This article covers the various homages within the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchises that reference other Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator films, games, novels and comic books.



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  • When the Marines find Mary cocooned alive in the Hive, she begs the Marines to kill her. This may be a reference to the similar scene filmed for Alien wherein Ripley finds Dallas cocooned alive in the Nostromo's hold and he begs her to kill him; while this sequence was originally deleted from Alien, it is was later restored in the film's Director's Cut, and it is conceivable James Cameron was aware of it at the time he made Aliens. In both scenes, a flamethrower is used to grant the victim's request.
  • Part of Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack from Alien is reused when Ripley is trying to escape the Hive with Newt towards the end of the film. In fact, the piece is used under identical circumstances in both instances — each time, it plays when Ripley finds herself cornered by a Xenomorph (the Alien in Alien, the Queen in Aliens) when she is trying to escape an impending explosion (the self destruct of the Nostromo in Alien, the detonation of the Atmosphere Processor in Aliens).

Predator 2[]

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  • The panning shot that follows a blood trail up a wall and reveals the dead Colombian Scorpion hanging from the ceiling of their hideout is an homage to the similar shot that follows Hawkins' blood to his body hanging in a tree in Predator.
  • The confrontation between King Willie and the City Hunter bears many similarities to the showdown between Billy and the Jungle Hunter in Predator. In both cases, the duel is foreshadowed by a long build-up in which the Predator is shown slowly approaching its victim, who prepares to face it with only a bladed weapon, only for the actual fight itself to conspicuously take place off-screen. In both films the respective Predator is then seen making a trophy of the victim's skull afterwards.
  • The scene where Keyes' team is decimated by the City Hunter in the slaughterhouse is an almost exact replica of the Hive ambush scene from Aliens. In both cases, we follow a team of over-confident troopers as they head into an alien organism's lair, only to find they are unable to handle the creatures within. In both, the person overseeing the operation (Garber in Predator 2, Gorman in Aliens) watches events on video screens in their command center away from the action and rapidly loses the ability to control the situation once things go wrong. Both sequences also end with somebody outside of the present command structure (Harrigan in Predator 2, Ripley in Aliens) taking it upon themselves to try and help the personnel under attack. Stylistically, the way the sequences are shot is also very similar, with the actual combat edited so as to be intentionally confusing and unclear. Furthermore, one of the OWLF troopers is armed with a pair of Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup assault rifles mounted on stabilizing arms affixed to his waist, recalling the M56 Smartguns used in Aliens.
  • When Harrigan unmasks the City Hunter, he begins to say, "You're one ugly mother-" at which point the Predator grabs him by the throat and uses its vocal mimicry to finish the phrase, "Motherfucker!" This is an homage to the scene where Dutch first sees the Jungle Hunter's face in Predator and says the complete line himself.

Alien 3[]

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  • Andrews has a drinking bird on his desk. This is an homage to Alien, in which two such birds are seen on the table in the mess hall of the Nostromo.
  • Aaron frequently responds to questions and statements with a simple, "Right." This may be a reference to Alien, in which Brett repeats the same line throughout.

Alien Resurrection[]

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  • When Call tells Christie that they cannot trust Ripley 8, he replies, "I don't trust anyone." Ripley shared a similar exchange with Dallas in Alien. Ironically, in that film, Ripley was voicing her concerns about a character who was ultimately revealed to be an android; in Alien Resurrection, a character who is ultimately revealed to be an android is voicing her concerns about Ripley.
  • The scene in which Ripley 8 encounters Ripleys 1-7 and Ripley 7 pleads for death echoes similar scenes in both the Director's Cut of Alien and Aliens, wherein cocooned victims of the Xenomorphs beg to be killed to spare them their fate. In each of these scenes, a flamethrower is used to grant the victim's request.

