This article covers every Xenomorph variety; beyond the basic stages of the creature's life cycle; that has ever appeared in any sort of official media from the Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator franchises.

These Xenomorph varieties are categorized into four primary distinctions with subsequent secondary and tertiary distinctions:

1. Expanded Universe Xenomorph Castes

  • Standard Xenomorph caste variants
    • Early life cycle
      • Ovomorph
      • Facehugger
      • Chestburster
    • Adult castes
      • Drone
      • Warrior
      • Praetorian
      • Queen
  • Auxiliary Xenomorph castes

2. Xenomorphs Spawned From Nonhuman Hosts

  • Sentient extraterrestrials
  • Sentient extradimensionals
  • Supernatural beings
  • Animals
    • Terrestrial
    • Aquatic
    • Flight capable

3. Altered Xenomorph Varieties

  • Mutant Xenomorphs
    • Naturally occurring mutations
    • Unnatural mutations
  • Genetically engineered Xenomorphs
    • Spliced Xenomorphs (weaponized)
  • Hybrid/tribrid Xenomorphs
    • Xenomorphs spawned from hybrids
    • Nonengineered hybrids
  • Cyborg Xenomorphs
  • Fundamentally distinct Xenomorphs
    • Tusked Xenomorphs
  • Xenomorphs of unknown conception

4. Mutants and Creatures Derived From Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15

  • Mutants
  • Ovomorph equivalents
  • Facehugger equivalents
  • Chestburster equivalents
  • Adult Xenomorph equivalents


Expanded Universe Xenomorph Castes

This section contains variations of the standard Xenomorph varieties from the early life cycle (Ovomorph, Facehugger, Chestburster) and adult castes (Drone, Warrior, Praetorian, Queen) and also auxiliary Xenomorph castes that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.

Standard Xenomorph caste variants

This subsection contains variations of the standard Xenomorph castes from the early life cycle (Ovomorph, Facehugger, Chestburster) and adult castes (Drone, Warrior, Praetorian, Queen).

Early life cycle


A Praetorian Egg from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Praetorian Egg

Main article: Ovomorph (Egg)#Praetorian Eggs

Praetorian Eggs are a variation of the normal Egg that costs more resources and effort to create than the standard egg. Different from a normal Egg, Praetorian Eggs are thicker and affect a more greenish coloration. They molt from normal Eggs, the Facehugger within changing as they do, becoming a Praetorian Facehugger. Such Facehuggers always give rise to a Praetorian, regardless of host.

Transparent view of a Royal Facehugger Egg from an AVP comic

Royal Facehugger Egg

These eggs contain Royal Facehuggers that is capable of implanting an embryonic Queen.

Breeding Eggs

Breeding Egg

Main article: Breeding Egg

Breeding Eggs are a variation of the ovomorph. Instead of containing standard Facehuggers, however, they hold special facehuggers responsible for the creation of a Queen Alien.

A standard and Hyperfertile Egg

Hyperfertile Egg

Main article: Ovomorph (Egg)#Hyperfertile Eggs

Hyperfertile Eggs are an evolution to the typical Ovomorph that can quickly grow the Hive's numbers. Instead of one Facehugger to an Egg, these Eggs can hold anywhere from two to four, inversely proportional to how well the Hive is doing — if low in number, Eggs will hold up to four Facehuggers, but if the Hive is doing well, only two or sometimes just one.


A Praetorian Facehugger from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Praetorian Facehugger

Main article: Praetorian Facehugger

The Praetorian Facehugger is a special variant of the Facehugger that is capable of implanting an embryonic Praetorian. It is one of several means by which a Praetorian can come into existence. They are also essential in the creation of Ravagers and Carriers.

Royal Facehugger from Alien 3

Royal Facehugger from Aliens: Book One

Royal Facehugger

Main article: Royal Facehugger

The Royal Facehugger, also known as the Super Facehugger[1] or Queen Facehugger, is a special variant of Facehugger that is capable of implanting an embryonic Queen. While there is some debate as to how Queen Xenomorphs are created, one possible route involves a Royal Facehugger impregnating a host with a Queen Chestburster. Notably, Royal Facehuggers are capable of implanting more than one embryo into multiple hosts before they die, typically in the form of a second, regular Xenomorph embryo, which it is thought serves to act as a "guard" for the infant Queen.[2]

Spotted Breeding Facehuggers

Breeding Facehugger

Main article: Breeding Egg#Breeding Facehuggers

Breeding facehuggers resemble closely many other queen-producing Facehuggers that appear throughout the comics, however unlike those variants, these Facehuggers are spotted like the eggs they emerged from. Their cargo can take a few hours to a few days to emerge.

Queen Face Hugger artwork from the Kenner Aliens toy line.

Queen Facehugger

Main article: Queen Face Hugger (Kenner)

The Queen Face Hugger, also known as the Giant Face Hugger Alien,[3] is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. This Facehugger can't implant an Alien larva in a host; it only defends the eggs. In the Mini-Comic that accompanied the action figure, however, they can be seen using both their legs and tail to gather and hold hosts down while regular facehuggers implant them.


A Queen Chestburter from Aliens: Defiance

Queen Chestburster

Main article: Queen (caste)#Royal Jelly and Royal Facehuggers

Alien 3 also shows the Queen Chestburster itself to be physically different, with a partially developed head crest, well-developed legs and two pairs of arms, like a mature Queen.[4]

Adult castes


A Drone in Aliens versus Predator: Extinction with the Cystic Acid Spittle upgrade

Cystic Drone

Main article: Cystic Acid

Cystic Acid was a Xenomorph ability in the game Aliens versus Predator: Extinction. Drones were able to be upgraded in such a way that they spat Acidic saliva at their hosts instead of using their claws. The hosts would then grow several internal tumorous that were very advantageous for any Chestburster gestating inside of them. Sans the Praetorian, any Alien emerging from such a host would be tougher than usual.


The Prodos Games Evolved Warriors

Evolved Warrior

Main article: Warrior#Evolved Warrior

As a Xenomorph hive grows in size, on occasion, a Warrior will mutate into a unique type of its own. Highly adaptable, these creatures are often mistaken for a standard Warrior until it is too late for their enemies. Some of them are able to spray acid at close range onto multiple enemies at once, others can camouflage their mesoskeleton to blend into their surroundings to leap upon their foes, and some of them are even able to heal the most grievous of wounds almost instantly.

Classified as Evolved Warriors, company scientists believe they are an evolutionary dead-end and once their metamorphosis has finished, it will change no more after that. It is theorized that their evolution is due to an immediate need that the hive requires, but not as a long term creation. Whatever the reasoning is behind these monsters, they should be engaged with extreme caution, as each one is different and there is no way to determine what capabilities it has until it has displayed them.[5]

A Subterranean Xenomorph

Subterranean Xenomorph

Main article: Subterranean Xenomorph

The subterranean Xenomorph was a variation of Warrior that digs underground. It appears in the comic Alien vs Predator: Duel in Issue 1. These may just be normal warriors adapting to their enviroment, but it unclear at the moment.

A Cystic Infused Warrior from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Cystic Infused Warrior

Main article: Warrior#Cystic Infused Warrior

Warriors can be made even more dangerous through the use of Cystic Acid on their host before implantation. They are much hardier than their more common brethren, and although indistinguishable from a normal Warrior in infancy, bare a bright reddish stripe dorsally down their cranium upon reaching adulthood.[6]

An Onslaught Genome Warrior after taking heavy damage from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Onslaught Genome Warrior

Main article: Warrior#Onslaught Genome Warrior

Very similar to the regenerative variant of Evolved Warrior, when needed, human-hosted Warriors can evolve to become more suitable for heavy assaults. First, they develop hardened chitinous ridges that enable them to penetrate tougher armors. Second, they develop a redundant vascular life support system, enabling them to continue fighting even after sustaining crippling damage including limb loss. Third, they improve their already amazing abilities to regenerate themselves with the added assistance from Hive Nodes. The latter two abilities combine to enable the creature to regenerate lost limbs and return to perfect health fast through sustained healing at the Hive.

Cystic Infused Onslaught Genome Warrior

Main article: Warrior#Cystic Infused Onslaught Genome Warrior

A lethal, stronger version of the Onslaught Genome Warrior. These Warriors are created the same way as the Cystic infused Warriors. They also have a large red stripe running down the top of the cranium.


