Captain Lotus Hernandez was leader of an armed unit belonging to the Adelaide and Bombay Holdings Alliance tasked to track down and procure the Synthetic/Xenomorph hybrid Eloise. She eventually had a lead on the planet LK176 and became involved in a skirmish between a Yautja hunting clan and Eloise and her brood.


After receiving of a report of squatters on the tropical planet LK176, Lotus and her unit landed to investigate. They were greeted by a several bodies hanging from trees, members of Eloise's group. Suddenly, the unit are ambushed by a hunting party of Yautja, who proceeded to slaughter them. However, Lotus soon deduces that the bodies were not used as bait for them, but for Eloise and her brood, who subsequently emerge from the jungle and attack the hunters, sending them into a retreat. After the battle, Lotus approaches towards Eloise from behind and points her rifle at her. Eloise quickly disarms her and breaks her arm. Instead of killing Lotus like she expected, she instead spoke to her in a calm, human voice and wanted to give her a message to the alliance.

In court, the judge requests Lotus to take stand and explain the events that led to the loss of her whole unit. Lotus, now in a sling, details the story and gives the court Eloise's message - to leave her and her brood alone. Any further actions against her would be a declaration of war, a war that the alliance wouldn't win. Lotus then states that she agrees with what she said.



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