Alien vs. Predator[]

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  • The AVP logo in the film's title fades in piece-by-piece, mimicking the main titles in Alien.
  • The opening shot of the film, showing the Weyland Industries satellite orbiting Earth, is framed such that it initially appears to be the back-lit head crest of a Xenomorph Queen, a reference to the reveal of the Queen in Aliens.
  • When the Predator Mother Ship arrives in orbit, a computer display is seen reflected in a Predator bio-helmet. This is a homage to the opening scenes of Alien, during which a computer display is reflected in an emergency helmet on the bridge of the Nostromo.
  • When Miller is exploring the whaling station, we see a shot of the interior of one of the cabins as the light from Miller's flare sweeps from right to left across the room. This is an homage to the scene in Aliens where Jernigan and his crew recover the Narcissus, during which a scanning device emits a beam of light that sweeps the shuttle in a similar fashion.
  • There are seven plinths in the sacrificial chamber, arranged in a circle like the petals of a flower, while the victims on them are lying with their heads near the center of the room and their feet towards the outer wall. This mimics the arrangement of the hypersleep pods aboard the Nostromo in Alien.
  • The grate in the floor of the sacrificial chamber is decorated with an image of an embryonic Xenomorph Queen that was first used to promote Alien3; the image is virtually identical, except that it has been flipped horizontally in the film. The image is also repeated on statues and walls throughout the pyramid. This homage is pointed out in one of the film's commentaries.
  • When the Eggs first appear in the sacrificial chamber, Thomas shines his flashlight on one of them, revealing a fluttering Facehugger inside. This is similar to Kane's first encounter with the Eggs in Alien.
  • When Lex pulls herself up from the precipice after Sebastian is captured, the sequence is shot similarly to the scene where Ripley nervously climbs up a ladder between decks during the final act of Alien.
  • When Lex kills the Xenomorph with the Combistick, its jaws approach to within a few inches of her face. This is an homage to Alien3, in which the Dragon famously leers at a helpless Ripley in the infirmary. This homage is also pointed out in one of the film's commentaries.
  • The eventual team-up between Lex and Scar is an homage to the original Aliens vs. Predator comic series, in which Machiko Noguchi and Dachande similarly team up to defeat a Queen.
  • When Lex uses a piton gun to kill a Xenomorph at the base of the ice tunnel, she remarks, "You are one ugly mother-" (the final syllable cut off by her firing the gun). This is an homage to the line's use in both Predator and Predator 2.
  • The Predators' use of Xenomorph blood to mark themselves references the original Aliens vs. Predator comic. In both the comic and the film, the human female protagonist is eventually marked with blood by the lead Predator after proving her worth.
  • Before leaving, the Ancient Predator notices the mark on Lex's face and offers her his weapon. This is a reference to both Predator 2 and the Aliens vs. Predator comic — in the former, Greyback gives Harrigan an ancient flintlock after he defeats the City Hunter, while in the latter, Dachande's clan notice the scar on Machiko and allow her to join their number as a result.

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem[]