The Prodos Games Alien Royal Guard model

Royal Guard — Juvenile Praetorian

Main article: Praetorian#Royal Guard — Juvenile Praetorian

Essentially juvenile Praetorians, the previous developmental stage of a fully-fledged Praetorian is known as a Royal Guard. Whilst it is not known if these Xenomorphs develop in turn from a lesser caste or come about by some other process, it is known that they fulfill a similar role to that of Praetorians, that is; as their name would indicate; functioning as the guards of a Xenomorph hive's Queen.


A Ravager from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Main article: Ravager

The Ravager is a Xenomorph caste, an evolved form of the Praetorian. Unlike other Xenomorphs, it is a hyper-aggressive killing machine with absolutely no interest in capturing victims alive to act as hosts for more Xenomorphs.

A Colossal Ravager from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Colossal Ravager
Main article: Ravager#Colossal Ravager

Ravagers can themselves further evolve into Colossal Ravagers, whereby they develop a hard chitinous shell that deflects even medium caliber weapons fire, as well as the ability to perform a rapid internal restorative process called regenesis. Regenesis causes a severely damaged Ravager to enter a regenerative cataleptic state instead of dying.

A Carrier from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction


Main article: Carrier

The Carrier spreads the Alien infestation to outlying regions by serving as a Facehugger transport. While riding a Carrier, Facehuggers do not expend energy, enabling them to reach farther areas than their limited energy supply would otherwise allow.

A Super Carrier from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Super Carrier
Main article: Carrier#Super Carrier

When upgraded, Carriers develop the ability to hold 12 facehuggers instead of just 6. Upon death, their bodies explode apart, showering enemies with both painful acid and deadly facehuggers.


A War Empress from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

War Empress

Main article: Queen (caste)#War Empress

Some Xenomorph Queens have been known to evolve into tougher versions of themselves, known as War Empresses. Although they do not grow in size, their mesoskeleton toughens significantly, thought to be by as much as 70% from it's original sturdiness, capable of deflecting all but the heaviest munitions.

An Empress from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction


Main article: Empress

An Empress is another caste of Xenomorph monarch, albeit larger and stronger than a Queen. Queens are, in fact, subordinate to them and they themselves are on Subordinate to a Queen Mother.

A Queen Mother

Queen Mother

Main article: Queen Mother

Queen Mothers, also known as Mother Queens,[7] are rulers of the Xenomorph species; even the Queens and Empresses are subordinate to them. Queen Mothers are protected by Palatines.

Palatines in Aliens: Female War.

Main article: Palatine

A Palatine is a Xenomorph that resembles a Queen-sized Praetorian or Drone. They are the Queen Mother's personal guard and are only native to Xenomorph Prime.

Auxiliary Xenomorph castes

This subsection contains what are best described as auxiliary Xenomorph castes (though perhaps feasibly, possible variations of one or more of the standard Xenomorph castes) that have only appeared in the expanded universe lore.

Kenner figure of an Acid Alien

Acid Alien

Main article: Acid Alien

Acid Aliens are a type of Xenomorph subspecies. Judging by their name, they are known for spitting acid although they are certainly not the only caste known for performing this action. Their bodies are emaciated and slim, while their head is significantly more elongated than many other castes. Their mesoskeleton has a shiny look to it.

Xenomorphs that may have been Acid Aliens were seen spitting acid out of their 'maw' (AKA throat, tongue, or inner jaw). These potential Acid Aliens then latched onto a host, sucked blood and then injected their own acidic 'blood' into the host, killing it, mutating it into an Infectoid. It was also possibly encountered on BG-386 though those were likely to have been Runner Xenomorphs.

A Spitter


Main article: Spitter

The Spitter, also known as the Ranger,[8] is a Xenomorph caste that was encountered by Colonial Marines from the USS Sephora on Acheron (LV-426). As its name implies, it attacks by spitting large quantities of acid at enemies, typically from some distance away. It was said by Dr. Levy to be a subspecies which would probably mean it is not genetically engineered but an auxiliary Xenomorph caste.

A Boiler


Main article: Boiler

The Boiler is a Xenomorph caste, first encountered by the Colonial Marines from the USS Sephora on LV-426. It possesses a unique form of attack, whereby it will forgo the typical melee or spitting attacks used by other Xenomorphs in favor of suicidally rupturing its own body, drenching nearby targets in huge quantities of acidic blood.

A Lurker


Main article: Lurker

The Lurker is a caste of Xenomorph very similar to the Drone. Lurkers are easily identified by their usually smooth head carapaces. Unlike the far more common Warrior caste which tend to employ direct assaults and swarm attacks, using sheer weight of numbers to overwhelm defenses and subdue their prey, Lurkers prefer to keep their distance and lurk in the shadows, only attacking when the time is right.

Hiya Toys figure of the Raven

Raven — Possible Praetorian Lurker

Main article: Raven

The Raven resembles an ordinary bipedal Xenomorph, but larger, almost entirely encased in a bullet-proof, chitin carapace, and only walks with its large hind legs - like a Queen. Its tail has a distinct ridge of spines at the base of its harpoon-like blade. Its head possesses a ridged carapace, much like a Warrior, with a line of spikes along the top of its cranium. The Raven can also be heard making a "snarl" noise characteristic to Lurkers at times, further hinting that Lurkers may be a leadership caste.

The Sideshow Collectibles Alien King


Main article: King (caste)

Among the largest, and most terrifying, biologics that an alien hive can bring to bear upon its enemies, is a creature dubbed the Monstrosity or 'King' Xenomorph. Towering several stories over its smaller brethren, this creature shakes the ground wherever it goes, causing small localized earthquakes in its wake. Near impervious to small arms fire, wounds dealt to it are regenerated almost instantly. It has been noted that when it eats its victims, its alien healing power actually speeds up, knitting even the most terrible wounds back together.

At range, it can project a huge ball of acid which if it hits even a target that is dug in, will melt them to little more than a puddle of matter. When it gets in close, it will unleash a screech, killing its initial enemies and then rush in with surprising speed for a creature of its size. Its gigantic claws and long tail are able to tear tanks and infantry to pieces in equal measure. Luckily, only a handful of such creatures found in the largest Xenomorph hives, has ever been catalogued by human scientists.[9]

Xenomorphs Spawned From Nonhuman Hosts

This section contains Xenomorphs spawned from nonhuman hosts (sentient extraterrestrials, sentient extradimensionals, supernatural beings and animals) that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.

Xenomorphs Spawned From Sentient Extraterrestrials


A Predalien Queen Chestburster

Predalien Chestburster — Queen

Main article: Chestburster#Gestation

The assimilation of host DNA leads to physical variations in the adult creature. The Predalien Chestburster, for example, sports the signature mandibles of the Yautja (and grows dreadlocks upon reaching maturity).[10]

A Predalien


Main article: Predalien (caste)

The Predalien is a Xenomorph spawned from a Yautja, or Predator. It is apparently rare and is regarded by the Yautja themselves as an abomination and an affront to their species.[11] Predaliens feature many traits in common with Yautja, such as dreadlock-like appendages on their heads, similar mandibles, and occasionally comparable skin color and vocalizations. They are large, bulky creatures, possessing greater physical strength than both Predators and human-spawned Xenomorphs. Predaliens also have thicker tails than regular Xenomorphs. At least one Predalien has been capable of bypassing the Ovomorph/Facehugger reproductive cycle altogether, being able to implant multiple embryos within a single host directly through its inner jaw. This trait apparently allows the creature to build an army of Drones or Warriors before it becomes a mature Queen and enters its sedentary condition with an Egg sac.

Predaliens notably take after their host to a greater extent than human-spawned Xenomorphs, possibly because the Predator's genetic code is significantly more potent. This could also explain why some Predaliens have been known to carry out ritualistic mutilation of their prey, perhaps as some form of instinctual throw-back to Yautja customs passed down genetically from the host.

A Cystic Predalien from Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

Cystic Predalien

Main article: Cystic Acid

A Yautja host effected by an upgraded Drone's cystic acid ability will spawn a tougher than usual Predalien.

