The Los Angeles hunting party, also known as the Lost Tribe, was a group of Yautja that landed in Los Angeles in 1997, hiding their Mother Ship beneath the city. The group was led by Greyback. Only one of their members, known as the City Hunter,  actually performed a Hunt and took to stalking the numerous armed gang members in the city.


The Los Angeles hunting party visited Earth in 1997. Although they were apparently in the city for several days, only one of their member, the City Hunter, actually performed a Hunt during this time. Given this, it is possible the visit to Los Angeles was some sort of initiation or trial for the City Hunter, with the other members of the group acting as overseers. When the City Hunter was honorably killed by Mike Harrigan, Greyback, the Elder gave Harrigan a flintlock pistol and the hunting party left Earth aboard their Mother Ship.


  • It is unclear if the hunting party represented an entire (albeit very small) clan, or whether they were merely a few individuals from a much larger clan operating on a collective Hunt.
  • The Predators of the hunting party (not including the City Hunter) are often referred to collectively as the "Lost Predators" because the suits used to depict them on film were literally lost after production was completed.
  • Several of the hunting party members were played by players from the Los Angeles Lakers; Danny Glover was a big fan, and when the production needed several very tall people to play the background Predators, he asked them to help out.[1]
  • The Predators seen on the ship make a special appearance in the humorous behind the scenes "Danny Glover's Predator Dance Party" video (viewable below).
  • The brief scene with the hunting party was the most expensive to make in the entire film.[2] Stan Winston's effects team had to build nine additional, unique Predator suits for just a few minutes of screentime.





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