"Take the damn ship. I'm not giving you an order, Captain Paget. I'm reminding you of your legally mandated responsibility."
Lorimer to Captain Paget (from Predator: Life and Death)

Lorimer was a Weyland-Yutani representative. He accompanied Captain Paget's 31-Marine platoon on behalf of the corporation during their mission to investigate the potential presence of asset-strippers on LV-797, a planet the Wey-Yu held claims to.

After discovering an Engineer Juggernaut on the planet, Lorimer's directives would change, and he constantly haggled Paget to have her men secure the derelict under the duress of a clan of Yautja.

He was later killed by the Clan Leader after it boarded the Hasdrubal and slaughtered the crew.


Before the drop[]

"So, Mr Lorimer...What kind of trouble are you walking us into?"
"Minimal, Captain -- This is a standard compliance investigation. Worst case, you may need to rattle your saber a little.
Paget and Lorimer (from Predator: Life and Death)

Aboard the flight deck of the combat ship Hasdrubal, Lorimer discussed matters with Captain Paget; Paget and her crew were to investigate LV-797, nicknamed Tartarus, a Wey-Yu-purchased planet under suspicion of illegal prospecting by rival corporations, specifically Seegson.

During briefing, Paget introduced her men to Lorimer and warned them to make a good impression.

Exploring the planet[]

"That XT vessel is beyond price. And it belongs to Weyland-Yutani. This is our world. And our claim. I want you to deploy your soldiers and acquire that ship. And I want you to send a priority message to the company so they can dispatch a full survey and recovery team."
Lorimer to Paget (from Predator: Life and Death)

Paget's squad discover the Juggernaut.

Lorimer personally accompanied the platoon, detaching from the Hasdrubal into one of the two dropships that landed on the planet. Upon exploring the terrain, Paget's squad was met with an excavation site which Lorimer identified as Seegson property.

Upon further exploration, Lorimer, Paget and Singer suddenly encountered an Engineer Juggernaut, with Lorimer citing that their priorities were now revised, which Paget promptly shut down.

The three regrouped at the excavation site after Sergeant Roth and his squad recovered a lone survivor named Laurence Goode, who explained to Paget that his entire team was slaughtered by an unknown force. Paget later discussed with Lorimer their approach with the Engineer derelict. Lorimer argued with Paget about having her men secure the vessel, whilst Paget wanted to take it slow, now aware of the potential of hostiles on the planet, though Lorimer dismissed the claim and cited that Goode was just mentally unstable. Paget was later informed on the disappearance of three Marines, telling Lorimer that "Goode might not be as crazy as you thought".

Plan to secure the derelict[]

"Humble's crew were pirates and looters. Half-wits. No surprise these hunters ripped the crap out of them. You are trained Colonial Marines. Strike-capable, with serious firepower. Your squads have faced them down once and driven the bastards off. They're tough, sure. You're tougher."
Lorimer to Paget (from Predator: Life and Death)

Lorimer arguing with Paget on their approach to taking the Juggernaut.

Following the revelation that Roth's squad were ambushed by a clan of Yautja. Survivor Melville explained to the Marines that the hunters seemed to be treating the ship as an artefact, and that they were protecting it from invaders, wishing to uncover its secrets for themselves. Lorimer instructed Paget to seize the vessel, reminding her of her "legally mandated responsibility" under the company, and that they had more than enough firepower to overcome the hunters.

Paget decided to send Sergeant Roth and his team into one of their dropships to fly over to the Engineer ship and secure the interior whilst she and her squad approached the vessel by foot, attempting to sweep the forest using M314 Motion Trackers to flush out the hunters. Lorimer accompanied her.