The juvenile Predalien Queen (Earth)

Predalien — Queen (juvenile)

Main article: Predalien (Earth)

A Predalien terrorized Gunnison, Colorado, Earth in 2004. It was the result of a Facehugger implanting Scar with an embryonic Chestburster during his Rite of Passage Hunt in a Pyramid under Bouvet Island. The creature was ultimately destroyed by a tactical nuclear device dropped on the city, both to cover what truly happened and also to wipe out the Xenomorph infestation.


Main article: Bellybursters

The Bellyburster is a Xenomorph infant that bursts from the victim's abdomen.[12]

A Warrior Carved/Ridged

Warrior Carved/Ridged
Main article: Warrior#Warrior Carved

While the Warrior already possesses a ridged skull, a more rugged version called "Warrior Carved"[13] or "Warrior Ridged"[11] is known to exist.[14] Their carved, ridged head gives them an additional 40% bullet resistance over the standard Drone.[13] The only known encounter with the Carved variant was in Gunnison, Colorado, Earth in 2004, but all of them were eradicated when a nuke was dropped on the town.[14]

Super Predator (Yautja subspecies)

The Berserker-Alien

Berserker-Alien — Possible Praetorian (juvenile)
Main article: Berserker-Alien

The Berserker-Alien was a Xenomorph spawned from a Berserker Super Predator, similarly to a Predalien. The Berserker-Alien was among the most dangerous of Xenomorph variants and was extremely strong, heavily armored and very fast.[13]



Main article: Jockey-Xenomorph

The Jockey-Xenomorph, also known as the Ultramorph,[15] is a Xenomorph born from an Engineer (its name being a reference to the colloquial name for the Engineers, "Space Jockeys"). The Jockey-Xenomorph is usually depicted as being huge in size, perhaps rivalling Queens in height. The Jockey-Xenomorph should not be confused with the Deacon, a creature born from a Trilobite impregnating an Engineer.

Aliens: Apocalypse

Jockey Xenomorph from Aliens: Apocalypse

In the comic Aliens: Apocalypse a living Engineer is infected and its offspring is a huge Xenomorph that attacks normal human-spawned Xenomorphs on sight. A formidable creature, it manages to lay waste to a whole Hive. This version of the creature is no longer canon as the Engineers in Prometheus have been revealed to be vastly different from their depiction in the comics. However, the Xenomorph itself looks like a possible candidate to have come from an Engineer.

Aliens: Infestation

Jockey Xenomorph from Aliens: Infestation

In the Nintendo DS game Aliens: Infestation a Jockey Alien appears as the second boss of the game. Its appearance is considerably different from that seen in Apocalypse, as it possesses a trunk and clearly visible eyes. However, this is not what a Jockey Xenomorph would actually look like since, although the trunk was presumed to be part of the Space Jockey at first, Prometheus shows that it is part of a suit. It attacks by stomping, swiping and regurgitating large quantities of acid.

Ultramorph — Unused concept

Main article: Deacon#Ultramorph

(As seen below in Adult Xenomorph Equivalents)


Main article: Deacon

(As seen below in Adult Xenomorph Equivalents)

Though not actually a Xenomorph, the Deacon[16] is a Xenomorph-like creature formed following the Trilobite's impregnation of the Last Engineer.


Main article: Drukathi Xenomorph

This is a type of Xenomorph spawned from a race of dog-like extraterrestrials known as the Drukathi that were discovered by human miners on the planet LV-178. Much like Runners, these Xenomorphs are quadrupedal, but differed in their size and strength, which were far greater than either a Runner or a human-spawned Xenomorph. They have the ability to place themselves in a type of long-term hibernation, and in this stage, their complexions become statuesque. It is unknown if this ability is exclusive to this variation or the species at large, or if they were simply forced into this state by the Drukathi.[17]

The Aliens: Earth Angel Xenomorph Queen

Aliens: Earth Angel alien — Queen

Main article: Queen (Earth, 1950s)

In the comic book Aliens: Earth Angel, a Xenomorph Queen is spawned from a species of unnamed sentient extraterrestrial whose spacecraft had crash landed on Earth during the 1950s.

A Reaper spawned Drone

The Reaper Xenomorph Queen

Reaper — Drones and Queen

Main article: Reaper (species)

The comic book Aliens: Reapers features Xenomorphs spawned from Reapers including Drones and a gigantic Queen.

Xenomorphs Spawned From Sentient Extradimensionals

The Tarkatan Xenomorph


Main article: Tarkatan Xenomorph

The Tarkatan Xenomorph is a non-canon breed of Xenomorph born from the body of a Tarkatan. Though it shares several traits in common with other Xenomorphs, it also possesses several noticeable differences in appearance when compared to other variations. For instance, it is overall bulkier and more muscular in appearance than common Xenomorphs. The typically elongated cylindrical skull is now far shorter, appearing more spherical in shape. The tubes on the creature's back are also shorter and it now possesses larger, more exposed, more vicious-looking teeth in its jaw as well as small spikes located around the Alien's face. These are a few of the more obvious traits inherited from its host. Perhaps the most notable trait of inheritance however are a set of extendable blades contained in sheathe-like appendages located along the Xenomorph's forearms; these are similar to the sword-like arm blades of the Tarkatan species, albeit the Xenomorph's are segmented instead of smooth blade like Tarkatan's.

The Symbiotic Xenomorph

Unidentified Symbiotic Race

Main article: Symbiotic Xenomorph

The Symbiotic Xenomorph variation is seen in the Tarkatan Xenomorph's ladder ending. They are based off of Ferra and Torr who are an unidentified symbiotic race.

Xenomorphs Spawned From Supernatural Beings

The Vampiric Queen

Vampire — Queen

Main article: Vampiric Queen

The Vampiric Queen is the resulting Xenomorph that incubated within a vampire, it is named as such due to a lack of an official name. The Vampiric Queen strongly resembles Queens birthed from humans but possesses wings. The speed of her development was incredibly fast as she attained full growth presumably within less than 24 hours, while this isn't unusual for Drones or Warriors, Queens have been known to have a longer development time.

The Fire-Eater Alien

Lauren Pennington/Farenheit

Main article: Fire-Eater Alien

The Fire-Eater Alien is a Xenomorph born from the body of the super-heroine Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit's super power allowed her to throw fire, thus the Alien inherited this power and can spit fire by the mouth instead of acid.

The DarkAlien


Main article: DarkAlien

The DarkAlien is a Xenomorph born from a Darkling, which is one of many small demons summoned by the supernatural powers of Jackie Estacado, AKA The Darkness. The DarkAlien has all the capabilities of the Darkness, which makes it virtually indestructible until it is out of the shadows, as the Darkness regenerates while in hibernation.

Parademon Xenomorphs

The Parademon Xenomorph Queen

Parademon — Drones and Queen

Main article: Superman vs. Aliens II: God War

In Superman vs. Aliens II: God War, Parademons are used by Darkseid as hosts for Xenomorphs, producing large Drones and a larger Queen. Other than their increased size there are no other immediately distinguishable differences other than what appears to be an additional set of arms on the Parademon Xenomorph Queen.

Xenomorphs Spawned From Animals


A Runner Chestburster


  • Runner Chestburster
Main article: Runner#Gestation

Unlike other Chestbursters, in Alien 3 the Runner is shown to be born fully formed and only needs to grow larger.[18] Why this is so is never explicitly stated. However, in the Special Edition, where the Alien is spawned from an ox, it is hinted that this could be a result of the Chestburster being unable to escape its host's chest cavity at the typical interval (likely due to its higher structural rigidity), as the ox dies some time before the Chestburster hatches. Furthermore, the Special Edition Chestburster is considerably larger than a typical specimen when it finally emerges from the corpse, indicating it had already begun maturing within.[19]

A Runner

  • Runner
Main article: Runner

The Runner, also known as the Dog Alien or Ox Alien, is an adult form of the species Xenomorph XX121 spawned from a quadrupedal host animal (such as a dog). Runners, as their name implies, are fast and agile, and can spit acid from their mouths. Runners have variously been portrayed as being slightly larger and slightly smaller than typical human-spawned Aliens, differences that no doubt derive from the animal that hosted the creature. However, the Runner in Alien3 is around 7 feet 5 inches tall when standing on its hind legs.