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  • The film's title features a distinctive vertical slash of light in the center, mimicking the main titles from Aliens. Not only is this a reference to the 1986 film, it is seemingly also a reference of sorts to the first Alien vs. Predator film, which instead featured titles in the style of Alien, to which Aliens is a sequel.
  • During the opening titles, the sounds of both a Predator bio-helmet and the motion tracker from Aliens can be heard.
  • During the opening scenes aboard the Predator ship, several Facehuggers are seen inside liquid-filled containment tubes; one of them lunges at the glass much in the same manner as the Facehugger that attempts to attack Burke in Aliens.
  • One of the lead male characters in the film is named Dallas, a tribute to Captain Dallas in Alien.
  • The characters of Kelly and Molly O'Brien are often considered a direct analogy to the relationship between Ripley and Newt in Aliens. Both pairs share a mother-daughter relationship (be it literal or surrogate) and the characters also share many lines of dialogue. For example, Kelly assures Molly, "There are no more monsters," a reference to Newt's line, "My mommy always said there were no monsters — no real ones — but there are."
  • A pyramid similar to the one from Alien vs. Predator can be seen in the background on the Predator homeworld.
  • The chair in which Wolf sits on the Predator homeworld visually recalls the Pilot's chair in Alien.
  • When Wolf arrives on Earth, the shot of his ship entering the planet's atmosphere is very similar to that of the Jungle Hunter being dropped off in Predator.
  • After landing in the lake, the sequence where Wolf emerges from the water, his Cloak shorting out, is a near shot-for-shot recreation of the scene where the Jungle Hunter emerges from the water (just before Dutch discovers cold mud renders him invisible to the creature) in Predator.
  • When the Predalien approaches the homeless lady in the sewers, one shot of her cowering in terror is remarkably similar to a shot of Lambert as the Alien approaches her in Alien.
  • The panning shot that follows a blood trail to reveal Deputy Ray's skinned body hanging in the tree mirrors similar scenes in both Predator and Predator 2.
  • While not quite a direct homage, the power plant in the film seems to be a reference to the Atmosphere Processing Plant in Aliens.
  • In one of the added scenes in the Unrated Edition, Kelly wears a dressing gown very similar to the one worn by Ripley when Burke and Gorman come to recruit her in Aliens.
  • When Dallas hears of the explosion at the power plant in the Unrated Edition, he comments, "Well this day just keeps getting better," paraphrasing Dutch's line, "This is getting better by the minute," from Predator.
  • When Wolf is healing himself in the tree, a long panning shot follows a stream of his florescent blood up the tree, finally revealing Wolf perched on a branch. The same style of shot was also used in Predator and Predator, albeit with human blood.
  • One of the tombstones in the graveyard seen in the Unrated Edition is marked "HAWKINS", a reference to the character Hawkins in Predator.
  • In the Unrated Edition, one of the National Guard soldiers receives a Headbite and the Drone's inner jaw punches straight through his head and breaks a window behind him, mimicking David's death in Alien3.
  • When the radio to the National Guard patrol goes dead, the whining static sound heard is the same as that heard after Dallas is taken in Alien.
  • The acronym "OWLF" is seen on a monitor that Colonel Stevens is watching; the OWLF was Keyes' unit in Predator 2.
  • In the same scene as above, the noise made by the Mother interface in Alien can be hard in the background.
  • Also during the above scene, Stevens looks at footage of a Xenomorph on a monitor and asks, "What the fuck are you?" This is an homage to Predator, in which Dutch asks the Jungle Hunter almost the exact same question.
  • The use of an IAV Stryker by the survivors is an homage to the APC used by the Colonial Marines in Aliens.
  • During a later scene with Stevens in the military control center, the bleeping of the motion trackers from Aliens can be heard.
  • Dallas yells at his brother Ricky, "Get to the chopper!" This is an obvious reference to Dutch's famous line in Predator.
  • When Wolf takes off his bio-helmet and abandons most of his weaponry before facing the Predalien on the hospital roof, his actions and the various camera angles and edits used match the scene where the Jungle Hunter discards its equipment in the original Predator.
  • The helicopter escaping from the nuclear explosion is similar to the dropship fleeing the explosion at the end of Aliens.
  • The film's soundtrack takes movements, themes and many musical elements from all previous Alien and Predator movies, fusing them with its own style to create what is essentially a remix of the preceding movies' soundtracks.
  • Likewise, many of the Xenomorph sound effects, such as their various hisses and death cries, are recycled from earlier movies, particularly Aliens.
  • When Carrie gets attacked in the kitchen, a Warrior Xenomorph brings its face extremely close to Carrie, similar to when Ripley is first attacked in the prison in Alien 3.


