"Due to my substantial dollar value, I am not allowed to be used in potentially hostile operations unless-"
"Unless certain thresholds have been reached, yeah, yeah..."
Liston and Lt. Henry (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

Liston was a security model Synthetic stationed aboard the Melville. He accompanied and assisted a squad of colonial marines fighting against the Xenomorph species and the terrorist cult Bug-Men. Despite his incredibly large demeanor, Liston largely remained inactive during times of need, as his expensive nature meant that he could only be allowed to operate during times of utmost necessity, as he would constantly remind everyone. However, he eventually saved the team from a horde of Xenomorphs and proceeded to slaughter them with ease. After Lieutenant Henry killed the Bug-Men leader Ernst Kleist, Liston stayed behind and fought off yet another wave of Xenomorphs so Henry and the survivors could escape. Following their departure, the Alphatech station went critical and exploded. However, a heavily-damaged Liston survived the blast long enough to radio in a report of the incident to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation before he was deactivated.



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