  • ?Cystic Runner

A Crusher

Quadruped — Possible Praetorian

  • Crusher — Possible Praetorian Runner
Main article: Crusher

The Crusher, also known as the Charger, is a Xenomorph caste that was encountered by Colonial Marines from the USS Sephora on Acheron (LV-426). Its most notable features are its large head crest, which is said to be completely bulletproof, and its habit of charging its prey to inflict massive blunt force trauma. It acts as something of a heavy unit for the Xenomorphs, able to engage even armored vehicles with some success.

A Runner Queen

Quadruped — Queen

  • Runner Queen
Main article: Dog Queen

The Dog Queen is a Xenomorph that appears in the Alien3 video game released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. They are essentially a Queen grown from a Runner Alien, looking similar but considerably larger. They spit clouds of acid smoke and live on the surface of the planet Fiorina "Fury" 161.

One of the Maru's Demons

Various terrestrial animals (PCW9512)

  • Maru's Demons
Main article: Maru's Demons

The Maru's Demons are similar to Xenomorph XX121 (Alien) in most ways. Standard elongated chrome head piece, tall, dorsal plates running up the spine, and six fingers on each hand. Despite this they are brown in color, have a rather elongated chin, and very awkward tail, often seen swinging about with little control. Perhaps due the more feral species on the planet.

Xenomorph (LV-223)

Various terrestrial animals (LV-223)

  • Xenomorph (LV-223)
Main article: Xenomorph (LV-223)

On LV-223 a variety of different Xenomorphs became present on the moon due to a multitude of hosts for impregnation as well as possibly the presence of the Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, that began mutating the creatures. Most notable specimens were the ones that possess their usual dome heads but with the back splits off and what almost seems to be eyes. Additionally, the hive's Queen had a different head crest to normal ones.

Series 3 figure of the Night Cougar Alien

Melanistic puma

  • Night Cougar Alien

The Night Cougar Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Cougar Alien is spawned from cougar hosts.

Series 3 figure of the Panther Alien

Panther (jaguar, leopard or puma)

  • Panther Alien

The Panther Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Panther Alien is spawned from panther hosts.

Series 3 figure of the Wild Boar Alien

Wild boar

  • Wild Boar Alien

The Wild Boar Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Wild Boar Alien is spawned from wild boar hosts.

The Bull Alien as seen in the Kenner comics


  • Bull Alien
Main article: Bull Alien

The Bull Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Bull Alien is spawned from cattle hosts and has two horns on its head, and is very quick (able to outrun Stinger XT-37s) and powerful. This large Xenomorph variant can knock down military vehicles by rushing in. It is also very durable, capable of taking a rocket to the face without even flinching. Only fire seems to kill them.[citation needed] Bull Aliens commonly operate in herds, another trait they inherit from their host.

A Rhino Alien


  • Rhino Alien
Main article: Rhino Alien

The Rhino Alien is a large Xenomorph variant, created when a Facehugger impregnates a rhinoceros or a similiar creature (like rhynth).[citation needed] Like its host, it sports a muscular stature, as well as a pair of large horns which it presumably uses as a means of attack or defense.


  • Snatcher
Main article: Snatcher

First introduced in the novel Alien: The Cold Forge, the Snatcher is an adult form of Xenomorph XX121 born from a chimpanzee. Due to the DNA reflex, the Snatcher inherits the typical characteristics of its host, namely posture and proportions. The Snatcher favours a quadrupedal stance (knuckle-walking) and is capable of catching up to even the most fittest of humans in a sprint.

The Gorilla Alien boss from Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)


  • Gorilla Alien — Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)
Main article: Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)#Trivia

In the Alien vs Predator (1993 video game) the second boss is a Xenomorph spawned from a Gorilla.

A Gorilla Alien from Aliens: Infestation

  • Gorilla Alien — Aliens: Infestation
Main article: Gorilla Alien

In Aliens: Infestation a variety of gorilla-like Xenomorphs were encountered by the Colonial Marines of the USS Sephora in a Weyland-Yutani research facility on Phobos in 2179.

The Gorilla Alien Praetorian from Aliens: Infestation

Gorilla — Praetorian

  • Gorilla Alien Praetorian — Aliens: Infestation
Main article: Gorilla Alien

The Colonial Marines of the USS Sephora also encountered what appeared to be a Gorilla Xenomorph Praetorian.

NECA's redesign of the Gorilla (tetrabrachial ape) Alien

Tetrabrachial ape (Zeevan)

  • Gorilla Alien — Aliens: Space Marines/Kenner Products/NECA
Main article: Gorilla Alien

The Gorilla Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Alien was a variant of Xenomorph that was the product of a Facehugger impregnating a tetrabrachial (four armed) species of animal primate indigenous to the planet Zeevan.

The semi-hexabrachial Gorilla Alien Queen

Tetrabrachial ape (Zeevan) — Queen

  • Gorilla Alien Queen — Aliens: Space Marines
Main article: Gorilla Alien

Appearing in the Aliens: Space Marines comics on the planet Zeevan, the Space Marines also encountered a Queen Gorilla Alien that had retained the tetrabrachial physiology (technically making it semi-hexabrachial because of the pair of smaller ventrally positioned arms featured on Xenomorph Queens) of the host species (whilst the lesser caste only had two arms).

NECA's redesign of the Scorpion Alien

Scorpion-like species (Tanaka 5)

  • Scorpion Alien
Main article: Scorpion Alien

The Scorpion Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. In the Human vs. Alien 2-pack the Scorpion Alien is black and silver. The toy could explode when a button on its back is pushed. A Facehugger was included with the toy. While closely resembling a warrior, its color is red and at the end of its tail it possesses a sting which secretes a poison made to paralyze its victims.

NECA's redesign of the Mantis Alien

Mantid (possibly a giant mantis-like species native to Terraform 3)

  • Mantis Alien
Main article: Mantis Alien

The Mantis Alien possesses insect-like characteristics. Its skin coloration is of a more greenish hue compared to its more darker colored brethren. Its arms are much longer than the average Xenomorph's and possess spiked undersides. The tips of these arms have three pincer-like digits with large talons. The Mantis Alien is very agile and is able make jumps of great distances to move from place to place.

Series 4 figure of the Arachnid Alien


  • Arachnid Alien

The Arachnid Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Arachnid Alien is spawned from arachnid hosts.

Blue Moon centipede (giant extraterrestrial centipede species)

Main article: Darkness Falls

A species of giant extraterrestrial centipedes that were introduced to the planet Oleta were hosts for Xenomorphs that spawned large multilegged centipede-like Xenomorphs that were incredibly dangerous. It was found that flamethrowers were only moderately effective against them, though the DNA reflex caused them to also inherit the host species' susceptibility to salt, violently reacting to it and breaking them down on contact.

The snake-like alien boss from Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)

Ophidian (snake)

  • Snake Alien
Main article: Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)#Trivia

A snake-like alien with two upper arms is featured as a boss in Alien vs Predator (1993 video game).

NECA's redesign of the Snake Alien

Hooded elapid (cobra/king cobra)

  • Cobra Alien
Main article: Snake Alien

The Snake Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. It has no arms or legs, but possesses a powerful tail which allows it to attack and hide in trees. It also possesses a wide hood similar to that of a cobra, which it spreads before spitting acid at its victims.


The Crocodile Alien


  • Crocodile Alien
Main article: Crocodile Alien

The Crocodile Alien is a huge Xenomorph born from a crocodile.The Crocodile Alien was very large in size, it had monstrous strength and Batman defeated it by dropping it into a volcano.

The Shark Alien boss from Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)

Selachimorph (shark)

  • Shark Alien
Main article: Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)#Trivia

In the Alien vs Predator (1993 video game) the second boss is a Xenomorph spawned from a Shark.

Series 3 figure of the Killer Crab Alien

Chelate pleocyematan (clawed crustacean)

  • Killer Crab Alien

The Killer Crab Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Killer Crab Alien is spawned from crab or crab-like hosts.

The Swimming Alien from Bracken's World

Megafaunal achelate pleocyematan (giant clawless crustacean, Bracken's World)

  • Swimming Alien
Main article: Swimming Alien

In Aliens: Colonial Marines (comic series), a group of marines ends up on an agri-colony planet known as 'Bracken's World', a primarily oceanic planet that grows large amounts of sea kelp. Having become stranded on one of the kelp beds following an APC breakdown, the group is attacked from the water by large Xenomorphs whose upper body resembed Praetorians or Queen Xenomorphs and whose lower body was a lobster-like structure with a tail fan and three pairs of pleopods (swimming legs).

