Lucretia Borgia was an executive at Borgia Industries in 2030 and daughter of Hunter Borgia. During her time working at her father's company, she became the target of the Yautja known as Scarface thanks to Borgia Industries' proliferation of stolen Yautja technology, known as Prometheus Tech, to the various criminal gangs of Neonopolis.

Lucretia was killed by her own father after he underwent incomplete genetic augmentation to become a Yautja-human hybrid. Following her death, her body was re-purposed by Weyland Industries and used as the basis of the second MOTHER supercomputer that governed the day-to-day operation of Neonopolis.


Rise to power[]

Born into the powerful Borgia family, Lucretia inevitably rose to a position of importance within the family's company Borgia Industries, becoming a business tycoon in her own right and amassing a considerable fortune from the company's development and sale of Prometheus Tech. However, her growing disdain for Neonopolis caused her to develop future plans that clashed with those of her father, Hunter; whereas Hunter was keen to maintain his family's stranglehold on the city, Lucretia pleaded with him to let her sell the MOTHER supercomputer that ran Neonopolis, so that they might use the money to leave the city for good. Hunter refused, assuring her that MOTHER was special, and as such Lucretia was essentially trapped at Borgia Industries.


In 2030, the Yautja known as Scarface landed in Neonopolis, seeking to slaughter the gangs that were using Borgia's Prometheus Tech. As the Predator began working its way up the criminal hierarchy, El Hongo, leader of the Matadores, approached Lucretia to beg for protection from "El demonio invisible". Lucretia initially refused, leaving Hongo to fend for himself, but when El Hongo's prostitution bosses and hookers were all killed, she told him to hide out at New Way field, where she sent a group of mercenaries, The Machine Men, to deal with Scarface. However, the cyborgs were ruthlessly defeated. As Lucretia began to worry, she sent El Hongo to the highly secure South Point Docks, where a mercenary named Baby Blew and her gang of highly trained ex-porn star hookers were overseeing deliveries of Prometheus tech. Instead, Scarface followed El Hongo to the dock, destroyed the shipment, killed all of the mercenaries, skinned El Hongo alive, then killed Baby Blew.

Lucretia then went to her father, Hunter, for help. Hunter told her that this was a hunter from another world, and that they would catch it by exploiting it's habits. Lucretia then went to one of Borgia Industries' shipping depots. As Lucretia set up a deal with a Weyland Industries executive to sell Prometheus tech, Scarface, literally right outside the window, began to sabotage the depot. The Yautja killed the executive as he left the depot and then journeyed to the reactor of the depot. Scarface detonated the reactor and caused a meltdown. Lucretia escaped the depot with her Ronin Bodyguards aboard a dropship as a Borgia Industries enforcer group, The Monster Squad, battled and defeated Scarface. Hunter Borgia took the captured Yautja to the labs to begin experimentation.

Lucretia stayed to oversee Scarface. However, the Yautja escaped, instigating a riot to distract the guards. Lucretia and her bodyguards arrived to break up the fight. As Lucretia ranted to the guards, Scarface managed to use the scientist in charge of experimenting on captured Yautja to escape from the holding cells and kill him. When Lucretia finally realized that Scarface had escaped, he had already released several captured Yautja, recovered Yautja weaponry, and escaped, killing a large amount of the Borgia staff and security in the process.

The computer system in charge of Neonopolis, MOTHER, offered to help Lucretia survive from the Predator's wrath. Under MOTHER's guidance, Lucretia activated four weather machines and released three Bad Blood cybernetic warriors from stasis. However, Scarface killed the warriors and disabled the weather machines, proceeding to target Lucretia. Scarface killed it's way to Lucretia's penthouse, where it battled her Ronin Bodyguards, who all escaped before Scarface could finish them off. In a panic, Lucretia got into her hovercar and headed to the Borgia Industries tower. Scarface then jumped on her roof and rode it to the tower.

Lucretia ran to MOTHER's chamber, leaving Ulysses powered armor units and Borgia Black Ops to cover her, but they were all killed. Lucretia eventually made it to MOTHER's chamber, where it was revealed that MOTHER was really Isabella Borgia, and that she and Hunter were kept alive since 1930 by Scarface's blood splashing on them. She realizes that her family was really after the Predators and much to her horror that her family are using the Predators' blood to stay alive. Lucretia ran in terror after Scarface entered the room, but the Predator let her go so that he could deal with Isabella.

Lucretia fled to Hunter's chamber, where her father was sealed in an isolation tank. Waving away the computer's warnings, Lucretia opened the tank, desperate for help from her father. Instead, Hunter emerged as an incomplete hybrid of human and Yautja, causing Lucretia to vomit. In his blood rage, Hunter threw Lucretia across the room, mortally wounding her; her last words to her father before dying were, "I'll see you in hell... daddy..." As Scarface dropped from the ceiling to duel Hunter, her cloaked Ronin Bodyguards dragged her body to the upper levels of the lab, where they mourned their apparently dead mistress. The Ronin then joined in the battle between Scarface and Hunter to avenge Lucretia. Hunter was killed on the roof of Borgia Industries.

But Lucretia was not destined to die yet; following the battle, Weyland Industries salvaged Lucretia's broken body and combined her with the same technology as the late Isabella Borgia, turning her into the new MOTHER.

Personality and Traits[]

"How like me you are, Lucretia... A schemer, an empire builder."
MOTHER, to Lucretia (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Although Lucretia was a skilled corporate leader who helped to take Borgia Industries to ever greater heights in Neonopolis, in reality she disliked the city immensely and longed to leave.




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