The Lorenz SysTech Spire[1] was one of the three major towers on Sevastopol Station. It was where many of the station's more high-tech laboratories were located, as well as its extensive communications systems.

The tower was named after Lorenz SysTech Development, the company that constructed Sevastopol.


The SysTech Spire was the tallest of the three towers on Sevastopol. Its main areas included the station's communications center and its associated antenna array, as well as extensive computer server hubs and APOLLO's core and mainframes. Gemini Exoplanet Solutions operated several laboratories for its Project KG-348 research program in the SysTech Spire, while the Seegson Security team aboard the station operated out of a former Colonial Marshal office in the tower.[2]

As it was built to process the high value compounds collected as part of Project KG-348, the tower had a piracy precaution system that meant it could be completely locked down, with secure shutters sealing every door, access point and ventilation shaft. This system was used by Amanda Ripley and the station's Colonial Marshals in an attempt to trap the Drone that was loose on Sevastopol; while they succeeded, Ripley was herself locked in with the creature, and Deputy Ricardo lifted the lockdown in order to free her, releasing the Drone once more.



A hostile Joe in the Systech lobby before this should occur.

  • The manner in which the game randomly generates enemies in certain areas when returning to them later can cause a hostile Working Joe to appear in the SysTech lobby. However, this can happen even before the androids begin hunting down the survivors on the station in mission 12; prior to this event, hostile Working Joes should not be found in public spaces and should be limited to restricted areas, making any appearances in the lobby before the rampage begins incongruous.