Flight capable

The Swarm Alien

Ephemeropteran (mayfly)

  • Swarm Alien

The Swarm Alien is a part of the Aliens toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Swarm Alien is spawned from insect hosts.

The Bat Alien boss from Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)

Megafaunal chiropteran (giant bat)

  • Bat Alien
Main article: Alien vs Predator (1993 video game)#Trivia

The Bat Alien was spawned from a giant species of bat and is encounted as an end-level boss in vs Predator (199]] (1993 video game).

Flying Chestbursters from Aliens: Extermination

Winged animal

  • Winged Chestbursters

Flying Chestbursters are encountered in Aliens: Extermination.

The winged Drone boss from Aliens: Extermination

  • Winged Drone

Also known as the flying 'Alien Dragon', the winged Xenomorph Drone is a boss encountered in Aliens: Extermination.

A flying Xenomorph of LV-223

Winged animal (LV-223)

  • Flying Xenomorph (LV-223)
Main article: Xenomorph (LV-223)

On LV-223 a variety of different Xenomorphs became present on the moon due to a multitude of hosts for impregnation as well as possibly the presence of the Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, that began mutating the creatures. Most notable specimens were the ones that possess their usual dome heads but with the back splits off and what almost seems to be eyes as well as winged flight capable Xenomorphs. Additionally, the hive's Queen had a different head crest to normal ones.

A Flying Queen

Winged animal — Queen

  • Flying Queen
Main article: Flying Queen

The Flying Queen is a part of the k in color toy line produced by Kenner Products. The Queen Xenomorph was black in coloration, with large avian-like talons used for snatching prey as this monster swoops. Unlike most Xenomorphs, she had membraned wings and a membraned tail like a bat and her crest had a row of blunted spikes running down their length.

The giant flying Alien Queen from Aliens: Armageddon

Winged animal (possibly a giant winged animal) — Queen (possible Empress)

  • Giant flying Xenomorph Queen

Due to its size, the giant flying Xenomorph Queen is likely a Xenomorph Empress or possibly spawned from a giant flying creature, it is encountered in Aliens: Armageddon.

(Unspecified habitat)

(Possibly a large marine vertebrate)

  • Giant Chestburster

The giant Chestburster is possibly spawned from a species of large marine vertebrate and is encountered in Aliens: Armageddon.

Altered Xenomorph Varieties

This section contains the various mutant Xenomorphs, genetically engineered Xenomorphs, hybrid/tribrid Xenomorphs, cyborg Xenomorphs as well as fundamentally distinct Xenomorphs and Xenomorphs of unknown conception that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.

Mutant Xenomorphs

This subsection contains Xenomorph varieties that are mutated by either natural or unnatural means but without the intent to do so (except for the Newborn, though that was only come about due to an unintentional mutation in the Cloned Queen from the cloning process involved in her creation) by either the Xenomorph Queen or genetic scientists involved.

Naturally occurring mutations

This section contains Xenomorphs that had become mutated presumably by way of spontaneous natural mutation.

Red Xenomorph warriors

Red Xenomorphs

Main article: Red Xenomorph

The Red Xenomorphs of Xenomorph Prime were a natural mutation and faction of rebel Xenomorphs that had defied and opposed the original black colored xenomorphs. The two sides eventually waged war against each other.

Pink Ovomorph

Pink Ovomorph

Main article: Ovomorph (Egg)#Pink Ovomorph

The pink ovomorph was found amongst an ordinary clutch, though the origins of such eggs are unknown. It was this irregularly coloured pink egg that hatched the facehugger that spawned mutant Chestburster known as the Bodyburster which resembles a large black Chestburster.

The Mutated Chestburster AKA Bodyburster


Main article: Bodyburster

A mutated Alien incapable of maturing past its larval stage, the mutated chestburster resembles a large black Chestburster. Hatched from a pink egg among an ordinary clutch, the mutated chestburster's egg was smuggled to the pleasure planet Celeste, where the resulting hatchling, after escaping from a human host, caused havoc among the population with its diseased slime trail, which caused people to go delirious and detonate.

Unnatural mutations

This subcategory contains Xenormorphs that had become mutated unintentionally by artificial means or accidentally (Luiz-Xenomorph hybrid).

Luiz-Xenomorph hybrid

(As seen below in Mutants)


Main article: Elden

(As seen below in Mutants)

The Cloned Queen

Cloned Queen

Main article: Cloned Queen

The Cloned Queen[20] was an altered Xenomorph Queen born aboard the USM Auriga in 2381.[21] She was the leader (and the first) of the Cloned Xenomorphs that were bred by the United Systems Military aboard the vessel. She later gave live birth to the Newborn as a result of genetic crossing with her host, Ripley 8, and was killed by the creature shortly afterwards.

A Cloned Xenomorph Drone

Cloned Xenomorph Drones
Main article: Cloned Xenomorph

The Cloned Xenomorphs were a mutated Xenomorph strain bred aboard the USM Auriga by United Systems Military scientists in 2381.[22] They descended from the Queen extracted from the cloned Ellen Ripley, known as Ripley 8. Due to imperfections in the cloning process, the Queen and her offspring were not true Xenomorphs but subtly altered hybrids, mutated through the inclusion of human DNA in their genetic makeup. While the Cloned Xenomorphs generally resembled normal human-spawned Xenomorphs, they possessed several notable differences that made them unique. Their necks were fleshier in appearance compared to the biomechanical look of other Xenomorphs, and they displayed some quadrupedal traits akin to the the Runner caste, as opposed to adopting the primarily bipedal stance of other human-spawned Xenomorphs. There were also slight differences in the shape of the head, which was narrower, with a longer muzzle and more prominent chin. Additionally, both the Cloned Queen and her Drones were green-brown in color, with a shimmering, insect-like quality to their mesoskeletons.

Aqua Alien from the Alien Resurrection (Kenner) toy line

Aqua Alien

Note the similarities to the Cloned Xenomorph Drones in the Aqua Alien's exaggerated digitigrade physiology.

The Newborn

Main article: Newborn

The Newborn was a mutant human/Xenomorph hybrid creature created when the Queen aboard the USM Auriga developed a second reproductive cycle, a perversion of the human uterus (and related organs). The Newborn was considerably larger than a regular Xenomorph and notably does not possess the faceless, highly elongated skull typical of the species. Instead, it had a far more human-like face, including eyes, a nose, and a fleshy tongue in place of the Xenomorph's signature inner jaw, and a far more humanoid skull that showed only minor elongation at the rear. The creature also lacked the distinctive dark, biomechanical mesoskeleton common to the species, instead being covered in soft, flesh-colored skin. The Newborn possessed immense strength, able to jump huge distances or crush a man's skull with its bare hands. It shared little association with its Xenomorph brethren, going so far as to kill the Queen that bore it, and apparently viewed Ripley 8 as its true "mother".

Genetically Engineered Xenomorphs

This section contains Xenomorph varieties produced by genetic scientists usually for the purpose of controlling (Spliced Xenomorphs) and therefore weaponizing them, but also to create varieties with new capabilities like the Spitter and Boiler that aren't necessarily human controlled (or weren't yet at the latest known stage of their development).

Spliced Xenomorphs (weaponized)

Main article: Spliced Xenomorph

Spliced Xenomorphs are an alteration from the highly aggressive, highly predatory standard Xenomorph. To make them more manageable, their DNA has been spliced with more docile, less predatory creatures. Alternatively, their DNA can be spliced with more aggressive, highly predatory creatures, with the intention of both weaponizing and mobilizing these creatures.

Rage Xenomorphs

Main article: Rage Xenomorphs

Rage Xenomorphs are the modified and weaponized species used by The Rage. The Queen has been heavily modified that so all her brood, even the facehuggers are telepathically controlled by the rage generals. Each general has their name branded into their individual xenomorph army and each xenomorph is forced to self-destruct if mortally wounded and because they are controlled by an intelligence greater than their Queen, they will sometimes display more tactics than what is the norm for their species.