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  • When the group flees the Super Predators after encountering them at the hunting camp, they fall over a cliff near a waterfall and plunge into the river below. This a clear homage to the scene in Predator where Dutch also tumbles over a cliff near a waterfall and falls into a river while trying to evade the Jungle Hunter.
  • When the group first encounter Noland, he taunts the group, whispering, "Over here." As he decloaks and reveals himself, he whispers to Royce, "Turn around." Both of these lines appear in Predator, first used by Mac when he kills the scorpion on Dillon's back, and later imitated by the Jungle Hunter.
  • Just after Noland decloaks, Royce asks him, "What the fuck are you?" This is another homage to Predator, specifically when Dutch asks the Jungle Hunter, "What the hell are you?" after he has mortally wounded it.
  • When Tracker impales Nikolai on his Wristblade, Nikolai utters something to the Predator in Russian before detonating the Claymore on his chest. While it isn't a direct translation, his dialogue loosely means, "You are one ugly motherfucker." This is a tribute to both Predator and Predator 2, which both feature the phrase. The direct translation is along the lines of, "You have a really ugly face".
  • The moment where Hanzo decides to stay behind and face the Predators with his katana is stylistically very similar to the scene in Predator where Billy decides to face the Jungle Hunter with his knife; the musical score is identical in both scenes, both characters discard most of their equipment and clothing, and both elect make their last stand using only a bladed weapon.
  • At the end of the film, Royce confronts Berserker with only primitive weapons, stripped to the waist and covered in wet mud, mimicking Dutch's confrontation with the Jungle Hunter in Predator. Royce even yells some of the same dialogue during the sequence.
  • An updated version of "Long Tall Sally", which was heard during the ride in the insertion helicopter in Predator, plays over the credits.


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  • After the Sacrifice Engineer has disintegrated, the film's title appears on screen, with each of the letters fading in piece-by-piece, mirroring the way in which Alien's title appeared on screen.
  • During Sir Peter Weyland's recorded message from Mars, the film's score samples Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack to Alien.

Alien: Covenant[]

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  • Much like Alien and Prometheus, the film's title appears with each of the letters fading in piece-by-piece.
  • Members of the Covenant's security team wear shoulder-mounted GoPro cameras very similar to the shoulder lamps worn by the Colonial Marines in Aliens.
  • When Tennessee manages to regain control of the cargo loader after rescuing Daniels and the others from Planet 4, he quips, "A walk in the park!" This is the same line used by Parker after the Nostromo successfully lifts off from LV-426 in Alien.
  • The film's score heavily samples Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack to Alien.
  • There is a drinking bird visible on the holo-table aboard the Covenant, just as there was on the Nostromo.

The Predator[]

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  • Rory attends Lawrence A. Gordon Middle School, a reference to Lawrence Gordon, who produced Predator, Predator 2 and The Predator.
  • When Casey first sees the captured Fugitive Predator, she exclaims, "You're one beautiful motherfucker..." paraphrasing Dutch's iconic line from the original film.
  • When Nebraska spots the motorcycles while the Loonies are trying to escape the Stargazer base, he shouts at the others to "get to the choppers".

Early Predator design (left) and the costume in The Predator (right).

  • Among the costumes seen while Rory is out trick or treating is one that bears a striking resemblance to the original Predator design, specifically the red special effects suit.
  • The police radio call reporting a sighting of Rory mentions that he is running down Woodruff Street, a reference to Tom Woodruff, Jr., who provided creature effects for the movie.
  • The font used in the film's end credits is the same as that used in the original Predator.

Short Films[]

The Last Supper[]

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  • While a can of Aspen Beer can be seen in a promotional image of the crew aboard the Covenant, as it was seen in the original Alien film, the can does not appear in the short film, during which time the picture was taken.
  • The entire sequence where Upworth chokes is an obvious homage to Kane and the infamous Chestburster scene in Alien; Tennessee's response when he sees Upworth is in trouble — "The food's not that bad!" — is almost verbatim what Parker says when Kane begins choking.


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  • Several of the sound effects heard during the distressing footage segment are lifted directly from Alien, most obviously the screech of the Facehugger bursting from its Egg when it attacks Kane and Brett's death cries.

