Lord was an Ancient Yautja buried inside the Pyramid on BG-386. He was a direct ancestor of Dark and was the very first Predator to successfully hunt the Xenomorph species.[1]


Lord was the first ever Yautja to claim victory over the Xenomorph "Serpents".[1] As a result, he became the most revered and respected hunter of his time. His fame was such that even thousands of years later, he was still remembered by Predator elders.[1]

After his death, Lord was buried in a large Yautja Pyramid built on BG-386, alongside the body of the first Xenomorph Queen ever captured by the Predators. His technology, including his elaborate bio-helmet and his wrist gauntlet, was scattered throughout the temple grounds on the planet.


One of Lord's descendants, Dark, journeyed to BG-386 to originally discover a Youngblood Pack's fate, but was forced to retrieve a stolen Predator Wrist Bracer from a Weyland-Yutani Research Lab. The young Elite previously acquired Lord's helmet, and witnessed a holographic projection of the first victory against the Serpents, with Lord killing this Xenomorph Warrior. Dark also discovered and later was ordered to eliminate an abomination on BG-386 — a Predalien, created from an elite predator Specimen 6 harvested. He descended to the pyramid where his great ancestor was buried, and witnessed a holographic projection of the funeral procession for Lord. Dark reached the very sarcophagus of Lord, and placed the stolen Wrist Bracer on the sarcophagus, set to self-destruct. Dark was ambushed by the Predalien, and fought it in the arena below Lord's burial chamber. Although the Predalien possessed talents of Predators and Xenomorphs, Dark defeated the creature. In a manner similar to Lord, Dark threw his prey's corpse in disgust after defeating it.


  • Despite being an important part of the story in Aliens vs. Predator Predator campaign, Lord never appears directly. His only appearance is in the form of a hologram seen by Dark inside a subterranean Yautja temple, which shows Lord celebrating his victorious hunt of the Xenomorphs, the first of its kind.
  • Lord is a multiplayer skin, unlocked when players reach Rank 37.
  • As with the other Predators in the game, Lord's name is taken from his multiplayer skin, as he is not named in singleplayer.
  • In the concept art for Lord's sarcophagus, it's show the Wrist Computer is placed in a slot on his left arm; however, in-game, when Dark activates the Self-Destruct feature of Lord's Wrist Computer, the slot he places it in is on the right arm.




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