Louise Clark[2] was a colonist and scientist. She was the wife of Quentin Clark and mother to Rebecca Clark. The Clark family were aboard the transport ship Incunabulum traveling to RLW 1289 when the vessel unknowingly set down on a moon infested by Xenomorphs, leading to the death of all but one of its crew and passengers.

Louise, along with the rest of the crew, was captured by the Xenomorphs and taken to their Hive. She perished when she was impregnated with several deformed Chestbursters that later erupted from her stomach.


Louise, and the rest of the Incunabulum crewmembers, was ambushed by a group of Xenomorphs on an unknown moon and taken to their hive.

During the several days of being cocooned to a wall in a chamber, Church was taken into a chamber that he defined as the "breeding-pens". He saw an incredibly bloated Louise with many Xenomorphs spectating over her. Shortly afterwards, she gave birth, with four Xenomorph infants bursting out of her belly. The newborns were incredibly deformed and as Church described, "inadequate." They later died shortly after birth. This experience had Church conclude that something was wrong with the hive.



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