Alien: Containment[]

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  • The forward window of the escape shuttle resembles the Weyland Corp logo.
  • When the Chestburster emerges from Nass, Ward grabs a knife to defend herself — the shot of her holding the blade out in front of her as she cowers on the floor is almost identical to the shot of Karine trying to defend herself from a Bloodburster in Alien: Covenant.
  • Following his death by Chestburster, there is a shot of Nass' hand twitching in the same fashion as Kane's after he is killed by the Chestburster in Alien.

Alien: Night Shift[]

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  • Welles mentions Aspen Beer when searching the colony manifest, the same fictional beer drunk by the crew of the Nostromo in Alien.
  • The ominous wail heard at the end of the short is taken from the original trailer for Alien (for which it was composed by Jonathan Elias).

Alien: Ore[]

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  • The on-screen text that introduces Bowen's Landing is in the same font and style as the text introducing the Nostromo in Alien.
  • The locker room at the mine-head has several jangling chains hanging from the ceiling, mimicking the room where Brett is killed in Alien.
  • Lorraine has several photographs of a cat resembling Jones in her locker.
  • There are two (stationary) drinking birds atop one of the monitors in the mine control room, much like the ones in Alien.
  • Kolton is wearing an Aspen Beer T-shirt.
  • Hanks is revealed to be a Hyperdyne Systems 121-A/3 synthetic. This is a reference to Ash, who was a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 synthetic (as stated in Aliens).
  • When Hanks receives the order from Weyland-Yutani instructing her to protect the Alien, the word ensure is misspelt "insure" — this same goof was present in Special Order 937 in Alien.

Alien: Alone[]

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  • The very first shot of the Otranto's interior shows a drinking bird on a table, much like those found aboard the Nostromo.
  • The Otranto's computer is named Mother, much like the computer aboard the Nostromo.
  • We see Hope jogging on the spot, mimicking the action performed by Ash in Alien.
  • When Hope picks up the blowtorch to cut her way into lab B-11a, several cans of Aspen Beer can be seen on the table.
  • Macwhirr reaches the Otranto in a Lockmart Starcub shuttle, the same model as the Narcissus.

Video Games[]

Aliens versus Predator 2[]

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  • Harrison's nickname is Frosty, which he shares with Frost from Aliens.
  • One of the text logs found in the game mentions a missing cat, a reference to Ripley's cat Jones. There is also a Marine character named Jones.
  • At one point, a scientist can be heard saying, "Three sacrifices so far. They're trying to burn their way out," a reference to the scene in Alien Resurrection in which two Cloned Xenomorphs kill another to escape their holding cell.
  • Various cocooned victims found inside the POC repeat the iconic "Kill me..." line heard in various Alien films.
  • Many sounds within the game are lifted directly from the films, including the sound of the Pulse Rifle and the various Xenomorph and Predator screams.
  • The main themes of the Marine and Predator campaigns are based on the scores by James Horner and Alan Silvestri for Aliens and Predator, respectively.
  • The game's text logs also mention several individuals and locations that make reference to the Alien and Predator films, including:
    • Someone named Schaefer, a nod to Alan "Dutch" Schaefer from Predator.
    • Someone named Elgyn, a nod to Elgyn from Alien Resurrection.
    • The planet Arcturia (a mis-spelling of Arcturus), a nod to the location mentioned by Frost in Aliens. The note additionally claims the planet is "absolute heaven", further referencing comments in the film.
    • Michael Bishop is mentioned in one text log.
    • One text log mentions the Derelict on Acheron.

Predator: Concrete Jungle[]

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  • The supercomputer that controls Neonopolis in the game is called "MOTHER", likely in reference to MU/TH/UR 6000 from Alien.
  • The Xenomorphs themselves actually make a surprise appearance towards the end of the game. One of the levels involving them is named "Bug Hunt", a reference to Aliens.
  • One of the upgrades for the Plasmacaster in the game is made from a Xenomorph skull.

