"Permission to come in for landing and showcase a plethora of sick dance moves, over."
Reid to Cruz

Lieutenant Lisa Reid[1], callsign Raider 6-5, was a Cheyenne dropship pilot and technician with the United States Colonial Marine Corps. She was part of a search and rescue mission sent to LV-426 aboard the USS Sephora in 2179 to investigate the disappearance of the USS Sulaco and its crew 17 weeks earlier. She was one of the few survivors of the mission.


Early Life

Lisa Reid was born on June 9th, 2150 in Miami, Florida in the United Americas.[1] At some point in her life, she joined the United States Colonial Marine Corps and was assigned as a pilot for the 118th Battalion.

Second Hadley's Hope Xenomorph infestation

The Sulaco

"Lieutenant Reid, thanks for the interruption."
Cruz, answering Reid
Reid was part of the initial team sent to scout the exterior of the USS Sulaco, after which she returned for Captain Cruz's briefing and questioned him as to how the Sulaco was back over LV-426 after being last seen over Fiorina 161. After the briefing, she was sent back outside in her UD-4 "Cheyenne" Dropship where she was ordered to assess the damage done to the umbilical after an explosion from the Sulaco rocked the entire thing. Reid recommended the umbilical to be shut down.

Reid was then put on CASEVAC duty and made a rough landing in the Sulaco's Cargo Bay 2 after Corporal Winter opened the Cargo Bay door, carrying Cruz and Bishop with her. However, her dropship soon came under attack by Weyland-Yutani PMCs, causing her to lift off inside the closed Cargo Bay and return fire.

After the Sephora's reactor went critical, the PMCs tried to commandeer the dropship, with Reid and the other marines holding them off while they waited for Winter and Private O'Neal. After Winter armed the emergency releases for the cargo bay door and all the Marines boarded the dropship, Reid took off from the Sulaco but was struck by some debris, taking out one of the dropship's engines which caused them to crashland down onto LV-426.

Stranded on LV-426

"Engines are hot. We're in the pipe, five by -- FUCK!"
Reid as the emergency releases blow
After the crash, while the others talked about the Chestburster inside Private Clarison, Reid surveyed the crash site with her motion tracker. After she was done, she joined back up with the rest of the Marines as Cruz detailed how they needed to regroup all the survivors of the Battalion at Hadley's Hope. She then asked Cruz if they were going to discuss what had just happened with Weyland-Yutani, to which Cruz said they were now at war with Weyland-Yutani. After asking about Cruz's knowledge on the first Hadley's Hope detachment, she once again inquires about the Sulaco's return from Fury 161, questioning if Weyland-Yutani brought the ship back over for an unknown reason.

Reid and the others arrived at Hadley's Hope and as they pressed further inside, Reid detected something on her motion tracker, which ended up just being an old blanket stuck to a rotating fan. They then set up a FOB at the operations center and Cruz ordered Reid to go with Bella to the Comm Relay Tower and send a signal to all the surviving Marines. Due to the actions of Winter and O'Neal, contact was lost with Reid and Bella, who were attacked by Xenomorphs while Winter and O'Neal were sent on a rescue mission.

Capture and the Raven

"If we die, it's on you."
Reid to Bella and Winter
Reid and Bella got split up and Reid was taken by the Xenomorphs before Winter and O'Neal arrived. Winter then lead the Marines to rescue Reid, clearing out the Xenomorphs and saving Reid himself. Reid then finished up her Comms Tower bypass before the group got attacked by the Raven, forcing Reid and Bella to flee as it chased them. The two outran the giant Xenomorph and escaped into a hangar where they met back up with Winter and O'Neal.

After a brief firefight with some Lurkers, the group discovered O'Neal was missing and that his tracker was moving with the Raven. Bella and Winter opted to go after him but Reid objected, causing tension between her and Bella. Winter said that they were going after him no matter what and that Reid could court-martial them if she had to. Reid then reluctantly agreed to go with them, immediately regretting her decision as they went outside.

The three Marines ran towards O'Neal's tracker as they were chased by the Raven and countless Warriors. Reid doubted if O'Neal was even alive but once they made it to the gate, they discovered him alive and with a P-5000 Powered Work Loader which he suggested using against the Raven. As Winter fought the Raven inside the Loader, Reid provided suppressing fire until Winter was able to kill it. After the Raven was killed, Bella started a fight with Reid, even pulling a gun on Reid but O'Neal calmed her down.