Prof. Ernst Kleist's Spliced Xenomorphs

Professor Ernst Kleist with his spliced Xenomorphs

The Rogue

(As seen below in Hybrid/Tribrid Xenomorphs)

Dr. Catherine Fortune's Spliced Xenomorphs

Dr. Fortune experimented using her own altered DNA and successfully created Spliced Xenomorphs that instinctually deferred to her.

Dr. Fortune with one of her spliced Xenomorphs

Dr. Kadinsky's engineered Xenomorphs

A K-Series Xenomorph warrior


Main article: K-Series

The K-Series (Kadinsky-Series) were a genetically engineered breed of Xenomorphs created by the scientist Dr. Samuel Kadinsky. They were designed to be superior, but whenever the races went head to head, the original strain won out every time.

Predalien Queen

Main article: Predalien Queen

(As seen below in Hybrid/Tribrid Xenomorphs)

General Bush's engineered Xenomorphs

Appearing in Alien vs. Predator (1994 arcade game) were several varieties of Xenomorphs that are heavily implied to have been genetically engineered by General Bushes scientists working together with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation with the intent to develop them as bioweapons.

Engineered Facehugger

Main article: Facehugger#Engineered_Facehugger

These genetically engineered Facehuggers will attach to a host as usual, but then parasitically fuse with it, linking it to the Hive mind, thus creating an Infectoid. The Infected move in a zombie-like fashion. If one infects a Yautja Hunter, it will attack anything unlinked to the Hive that moves.

A Defender. Note its humanoid pose.


Main article: Defender

Defenders are a strong type of Drone-like Xenomorph that can actually deflect the strongest of ammunitions with its carapace, wrists and probably legs. Those body parts possess very strong and thick chitinous armour which makes it an obvious danger.

A Smasher


Main article: Smasher

The Smasher appears to be a special type of a Xenomorph warrior. It's brownish-green, and its carapace has a smooth side, which is lighter coloured. Smashers; as their name implies; smash into their foes. They move similarly to any other warrior, just moving bipedally more than quadrupedally like standard warriors.

NECA's new Arachnoid design


Main article: Arachnoid

The Arachnoid is a greyish colored Xenomorph variant which adapted significantly stronger leg muscles, allowing them to jump higher and move faster.

NECA's new Chrysalis design


Main article: Chrysalis

The Chrysalis is a very large Xenomorph around the same size as a Praetorian with a greyish-green mesoskeleton and a hard, tan carapace on its head, back and forearms. The Chrysalis sometimes moves/attacks by rolling itself on the ground in a ball before proceeding along the ground and its head actually extends a short distance from underneath the carapace over its head when delivering a headbite, in addition to the extension of the inner jaw.

NECA's new Razor Claws design

Razor Claws

Main article: Razor Claws

Razor Claws are a large breed of Xenomorph with a purple coloration and large, sharp claws on its fingers. It is known for its unusually great speed for its size, making it hard to defeat or even keep up with.

The flying octopodal Queen

Grant Corporation Station 13's engineered Xenomorphs

Flying octopodal Queen

The flying octopodal Queen in the following image was most likely genetically engineered at Grant Corporation Station 13 instead of being spawned from a winged hexapodal (six limbed) creature with two arms, two legs and two wings.

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation's engineered Xenomorphs

In the arcade game Aliens: Armageddon, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation engineered a variety of exotic Xenormorphs to use as weapons against a Xenomorph infestation on Earth. These Xenomorphs had brown coloured carapaces instead of black.

Flying Facehugger

Brown Drone

Hexapedal Xenomorph

Quadrupedal dorsal spine-launching Xenomorph

Giant crested Xenomorph

Hybrid/Tribrid Xenomorphs

This section contains Xenomorph varieties that are usually genetically engineered but are significantly hybridized with one or two (tribridized) other species, usually with the intent to control and therefore weaponize them.

The Rogue

The Rogue

Main article: Rogue (Xenomorph)

The Rogue was the final product of the gene splicing experiments being carried out by Professor Kleist at Charon Base under Project Chimera. Although Kleist had achieved significant success genetically engineering tame Warrior hybrids, he encountered severe setbacks when attempting to create a hybrid Queen, including many attempts that were born horribly deformed, eventually perishing as a result of their mutations.[23] The breakthrough came when Kleist incorporated human DNA in the hybridization process, using genetic material taken from John Cray. The result was the Rogue, an enormous and hugely powerful male Xenomorph "king" that it was hoped would act as a tame counterpart to naturally-occurring Queens.

Kleist's insistence that the Rogue would be tame appeared vindicated when it refrained from harming Cray, who was placed in the creature's cell stripped and bound to a chair. However, the truth behind the Rogue's nature was revealed when several natural Xenomorph Warriors were also let into the containment chamber; far from being docile or exerting some form of calming control over the Warriors, the Rogue flew into a rage and savagely attacked them, effortlessly tearing them to pieces. This led to Kleist concluding that the only reason the Rogue ignored Cray was because he posed no threat.

The Predalien Queen

Predalien Queen

Main article: Predalien Queen

The Predalien Queen was Dr. Kadinsky's second creation after the K-Series Xenomorphs and because it was apparently impossible for a Predalien Queen to exist, the creature was created via bio-engineering. Because of this, the Predalien Queen can be considered an actual hybrid unlike other predaliens and due to it being unnatural as it seems to have been a queen that was experimented on with Yautja DNA rather than the typical result of the life cycle process that allows embryos to take on its host's characteristics.

Dr. Fortune's five Xenomorph hybrids

Dr. Catherine Fortune's supervillain/Xenomorph hybrids

Main article: Catherine Fortune's Supervillain/Xenomorph Hybrids

In addition to Spliced Xenomorphs created from her own altered DNA, Dr. Fortune also used the DNA of supervillains from Arkham Asylum to create a series of five sentient Xenomorph hybrids that she also added her DNA to with the exception of a sixth Xenomorph hybrid which was created with biomatter from Killer Croc without adding any of her own DNA.

  • Harvey Dent/Two-Face hybrid
    Dr. Fortune's Hybrids - 2.jpg
  • Joker hybrid
    Joker Hybrid.jpg
  • Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy hybrid
    Poison Ivy Hybrid.jpg
  • Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow hybrid
    Scarecrow Hybrid.jpg
  • Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze hybrid
    Mr. Freeze Hybrid.jpg

The berserk Killer Croc Xenomorph hybrid

  • Killer Croc hybrid
Main article: Killer Croc Xenomorph Hybrid

The Killer Croc Xenomorph hybrid was a Xenomorph that appeared only in Batman/Aliens Vol. 2. Its creation was the result of biomatter taken from Killer Croc.

Unlike the other hybrids created by Fortune, with whom she had added her DNA to and who were loyal and controlled by her, the Killer Croc hybrid hadn't had her DNA added to it and was uncontrollable, murdering its "creator" with a Headbite upon encountering her.

A White Tribrid drone

White tribrids

Main article: White hybrid

The white tribrids are a race of Aliens created by a corrupted computer system called "Toy". The hybrids possess the traits of Aliens, Predators and humans making them specifically tribrids. Like Aliens, they are a eusocial species with acid for blood (though it is less acidic than that of the ordinary strain) and like humans, they are capable of speech and can use firearms. They are led by a hybrid king which generates facehuggers capable of impregnating ordinary Aliens.

The White Tribrid King


Main article: King (Deadliest of the Species)

King was a White hybrid, a creation of the computer program, TOY. He was the rival of Caryn Delacroix's hatchling.

Trophy's Hatchling

Trophy's Hatchling

Main article: Trophy's Hatchling

Trophy's Hatchling was a Xenomorph-human-Yautja hybrid that came from Caryn Delacroix. It was the rival of King.

Seeing as the creature came from the Queen's egg and not a white hybrid egg, it is not known how the hatchling could possibly be a white hybrid.

Dr. Niels Reinstöt/Queen (Mega-City One)

Dr. Niels Reinstöt/Queen (Mega-City One)

Main article: Queen (Mega-City One)

Dr. Niels Reinstöt (having most likely previously hybridized himself with spider DNA) transforms into a human/spider/Xenomorph Queen tribrid after injecting himself with a concoction of Xenomorph DNA he extracted from the skull. The Queen (Mega-City One) is a Xenomorph Queen who appears in the crossover comic series Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens. Dr Reinstöt also had four of his Ani-Men (sentient human/animal hybrids) impregnated by facehuggers that spawned four Xenomorphs with various animal features listed in the category below titled 'Xenomorphs spawned from hybrids'.

