"Linna Three–Four–Nine? Ha ha! That's a Three World Empire planet, and the Aussies set it on fire."
Robert Morse (from Aliens: Bishop)

Linna 349 was an Australian–founded colony world of the Three World Empire located in the Alpha Linna System of the Outer Rim Territories' Tartarus Sector. In 2174, Linna 349 was the theater of a significant campaign fought between the United States Colonial Marine Corps and a rebel faction.


Prior to 2174, Linna 349 was settled by Australia[3] and its parent government the Three World Empire and, by that time, was the location of two colonies and a sophisticated highway system. In that year, a rebel faction on Linna 349 was inspired by the Australian revolt against the 3WE on Earth, and staged an insurrection against the local government. The rebellion was eventually defeated by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in what became known as the Linna 349 Campaign. In the aftermath of the conflict the USCM maintained a peacekeeping force on Linna 349, effectively undermining the 3WE's sovereignty on the planet and making Linna 349 the third such world after Helene 215 and Lebanon II to be co–opted by the United Americas. Vihaa Reddy, the local provisional governor, issued a demand for the USCM to release Linna 349 and return it to the 3WE.

With the onset of the Frontier War in 2184, Linna 349 was among numerous colonies that saw their supply chains and support cut off as the United Americas' struggles with the Union of Progressive Peoples caused disruption. Thereafter, Linna 349 was supplied with weapons from the UPP, and was earmarked as a site of potential rebellion alongside Ariarcus, Lebanon II, Rigel 9, and Wakahashi's World.[3]

Flora and fauna[]

The thorny Karyta tree was native to Linna 349.[1]

Climate and terrain[]

Linna 349's climate was damp and humid with a mean temperature of 30°C and an atmosphere breathable for humans. Linna 349's surface was terrestrial, and featured forests and lakes.[1]


Linna 349's key resources included timber produced from Karyta trees, as well as lanthanum, lutetium, and other rare Earth metals.[1]


As of 2183, Linna 349's population stood at 30,000, and consisted of colonists and several nomad tribes.[1]

Points of interest[]

Two colonies,[1] Harare and Neusheune,[2] were located on Linna 349. In addition to these conurbations, infrastructure also included a developed highway system,[1] of which Route 3 and Highway Two were specific parts. Other locations included The Trobriands.[2]