born in Olympia on January 7, 2092.


Terraforming of Luna began in 2031.[4]


Luna colony

Established in 2039, the Luna colony was mankind's first extra-planetary colony.[2]

Terraformed: 2031 - 2039
Population: 4,270,000
Established: 2039

Industry: Mining, Transportation, Refining, Heavy Industry

Key resources: Helium-3, Hydrogen, Aluminum, Silica, Water, Oxygen

Sea of Tranquility colony

Terraformed: 2031 - 2039
Population: 2,200,000
Established: 2041

Industry: Light Manufacturing, Cybernetics, Biotech, Security, Education, Mining

Key resources: Titanium, Helium-3, Hydrogen, Aluminum, Silica

Notes: The moon's light gravity makes it ideal for specific types of technology manufacturing and biotech development.[2]


  • The Moon is the titular setting of Moon, a 2009 film which pays homage to films of director Duncan Jones' youth, which includes Alien.[5] "Welcome to Lunar Industries", a track from the film's soundtrack, was later used in the Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer "Contact".



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