AVP2 Hungarian novel

Idegen vs Ragadozó: Kényszerhajsza ("Alien vs. Predator: Forced Chase") by Ren Wargner.

A series of unofficial novels based on the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchise have been published in Hungary since the early 1990s by a variety of Hungarian publishers. With the exception of Alien vs. Predator: Forced Chase (an adaptation of the video game Aliens versus Predator 2), all of these are original stories, many of them featuring leading characters from the Alien and Predator films in continuation stories set after the movies in which they originally appeared.

As unauthorized works, 20th Century Fox had nothing whatsoever to do with the writing and publication of the novels and they are not considered a part of the official franchise. They have never seen an English language release and have only ever been published in Hungary.

Alien novels

Aliens: In the Poignancy of Death

Aliens Poignancy of Death
The first unofficial Alien novel published in Hungary, In the Poignancy of Death follows another spacecraft that sets down on Acheron, the York, carrying a scientific research team.[1] In due course, the crew find themselves being stalked by another Alien, which slowly wipes them out until only one remains — a young woman named Gebra.[2] The novel was written by Stuart Herrington and published in 1998.[2]

Aliens: The Federation of Death

Aliens Federation of Death
The second unofficial Alien novel and a direct sequel to In the Poignancy of Death. The book deals with a political superpower called the United Joint Conference of Government, which is covering up Alien attacks throughout the galaxy.[2] At the same time, they are secretly hunting down a group of Alien Queens and using them to infest a planet with Aliens.[1] However, the Aliens get out of control and prepare an invasion of Earth. The novel was written by Thobias T. Seabay and was published in 1999.[2]

Alien: Destiny

Alien Destiny
The most recent Hungarian Alien novel, Destiny serves as an alternate sequel to the first two films in the franchise, and follows Ripley and Hicks as they return to LV-426 seeking to wipe out the Aliens once and for all. The novel was written by Torkos Attila and was published in 2002.[3] Its cover is by Den Beauvais, taken from Aliens: Nightmare Asylum #4.

Voyage to the City of the Dead

Alien Voyage
As well as the three original Alien novels, the 1984 novel Voyage to the City of the Dead by Alan Dean Foster was also re-branded as an Alien story in Hungary (despite having no connection with the Alien franchise whatsoever).


Predator: 2017 - Dead Heat in New York

Predator 2017
A sequel to Predator 2, this story follows Lt. Harrigan as he deals with more Predators, this time in a run down, crime-ridden New York City. The novel was written by Kyle Sternhagen and was published in 1993.[4]

Predator 3: New Hunters

Predator 3
A direct sequel to 2017 - Dead Heat in New York, erroneously named as the third in the series by its title — it is neither the third story (it is the fourth, after the two films and the preceding novel), nor is it the third novel (it is only the second). In the book, Harrigan, now retired, is joined by Dutch Schaefer, now working for the FBI, and Leona Cantrell as the trio decide to take the fight to the Predators, turning the hunter into the hunted. The novel was written by Rick Fraser and was published in 1995.[5]

Aliens vs. Predator

Aliens vs. Predator: The Surviving Game

AVP Survivors
The first Hungarian Aliens vs. Predator novel concerns Chigusa Holdings, a company contracted to transport vast quantities of waste off of Earth to be dumped onto other, uninhabited planets.[6] After responding to a distress call from a human colony, the ship's crew encounter the Aliens, as well as the Predators that are hunting them.[1] Into this situation comes Dutch, the last survivor of the original Predator film. The novel was written by John Galántai Arpad, writing under the pseudonym Damien Forrestal, and was published in 1993.[6]

Aliens vs Predator: The Hydra Factor

AVP Traps
The second unofficial Aliens vs. Predator book. The novel links the events of the many of the previous Alien and Predator films together, explaining that they were the result of the Predators setting traps for humans and introducing them to the Aliens, before going on to cover the creature's latest trap for humanity.[1] The novel was written by Szemerey Thomas, writing under the pseudonym Damien Forrestal, and was published in 1994.[6]

Alien vs. Predator: Forced Chase

AVP2 Hungarian novel
The most recent Hungarian novel, the book is in fact an adaptation of the video game Aliens versus Predator 2. On LV-1201, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation has set up an extensive research facility designed to study the Aliens and other extraterrestrial life that is abundant there. However, a containment failure unleashes the Aliens on the complex, drawing both the Predators and the United States Colonial Marine Corps into a fierce three-way battle for survival. The novel was written by Ren Wargner and was published in 2012.




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