The four Ani-Men Xenomorphs having emerged from Dr. Reinstöt's Ani-Men.

Dr Reinstöt's four Ani-Men Xenomorphs after chestburster emergence

Dr. Niels Reinstöt's Ani-Men Xenomorphs (spawned from hybrids)

This subsection contains Xenomorphs that are not hybrids but were spawned from hosts that were hybridized by genetic scientists.

Main article: Ani-Men Xenomorphs
Urso-humanoid Xenomorph

Bear/human hybrid Xenomorph

Cervo-humanoid Xenomorph

Deer/human hybrid Xenomorph

Rhinoceroto-humanoid Xenomorph

Rhinoceros/human hybrid Xenomorph

Elephanto-humanoid Xenomorph

Elephant/human hybrid Xenomorph

Nonengineered hybrids

This subsection contains Xenomorph hybrids that were not the result of intent or that were indirectly only able to come about with intent because of a previous unintentional mutation of the progenitor specimen (Cloned Queen).


(As seen above in Mutant Xenomorphs)

A Xenomorph hybrid foetus

Xenomorph hybrid foeti

The comic book Aliens: Labyrinth features Xenomorph/human hybrid foetuses.

Luiz-Xenomorph Hybrid

(As seen above in Mutant Xenomorphs)

Cyborg Xenomorphs

This section contains creations of human science that are combinations of Xenomorph physiology and cybernetic technology for the twice previously mentioned purposes of control and weaponization but also one type of mostly organic synthetic known as a construct that became unintentionally mutated upon being injected with Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 for purposes unrelated to weaponization.

A Xenoborg


Main article: Xenoborg

Xenoborgs were cybernetically-enhanced Xenomorph cyborgs, created by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in an attempt to make the ultimate "super-soldier" weapon. They were initially developed aboard the USS Odobenus space station above Acheron (LV-426) in 2189.




Main article: Eloise

Eloise is a vat grown prototype Alien/humanoid android hybrid created using Queen DNA on Sybaris 503, who escapes from the destruction of the facility after an attempted 'hostile' take over. She later settles on the planet LK176 with her group of 'implanted' lepers (whose condition prevents their chestbursters from maturing) and a pack of Alien warriors. She and her army successfully beat back both Predator and human forces (at the cost of most of her leper friends), and she gives the latter an ultimatum to leave her people alone, or be destroyed.


Main article: Elden

(As seen below in Mutants)

Fundamentally Distinct Xenomorphs

This section contains Xenomorphs that are fundamentally distinct from other varieties of Xenomorph at the most basic stages, meaning that standard chestbursters and even facehuggers of these varieties will always have specific distinctive features not related to those derived from the DNA reflex.

Tusked Xenomorphs

A Tusked Chestburster

Tusked Chestburster

Main article: Tusked Xenomorph#Chestburster

This Chestburster, unlike other Chestbursters, is tusked similar to the adults. It emerges from a Human, meaning the Tusked Xenomorphs are not a host-dependent variation.

Tusked Xenomorphs

Tusked Xenomorphs

Main article: Tusked Xenomorph

Tusked Xenomorphs are a variation of the mainstream Xenomorph. They were the attack dogs of the Killer Yautja Bad Bloods. The tusked Xenomorphs heavily resembled the standard Xenomorph which are usually more insectoid in appearance, however the Tusked Xenomorph affects more of a crustacean-like visage, particularly on its head, which is neither domed nor ridged, but plated. Though mostly black, reddish hues can be seen on their jaws, heads, hands, feet, tails, and dorsal spines. The most notable difference are the tusk which jut out and down like a pair of mandibles.

Xenomorphs of Unknown Conception

This section contains Xenomorphs and Xenomorph-like creatures that are not mentioned or able to be deduced from depictions/context etc. with sufficient certainty as belonging to one of the preexisting categories or subcategories in this article.

Repaint of the series 3 figure of the King Alien

King Alien

Kenner Products produced a King Alien as part of their Aliens toy line. More recently, Sideshow Collectibles also released an 'Alien King' maquette, though neither product bares any resemblance to the creature in the comics.

Hexapodal flying Drone

The hexapodal flying Drone is encountered in Aliens: Armageddon.

An Electric Alien

Electric alien

Main article: Electric alien

Like a majority of the Konami-created aliens in Aliens (1990 video game), the Electric breed has unusual traits which set it apart from other alien types. While it retains a similar appearance to a Drone, it is purple in color instead of the classic black and also displays hair-like appendages across its crest, which may or may not be the source of its electrical abilities. After receiving enough damage, they will shift to the usual orange color like the other bosses of the game.

A Starry-faced Alien

Starry-faced alien

Main article: Starry-faced alien

The Star-Faced alien is a form of Xenomorph introduced in in [[Aliens (1990 video game)|Al (1990 video game), developed by Konami. They appear as minor enemies in the game.

Spider-like alien

Main article: Aliens (1990 video game)

In Aliens (1990 video game) some of the enemies also resemble spiders.


Main article: Aliens (1990 video game)

In Aliens (1990 video game) there's also a "spinner", which can spin and shoot bubbles of acidic spores.

A Winged Alien Head

Winged Alien Head

Main article: Winged Alien Head

The Winged Alien Head is a strange Xenomorph form resembling a Xenomorph head with wings. This enemy makes an appearance in Aliens (1990 video game).

Winged Chestbursters

The winged Chestbursters are encountered in Aliens (1990 video game).

A winged Drone from Aliens (1990 video game)

Winged Drones

The winged Drones are encountered in Aliens (1990 video game).

The Egg-shaped Alien

Egg-shaped Alien

Main article: Egg-shaped Alien

This Xenomorph is a boss encountered in Aliens (1990 video game). Like many others Aliens presented in the game, this boss has a weird and unique appearance. It has a typical Alien head, but with four small spiders limbs and notably, a large appendage of an egg-shape on its back where smaller balls containing facehugger surges that float around it like a shield.

the walled alien attacking ripley with one of it`s tentacle-arm like

Walled alien

Main article: Walled alien

The walled alien is a strange boss found in Aliens (1990 video game). Like many bosses introduced by konami, this boss seems unique among another xenomorphs across the game and also it`s attacks haven`t been seen before. It possess a giant incomplete mesoskeleton, two holes where the arms are supposed to be and it is suspended in the air by sticking to the wall. The xenomorph's color is blue at first but after taking some damage, it turns pink. Also the tentacles and the head will change color.

Unidentified Alien Creature

This creature is also encountered in Aliens (1990 video game).

An unnamed alien creature

Mutants and Creatures Derived From Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15

This section contains the mutants and Xenomorph-like creatures derived from Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 that have appeared in the official media of the feature films and expanded universe lore.



Charlie Holloway

Charlie Holloway

Main article: Charlie Holloway

Over the course of the film, Holloway is infected with the Engineer black liquid by David. The infection at first very slowly mutates him and no symptoms are present. Holloway eventually has sex with Shaw and unknowingly impregnates her with an alien monster. After sleeping with Shaw he begins to feel a fever and also notices a very small organism in one of his eyes. Later, the infection spread more and caused him an even more severe feverish state and intense pain afterwards. Other symptoms then start to show, such as bloodshot eyes, very visible dark veins, rapidly deteriorating skin tissue and a very pale, almost livid skin color.

Sean Fifield

Sean Fifield

Main article: Sean Fifield

Fifield and Milburn crewmembers soon encounter two Hammerpedes that emerge from the black liquid and proceed to attack Millburn. Fifield uses his utility knife to cut the Hammerpede's head off, his helmet is sprayed with acid and he falls into the Black Liquid. At a later stage his camera reappears outside the Prometheus ship and the crew venture out to investigate, with a seemingly incapacitated Fifield waiting for them. Mutated by the Black Liquid, Fifield slaughters several crew members. His transformation allowed him to survive being run over and shot in the head. However, he was eventually incinerated by a flamethrower and crushed by an RT Series Group Transport.