Aliens vs. Predator (2010 game)[]

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  • In the opening cinematic of the Alien campaign, Groves freezing the lab to prevent an infant Six from escaping while also freezing the two scientists to death is similar to Gediman freezing the Xenomorphs held aboard the Auriga in Alien Resurrection.
  • Rookie has a skull and crossbones painted on his combat armor, with the skull being pierced by a combat knife. This same logo is seen on Hudson's M3 Pattern Personal Armor in Aliens
  • The Yautja Wolf is named in reference to Wolf from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.
  • The scene where Rookie realigns the dish to call for the dropship to pick him up in the Jungle level is identical to what Bishop did in Aliens.
  • Tequila mentions that steam seems to annoy the Xenomorphs, a possible nod to how Ripley drives the Alien out of its hiding place aboard the Narcissus by blasting it with steam.
  • When Rookie heads to help Charlie Squad at the barricade, the emergency lighting, along with the Xenomorphs walking slowly upside-down on the ceiling, clearly resembles the scene in Aliens where Hicks discovers the Xenomorphs in the Operations room ceiling.
  • When Rookie is captured by the Aliens, he is grabbed by a Drone that emerges from a floor grate and pulls him below, just like Hudson in Aliens.
  • If the player refrains from entering the outbuilding in the Refinery level of the Marine campaign, Tequila will point out that Freya's Prospect is completely unsalvageable and that when rescue arrives, she would recommend an orbital purge, a reference to Ripley's "nuke the site from orbit" line in Aliens.
  • In the outbuilding, the acidic blood of the Xenomorphs has eaten through the floor at least two stories, clearly resembling the scene where Ripley and Hicks find an identical scene in Aliens, though in the film, the blood melted through several floors, while the game only had it melt through one floor.
  • If Rookie gets attacked by a Facehugger, the shot of the Facehugger lunging for him resembles the scene where the Facehugger lunges for Burke while it is still in it's jar in Aliens.
  • The shots of the Matriarch burning in both the Alien and the Marine campaigns strongly resemble the Queen burning in Aliens.
  • The compound in the Jungle level is called "Gateway", in reference to Gateway Station.
  • The combat androids, especially those fully armored and the ones that can cloak, explicitly resemble the Weyland Yutani commandos from Alien 3.
  • When Katya meets Rookie face to face, she asks him to refrain from using the term "artificial person", a reference to Bishop in Aliens, who conversely preferred to be described as such.
  • When the player rescues Tequila in the Marine campaign, she will express surprise that Rookie has outlived his fellow Marines, who she describes as "tough hombres", words also used by Burke to describe the Colonial Marines in Aliens.
  • During the final duel with Karl Bishop Weyland, Katya tells Rookie, "Aim for the head! It's the only way to be sure!" mimicking what Ripley tells the Marines about nuking Hadley's Hope in Aliens.
  • Similarly, the scene where Karl Bishop Weyland plunges into the lava after being shot through the head resembles the scene where Ripley intentionally throws herself into the lava at the end of Alien 3 to prevent Weyland Yutani from winning.
  • When Six makes her first attempt to escape in the Research Lab level in the Alien campaign, the gas that Doctor Groves uses to knock her out resembles the cryogenic coolant used to subdue the Aliens in Alien Resurrection.
  • In the opening cutscene of the Colony level of the Alien campaign, one of the Marines says, "Spread out! Standard formation! Just another bug hunt." This is a nod to Hudson asking if the mission in Aliens will be another bug hunt.
  • At another point in the same level, if Six cuts the lights where a civilian and a Marine are in conversation, the civilian will ask, "They cut the power?" and "How do they know how to cut the power?" lines quoted almost verbatim from Aliens.
  • Similarly, the civilian in the above scene explicitly promises to shoot himself to prevent himself from being facehugged (though whether he does or not depends on how Six tries to approach him), a reference to Ripley making a similar comment in Aliens.
  • When Six is trapped in the building in the Jungle level of the Alien campaign, one of the Marines will say, "I think it's love at first sight, Adams!" paraphrasing what Hicks says to Burke in Aliens when the preserved Facehugger lunges for him.
  • The beginning of the game's Predator campaign mirrors the scene from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem where Wolf responds to the distress signal from the ship brought down by the Predalien.
  • In one of the collectible audio diaries, one of the colonists labels the Xenomorphs "demons", a possible reference to Golic's view of the Dragon in Alien3.
  • In the garage of the Colony level in the Alien and Marine campaigns, there are several chains hanging from the ceiling and swinging, a reference to a scene in the first film where the adult Alien makes its first appearance.
  • In the Ruins level of the Alien campaign, the scene where Six impales Wolf with her tail directly resembles the Antarctic Queen impaling Scar with her tail.

