Long Spear was a Bad Blood Yautja formerly from the Dark Blade Clan. He appears in the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle.

Biography & Characteristics

Long Spear was a warrior of the Dark Blade Clan that was captured and brainwashed by Borgia Industries and turned into a fearsome cyborg. Sometime before 2030, he and his clan brothers Stone Heart and Swift Knife went to Neonopolis to hunt honorable prey. Instead, they were attacked by Hunter Borgia and The Monster Squad. The three hunters were cornered and incapacitated by the humans. They were taken to the Borgia laboratories and were tortured and augmented with cybernetic parts and lost their higher brain functions. Long Spear was the long range specialist of the three enslaved brothers and was put into stasis in the labs.

In 2030, the Predator Scarface was captured and taken to the labs where the Yuatja captives were experimented on. Before the Borgia scientists could even begin to experiment on the Yautja, Scarface escaped and broke several other Predators out before breaking out himself. Lucretia Borgia, the daughter of Hunter Borgia, released Long Spear and his brothers. As Scarface tried to disable four weather machines preventing him from using his cloak, killing Swift Knife in the process, and attacked the remaining two brothers. Long Spear was killed quickly when Scarface got in melee range, as Long Spear couldn't defend himself against the attack. Once Scarface defeated his former brother in combat, he decapitated Long Spear and took his skull as a trophy, giving the Yautja an honorable death.


Scarface with Long Spear's head and spine.

Long Spear was an honorable hunter until he was captured and brainwashed by Borgia Industries, having numerous physical enhancements to make up for his damaged body parts. Long Spear possessed a modified and upgraded version of the traditional Plasmacaster, as well as a custom mask which seems to have better optics for long range combat. All combined, he was an excellent long range attacker, but not a very good melee fighter though.




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