Luiz-Xenomorph Hybrid

The Luiz-Xenomorph Hybrid was a horrific fusion between a Xenomorph and Luiz, a Hadley's Hope colonist who had fled to LV-223 to escape the Xenomorph infestion on Acheron aboard the Onager. LV-223 possessed a vast ecosystem accelerated by Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15; said chemical polluted a lake at which Luiz was attacked by a Xenomorph and both were submerged in the water. The accelerant in the water promptly merged the two together into a single, chimera-like beast which attacked both humans and Xenomorphs alike. The creature killed many other Acheron colonists before it was finally killed.




Main article: Elden

Originally a machine, Elden has taken on a humanoid form and looks as if he's been stripped of most cutaneous material. He is done all over in white and reddish tones, with two tube-like tendrils protruding from his back. Elden is capable of fighting multiple Xenomorphs and Predators at once, and is able to withstand a blast from a Plasmacaster without flinching and then regenerate the damaged flesh seconds afterward. His mutation also allowed him to morph his body at will. During a battle with a pack of Predators, Elden morphed the flesh of his stomach into jaws with which he bit one Predator, causing the alien hunter to mutate as well.


The Mutated Yautja

Mutated Yautja

Main article: Mutated Yautja

The Mutated Yautja or Accelerated Yautja was the result of an elder Predator being exposed to the accellerant when bitten by a mutated Elden. After receiving the injuries, the hunter painfully mutated into a bestial cannibalistic behemoth within minutes.


Luiz-Xenomorph Hybrid

The Luiz-Xenomorph Hybrid was a horrific fusion between a Xenomorph and Luiz, a Hadley's Hope colonist who had fled to LV-223 to escape the Xenomorph infestion on Acheron aboard the Onager. LV-223 possessed a vast ecosystem accelerated by Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15; said chemical polluted a lake at which Luiz was attacked by a Xenomorph and both were submerged in the water. The accelerant in the water promptly merged the two together into a single, chimera-like beast which attacked both humans and Xenomorphs alike. The creature killed many other Acheron colonists before it was finally killed.


A Hammerpede


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The Hammerpede is the result of indigenous worms of LV-223 being exposed to Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15. Whether they can be formed from other species of worm on other planets is unknown.

Mutated indigenous ant factions

Mutated indigenous ant factions

Over a century after the events of Prometheus, a lush jungle had grown over the moon, containing many new species, including monkey-like creatures, Deacon Sharks, and mutated factions of ants. In 2179, Xenomorphs arrived at the planet with the Onager and quickly adapted to the role of apex predator.

A Mutated indigenous monkey-like creature

Mutated monkey-like creature

Over a century after the events of Prometheus, a lush jungle had grown over the moon, containing many new species, including monkey-like creatures, Deacon Sharks, and mutated factions of ants. In 2179, Xenomorphs arrived at the planet with the Onager and quickly adapted to the role of apex predator.

Deacon Sharks

Deacon Shark

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The Deacon Shark is an aquatic extraterrestrial species encountered on LV-223. As its name implies, the creature greatly resembles the Deacon in many aspects, with its protrusible jaws, blue coloration and overall appearance.

Ovomorph Equivalents

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw — Ovomorph-like incubator for the Trilobite

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When Shaw and Holloway made love and she was unaware that he was currently infected by an alien bacteria from Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15. She later found out from David that she was undergoing an accelerated pregnancy, and immediately deduced that it was an alien lifeform since she was infertile. Before Shaw could attempt to remove the organism, she was sedated by David, who planned to put her in cryosleep and take her back to Earth.

Egg Sacks

Egg Sacks

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The Egg Sack, roughly the size of a bird's egg, is able to sense the proximity of potential hosts, spewing a cloud of microscopic, insect-like spores called Motes into the air. The motes are able to group together, instinctively invading the host's body through open orifices, ultimately resulting in the gestation of a Bloodburster.

An Ovomorph (Planet 4)

Ovomorph (Planet 4)

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The Ovomorphs, encountered by the USCSS Covenant's exploration team on Planet 4, were created by David through continued experimentation with the Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 pathogen.

Facehugger Equivalents

Concept art of the Octo-Facehugger

Octo-Facehugger — Unused concept

Main article: Octo-Facehugger

The Octo-Facehugger was a Xenomorph creature cut from Prometheus early in its production. In Jon Spaihts' original script, titled Alien: Engineers, it was an Octo-Facehugger that impregnated Holloway with an embryo, which later hatched into the Beluga-Xenomorph. The Octo-Facehugger was entirely written out of the finished film.

The Trilobite


Main article: Trilobite

The Trilobite was a massive, octopus-like creature resulting from Charlie Holloway being infected with Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 and engaging in sexual intercourse with Elizabeth Shaw. Similar to a Facehugger, its primary purpose appears to be to implant an embryonic Deacon into a host. It is not made clear if the creature was conceived by their intercourse or if the infant creature merely moved into Shaw from the infected Holloway. It is unknown how the creature gets out of its host "naturally", as Shaw removes it prematurely; however its exaggerated movements prior to this suggest that it "bursts" like Bellybursters, emerging from the host's abdomen.

Motes grouping in the air


Motes are a cloud of microscopic, insect-like spores spewed nto the air by Egg Sacks by Egg Sacks. The motes are able to group together, instinctively invading the host's body through open orifices, ultimately resulting in the gestation of a Bloodburster.

A Facehugger (Planet 4)

Facehugger (Planet 4)

Main article: Facehugger (Planet 4)

The Facehugger encountered on Planet 4, by the crew of Covenant, is virtually identical to its facehugger cousins. However, there are plenty of notable differences in cosmetics and in function. The Facehugger is generally considered to be the second stage in the life cycle of the Praetomorph species and this variant fulfills the same role with the Planet 4 strain.

Chestburster Equivalents


Main article: Deacon

(As seen below in Adult Xenomorph Equivalents)

A Bloodburster


Main article: Bloodburster

The Bloodburster is the infant form of the Neomorph species and the third stage of its life cycle. It is most well known for its horrific method of gestation — it is implanted into a host via microscopic motes, dispersed from egg sacks, that invade the host's body through open orifices. The host's health rapidly deteriorates during gestation, ultimately culminating in the Bloodburster violently puncturing the skin and clawing its way to freedom.

Adult Xenomorph Equivalents

Concept art of the Beluga-Xenomorph

Beluga-Xenomorph — Unused concept

Main article: Beluga-Xenomorph

The Beluga-Xenomorph, also known as the "Holloway Alien"[24] after its host, was a Xenomorph creature cut from Prometheus early in its production. In Jon Spaihts' original script, titled Alien: Engineers, the creature stalked and killed several crew members of the Magellan.[25] Its role was entirely written out of the finished film.

Concept art of the Ultramorph

Ultramorph — Unused concept

Main article: Deacon#Ultramorph

A Jockey-Xenomorph was originally going to appear in Prometheus, where it was known as the Ultramorph,[26] but the creature was cut before filming, replaced instead with the Deacon, a creature born from a Trilobite impregnating an Engineer. In Jon Spaihts' original script for Prometheus, titled Alien: Engineers, the film's final creature was originally intended to be a Jockey-Xenomorph, dubbed the "Ultramorph",[27] and was to engage the heroine in a lengthy running battle across the surface of LV-426. However, the creature was ultimately changed to the Deacon and its role was dramatically reduced to a virtual cameo.

Concept art of the Ultra-Morph produced for the film more closely resembles the traditional Xenomorph than the creature used in the finished movie.

The Deacon


Main article: Deacon

The Deacon was an accidental result of the Engineers' Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 that was originally used as a bioweapon as well as presumably creating life. The Liquid infected Charlie Holloway, who impregnated Elizabeth Shaw with a Trilobite. This Trilobite eventually matured and impregnated an Engineer on LV-223, whereupon the Deacon developed and burst from the Engineer's chest.

A Neomorph


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The Neomorph was an endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species encountered by the crew of the USCSS Covenant. While they share some characteristics with the Xenomorph XX121, most notably their process of gestating inside a living host organism and their elongated heads, they are otherwise quite different.

A Praetomorph


Main article: Praetomorph

The Praetomorph was a variant of the species known as Xenomorph XX121 that attacked the crew of the USCSS Covenant. The species originated on Planet 4 as result of experimentation by David 8.


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