Aliens: Infestation[]

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  • The game's character bios make reference to a planet named Arcturia and a military operation that took place there.
  • A cat similar to Jones appears in the game, jumping out of a vent aboard the USS Sulaco.

Aliens: Colonial Marines[]

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  • An Easter Egg can be activated in the Pilot's chamber aboard the derelict that shows a hologram of the ship being engaged in a dogfight by a craft visually matching the saucer seen at the beginning of Prometheus.
Jones running ACM 1

Jones running between vents in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

  • Jones appears as an Easter Egg in the "Nostromo" multiplayer Survivor map (released as part of the Movie Map Pack DLC). When playing on this map, vigilant players may catch a glimpse of the cat darting between the ship's ventilation ducts. Jones can also be tracked on the Motion Tracker (although only when you can see Jones with your eyes running from one duct to another) and will appear as a red dot, which usually indicates an enemy.

Alien: Isolation[]

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  • At the very start of the game, an open magazine can be found in the hypersleep chamber aboard the Torrens with a picture of a man highly resembling James Cameron, director of Aliens, on the page.
  • The internal layout of the Torrens is identical to the A-deck of the Nostromo.
  • Before encountering Axel in the Spaceflight Terminal, the player must activate a generator in a room to the right, inside which the sound of a meowing cat is just barely audible. This is a possible reference to Jones.
  • In Seegson Synthetics, the player discovers Smythe dead in a chair, a rolled-up magazine forced down his throat, the culprit implied to be a Working Joe. This is a reference to how Ash (also an android) attempts to kill Ripley in Alien.
  • Outside the Seegson Synthetics showroom is a poster informing people to "eliminate lice before it spreads", a reference to Alien3.
  • The electronic blueprint table that Ripley has to check to find access to APOLLO is very similar in design and function to the colony blueprints studied by the Marines in Aliens.
  • The interior of the APOLLO interface room is almost identical in design to the MU/TH/UR interface room aboard the Nostromo in Alien, right down the the distinctive formatting of the text that appears on the interface console.
  • Although never seen from the outside, the ambulance shuttle that Amanda Ripley uses to reach the Anesidora is seemingly based on early concept artwork for the Nostromo's emergency shuttle by Ron Cobb — both craft feature a similar launch mechanism, being stored flush with the wall of their parent vessel/station before swinging out on an arm and launching into space.
  • When the player is exploring the Anesidora, there is a scripted scare in which a piece of piping in the environment at first appears to be a Xenomorph. This is likely a reference to the scene where Ripley mistakes a pipe for the Dragon in Alien3.
  • The USCM is mentioned in the final audio log recorded by Sinclair, in which he urges the listener to "bring in the Marines or blow this place up".
  • The docking clamp release mechanism that Ripley uses to free the Torrens at the end of the game has the same design as the self destruct system aboard the Nostromo.
  • Several of the weapons in the game are modelled after devices used by the crew of the Nostromo in Alien. For instance, the flamethrower that Waits gives to the player is almost identical to the Flame Throwers built by Parker, while the stun baton is similar in appearance to the cattle prods Parker and Brett construct. The bolt gun also incorporates elements of the cattle prods in its design.
  • Numerous drinking birds can be found throughout the game, both on Sevastopol Station and the Torrens.
  • The design of keycards in the game, including the one used at save stations, is almost identical to the cards used by Dallas and Ripley to access Mother in Alien.
  • The larger, two-handed levers that Ripley uses throughout the game are the same as those used by Ripley when she arms the Nostromo's self destruct system.
  • The circular vent apertures in the game are identical to those in the vents aboard the Nostromo.
  • Children's drawings can be found around the station, one of which has the number "1979" scrawled on it, an obvious reference to Alien, which was released in 1979.
  • Working Joes can sometimes be seen spontaneously jogging on the spot, mimicking the action Ash memorably performs to "warm up" in Alien.
  • Several of the hacking minigames are based on computer graphics created for Alien.