"They look pissed as shit at you. Do they have a reason to be?'"
Reid and Cruz
Back at Operations, Cruz told Bella and Reid to bury their grievances and informed Reid that she made the right call. After Cruz gave the others a new mission, Reid requested to accompany them but was told that she was needed alive at the base so that she could get everyone off of LV-426.

After Winter and O'Neal bring the captured Marine back, Reid was there waiting with Cruz and Bishop. While the others were discussing the situation, Reid received a transmission from 2 squads of Marines who were coming in hot with over 100 Xenomorphs heading right for Hadley's Hope. Reid and Hicks were ordered to get into the APC and to drive away from the colony. They disobeyed his order, however, and drove to Drop Pad West, where Reid began to prep the dropship for take-off.

When the Marines arrived, Winter disconnected the fuel lines while Reid finished up with the dropship. She then dusted off and provided fire support while the Marines cleaned up the remaining Xenomorphs. Reid then landed and picked up the Marines, taking them back to another part of the colony.

The Resolute

"There's not an alarm that isn't going off in this cockpit!"
Reid to Winter
Back at the colony, Reid was there while Hicks told everyone what happened on Fury 161, followed by Cruz's briefing on commandeering the Weyland-Yutani FTL ship, the Resolute. Reid then provided air support and reconnaissance with Raider 6-8 for the other 59 Marines on the ground. After Winter identified a Weyland-Yutani aircraft carrying what looked like the Queen module, Reid moved to intercept but couldn't get close due to the anti-air cannons on the ground.

Winter and the other Marines worked to take out the anti-air cannons but Ruiz tried to take down the module before the final cannon was taken out, causing him to be shot down. Once the final cannon was destroyed, Reid fired off two missiles at the Weyland-Yutani aircraft, bringing it down as well. When the ground team went to check the wreck of Raider 6-8 for survivors, they were attacked by the Second Acheron Queen who then killed Daggs, Reid circled around and fired off two missiles at her but they missed, however, they succeeded in scaring the Queen off.

After the ground team was too late to board the Resolute, Reid picked them up in the dropship and they flew after the ship. Reid fired two missiles at one of the hangar bay's doors and crashed the dropship inside. Ruiz was killed in the crash and Cruz became pinned in the cockpit. After Winter escaped the crash, Reid asked him where Cruz was and after telling her that he was pinned, he told her and the others to get out of the hangar before they breached the atmosphere. Reid then watched on as the Queen stalked Winter through the hangar before she was ultimately thrown out the ship by Cruz sacrificing himself with the dropship.


"Godspeed, Captain."
Reid regarding Cruz's sacrifice
Winter joined back up with the others and shared a brief hug with Reid. The group of five then accosted Michael Weyland, with O'Neal threatening to shoot him and Reid telling him to think about what he is doing. Reid then watched as Bishop calmed O'Neal down before Hicks told him to shoot Weyland to Reid's disapproval. Reid then scolded Hicks after he shot the synthetic Weyland through the head, believing him to have been the real deal. After Bishop was hooked up to the synthetic Weyland and downloaded his data, Reid and Winter checked to see if Bishop was alright and if he managed to get anything significant, to which Bishops responded that they got everything.

Personality and Traits

"I was scared - I'm just a pilot, but as Lieutenant, I have to make a call."
Reid referencing her decision to leave O'Neal behind

Lieutenant Reid was a competent pilot with a direct and no-nonsense attitude, but was inexperienced and not very cool under pressure. She was quite compassionate but wouldn't sacrifice the needs of the many for the needs of the few. Her encounter with the Xenomorphs made her rather skittish, even causing her to physically shake. She also had quite the humorous side to her, cracking several jokes even after her near-death experience.  


"Be advised, Actual, that Winter made me scratch my favorite ship, sir."
"It's your only ship, Reid!"
Reid and Winter talking about her dropship
The most important piece of equipment Reid used was her UD-4 "Cheyenne" Dropship, which was wrecked when crash-landed onto LV-426. She later used a new dropship which was destroyed after Cruz launched it out of the Resolute to kill the Second Acheron Queen. Reid wore a standard-issue USCM flight suit and when in-flight a Mk.30 tactical helmet and a pair of aviator sunglasses. For her weapon of choice, she carried an M39 Submachine Gun. She was also equipped with an M314 Motion Tracker.


  • Reid's M39 Submachine Gun that she carries throughout the campaign is not loaded. Despite this, she is still seen firing the gun.
  • Reid and Winter had a brief romantic moment in Mission 11: Home, where the two embraced after Winter narrowly avoided death by assisting in the defeat of the Queen. There are also other minor shows of affection between the two. Whether or not the two were in a relationship is never stated.




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