Paget's squad suddenly became ambushed by a large number of Predators and a brutal skirmish ensued, whilst Roth's squad eventually managed to get inside the interior of the derelict, with Singer citing that he could get the ship operational. Upon hearing this revelation. Lorimer demanded to be aboard the ship, but Paget refused. Whilst Paget's squad was dealing with the hunters, a Yautja Elder, the Cracked Tusk Predator, who was stalking Roth's squad inside the Juggernaut, ordered all remaining Yautja to retreat to the vessel and stop the Marines. Roth's squad eventually managed to kill Cracked Tusk and get the derelict flying, with Singer intending to send it to the nearest USCM facility, Ganymede station.

Back at the Hasdrubal[]

"Well... I know the bioweapons division would like a look at these organisms. I was hoping Paget could bring back a specimen. A living specimen, implanted, embryonic...That's a bigger prize."
Lorimer to Jill (from Aliens: Life and Death)

Jill bargains with Lorimer

Paget's team alongside Lorimer return back to the Hasdrubal. Lorimer expressed concern with being unable to contact Roth and his squad inside the now operational derelict, though Paget disclosed his claim, citing that he simply cared about it's "dollar value". Lorimer subsequently refuted Paget's claim, and that though he mourns the loss of her Marines, the acquirement of the Juggernaut would surely advance human technologies and improve the quality of human society, saving many more in the process.

The vessel suddenly left for an unknown destination. As Lorimer began to speak, Paget shut him up and ordered the Hasdrubal to follow the ship.

Six days later, the Hasdrubal had followed the Engineer ship to the moon LV-223, where Paget and Ancane had landed on the moon rescue Roth's squad, who had reached the moon and met previous survivors of the Geryon.

One of the survivors, Jill, was taken back to the Hasdrubal and bargained with Lorimer. She informed him that her wife Chris was taken by a horde of Xenomorphs and impregnated with a Queen. She bargained with Lorimer that when Chris was saved by the Marines, she was to be given top-level Weyland-Yutani treatment to remove the embryo. In exchange, the company can have the embryo. Lorimer agreed to this and promised the full backing of the company.

Paget subsequently launched a "volunteer only" mission to rescue Chris. Delaria attempted to contact the squad on the moon, but to no success. Delaria informed Lorimer that although a recovery mission may be necessary, Paget gave him direct orders not to do so without her expressed authority, otherwise they risk the Hasdrubal. This disappointed Lorimer, who tested Delaria by suggesting that his comrades could be in trouble, Delaria replied that he knew Lorimer didn't "give a shit" about the Marines, and only cared for the Xenotech located on the moon.



Lorimer's death.

"Listen to me, Goode! Listen the hell to me! You're a low-life creep You cheat! You steal! You must know how to hack a secure system!"
Lorimer to Laurence Goode (from Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death)

During Paget's rescue mission, the Predator tribe from Tartarus managed to board the Hasdrubal and began slaughtering the remaining Marines stationed on the ship. Lorimer suddenly approached Laurence Goode in his cell and frantically asked him if he knew how to open a weapons locker. As Lorimer became more hysterical, he was suddenly stabbed from behind by the clan's leader, killing him.

Personality and Traits[]

"Lives were lost recovering that vessel, Captain, and I mourn them. I'm not heartless. I saw people die."
"My people."
"Then cling to that, Captain, because it is our consolation. Technologies recovered from that ship will undoubtedly advance mankind's quality of life. It will save lives and in time that may begin to balance the books.
Lorimer to Paget (from Prometheus: Life and Death)

Lorimer was perceived by his peers as a typical corporate suit, being massively distrusted, with many believing his motivations lay solely in financial gain. In actuality, Lorimer was not completely dispassionate in regards to the loss of human life as other Wey-Yu personnel were; he was more so idealistic than wholly malicious with his intentions, believing that the acquirement of Engineer technology could be used to undoubtedly save millions of lives. As such, his desire to procure the Juggernaut was at least partially humanitarian, so he had stated.

He was also hands-on, deciding to personally accompany Paget's platoon to Tartarus rather than stay behind on the Hasdrubal. Despite this, ultimately, his priorities lay in serving the company's interests, and he would attempt to use Paget's platoon as a means to an end.