Predator: South China Sea[]

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  • In one scene, two of Rath's men open fire on the Predator with a hand-held Browning M2 machine gun, the gunfire cutting down a wide swath of rainforest but failing to kill the creature. This is similar to the scene in Predator where Mac opens fire with Old Painelss.
  • While staking out the Predator's ship, Gustat wears a thermal insulation suit to hide himself from the creature, but additionally coats himself in wet mud, just like Dutch in Predator.

Alien: Out of the Shadows[]

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  • In the aftermath of the crash between the Marion and the Delilah, Powell exclaims, "That's it. We're screwed. Game over,"[2] an obvious homage to dialogue by Hudson following the dropship crash in Aliens.
  • At one point, Ripley says, "Then all we need is a deck of cards,"[3] a reference to dialogue by Corporal Hicks in Aliens.

Alien: The Cold Forge[]

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  • When the Xenomorphs escape inside the kennels, Blue tells the others with her in the SCIF, "We've got to sever the kennels. It's the only way to be sure,"[4] paraphrasing Ripley in Aliens.
  • The synthetic Rook is a nod to Bishop, with both the rook and the bishop being pieces in chess.

Aliens: Phalanx[]

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  • At one point, Liyah promises Creen she will not let the Xenomorphs take him alive with the words, "If it comes to that, I'll take care of us both." This is almost verbatim what Hicks says to Ripley under similar circumstances in Aliens.
  • When testing the clotting paste on a live Xenomorph, Creen gets the creature's attention by yelling, "Hey, fuckface! Come and get me!" This same line is said by Jude in Alien3 to get the Dragon's attention during the bait and chase sequence.

Alien: Into Charybdis[]

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  • The cryopods aboard the USCSS Gardenia are laid out identically to those aboard the Nostromo.
  • Shy smokes Balaji Imperial cigarettes.
  • The novel also contains numerous lines of dialogue recycled or paraphrased from the existing movies, including:
    • Marcus responding, "I prefer the term artificial person, myself."
    • Shy insisting, "I was under the impression this was a rock! No indigenous life!"
    • Leger replying, "I just work here, man," when asked what Seegson is.
    • Marcus and Bishop greeting each other with, "Hello, brother."
    • Shy yelling at Captain Duncan, "Get away from that console, you bitch!"
    • Duncan shouting, "Let's rock!" when she and her men engage the Hive.
    • Lee yelling, "Grease that rat fuck son of a bitch!" at Duncan.
    • Kamran's line, "It doesn't matter who won. We'll lose."
  • Several lines of prose within the novel likewise reference dialogue from earlier films, including:
    • "...Shy is mostly sure she's relieved they'll have company. Mostly."
    • "She has to admit she feels safer already."
    • "Two soldiers with incinerators lay down a blanket of suppressing fire, enabling their comrades to fall back by squads."
    • "She puts two more short bursts into the motherfucker — it's the only way to be sure."


Aliens: Dead Orbit[]

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  • In issue 1, the mug that Park carries is printed with the USCM insignia. Additionally, the mug has the words "eat the apple, fuck the corps" written on it; this same slogan was written on Drake's body armor in Aliens.

Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay[]

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  • When discussing how to deal with the Xenomorph infestation, Spence tells the other survivors, "We have to destroy the station. It's the only way we can be sure," thereby paraphrasing the famous line from Aliens (said by both Ripley and Hicks) about nuking the colony site from orbit.

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