Linna 349 is an Anglo-Japanese arm planet where a significant battle involving the United States Colonial Marine Corps and an unnamed enemy dubbed 'Bug-Boys' by the Marines was fought. The Marines deployed numerous ships and heavy equipment during the campaign, including medium and heavy tanks, self-propelled artillery and M577 APCs.

Linna 349 Campaign

Newshine (Neusheune) 'bugboy' snipers start to plinkpin the flame units.

M22A3 Jackson medium tanks and M40 Ridgway heavy tanks were deployed, but the bugboys could see their outdated Jacksons from a continent away thanks to the detection gear they install in the Trobrians.

The 3rd Colonial Marine Tank Battalion was ambushed on Highway two, which is surrounded by thorny alien Karyta (a native tree), but captain Hayward J. Lay, Jr., ordered to open fire with AP flechette rounds and flamethrowers against the trees. They only lost one tank and the crew of other injured.

The M22 Killer clown' of the 3rd Colonial Marine Tank Battalion patrols Route 3 into the Trobrians. It destroyed 4 enemy vehicles.

Cpl. Benjamin Nol was hunting tanks with an M112 HIMAT, thought to be effective as far as 5,000 meters, but is accurate no more 1,000 meters due to the terrain. Mayor Larry Smolek said it wasn't true once the "bugboys" deployed the new french CDC-80 tanks, as the HIMAT software was not calibrated for them and bounced off.

The M579 SPAA called 'Daisy cutter' was attached to the 1st Marine Brigade, and the M292A2 self-propelled artillery unit dubbed 'Betty Mae' served in the assault of Harare.

The USS Sulaco was struck by two ASAT missiles whilst in orbit around the planet, the only fleet vessel to be damaged in orbit, and as result gained a reputation for being an unlucky ship.[1]


  • In Finnish, 'Linna' means 'castle'.
  • 'Bug-Boys' are the rookies of thoroughbred horse racing. These jockeys get their names because the Daily Racing Form used to print a “bug”—or asterisk—next to the weight assignments of apprentices. The more asterisks, the less experience and winners an apprentice had.



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