Los Angeles, often abbreviated to L.A., is a large city in the U.S. state of California. It is the second most populous city in the United States of America, after New York City.


Birth of Al Dillion[]

Al Dillon was notably born in Los Angeles on February 15, 1948.[1]

Hunt of 1997[]

In 1997, Los Angeles suffered from almost urban warfare levels of armed crime, with particularly fierce conflict taking place between the Colombian Scorpions and the Jamaican Voodoo Posse for control of the city's drug trade. During this time, the city was affected by an unusually intense heat wave and was visited by a Predator seeking to hunt humans, motivated by the Jungle Hunter's recordings made in Guatemala ten years previously.

The Predator hunted and slaughtered several members of the Colombian Scorpions and the Jamaican Voodoo Posse around the city, including several armed civilians and members of the LAPD, which drew the attention of the media and police detective Mike Harrigan. Soon, Harrigan came into conflict with the Predator and encountered the OWLF, a secretive task force that sought to capture a live Yautja for study, particularly to gain control of his weaponry. Posing as a DEA task force, an OWLF team led by Peter Keyes planned to bait the Predator to a meat warehouse. However, Keyes and most of the team were killed by the Predator. Eventually, Harrigan confronted and bested the Predator in combat, to which a Yautja Elder awarded him with a 1700's flintlock pistol before departing with his hunting party. Afterwards, the OWLF fled the city in the arrival of place backup, but not before Harrigan told them they would have a chance to encounter another Predator in the future.


In the immediate aftermath of the incident in Los Angeles, Private Scott Devlin and his unit were assigned to help secure the site from which the Predator hunting pack hidden beneath the city departed Earth. While guarding the perimeter of the site, Scott was approached by OWLF agent Sean Keyes, who asked if he would provide security on an important investigative excursion into the city. Scott agreed, and subsequently accompanied Keyes to a nearby alleyway. Sent ahead to secure the area, Scott discovered a severed hand leaking a mysterious green fluid, before encountering another man attempting to recover the body part. The stranger — revealed to be Dutch — promptly overpowered Scott and choked him out. Following the incident, Scott received a dressing down from his superiors for his carelessness, but his exemplary record spared him further punishment.


  • Los Angeles was used as a filming location for Predator 2, with much of the movie's exterior shooting taking place around the city.