Linna 349 was a Three World Empire colony world,[1] located approximately 26.47 light years Trailward-Rimward from Earth, [2] which was the theater of a significant battle involving the United States Colonial Marine Corps and an unnamed enemy dubbed "Bug-Boys".

Population: 30,000[3]


At some point Linna 349 was colonized by Three World Empire who installed two colonies and developed a highway system on the planet. In 2171 a rebel faction goes on uprising and attempt to seize control of the government, the 3WE lacking the resources in the Outer Rim to handle the situation seek the assistance of United Americas, that in exchange of new tariff and export treaties will sent the Marines. The USS Sulaco was sent on peacekeeping mission, at first the Marines considered the rebels (nicknamed Bug-Boys) and their raids a little more that a nuisance[1] like Bug-Boys snipers at Newshine (Neusheune) shooting at their flamethrowers fuel canisters [4], foreseen where the Marines deployed their tanks thanks to the detection they put in the Triobriands and Parrot's Beek, by setting-up ambushes or more guerilla warfare. Many skirmishes occurs between the Marines and the Bug-Boys:

  • One time Marines of the 3rd Tank Bataillion were ambushed in Highway Two, a Highway surrounded by Karyta trees, with brand new AT weapons but the Marines quickly respond by opening fire with AP flechette rounds and flamethrowers in the trees, the Bug-Boys that hadn't flee were fried, the Marines only lost one tank.[5]
  • During a patrol on Route 3 in the Triobriands the M22 Jackson labelled "Killer Clown" destroyed four enemy tanks.[6]
  • The Marines had problems with their M112 HIMAT when hunting tanks some said because of the effective range to be only 1000m instead of 5000m, while others said because it wasn't calibrate for new French CDC-80 tanks acquired by Bug-boys and the missile just bounce on it.[7]
  • They also used M579 SPAA as ground support to chop off infantry[8] and used M292A2 self-propelled artillery during the assault on Harare.[9]

However the situation changed when Bug-boys acquired more sophisticated weapons from an unknown suppliers, like ASAT missiles[10] and used two of them to crippled the USCMC frigate Sulaco which was in orbit, from this moment in was the beginning of the end for the Bug-Boys when the Marines heavily retaliate by bringing even more ships, marines, heavy equipments and tanks to retake the planet. From this point the rebellion was squashed and the USCMC maintained a peace keeping force on Linna against the will of Three World Empire who just want them to release the world.[1] As for 2183, the United Americas still occupied the planet much to the 3WE Governor of the Frontier Colonies Vijaa Reddy's irritation.[11]

Flora and Fauna

Except for the thorny Karyta trees no other flora is known.[1]

There isn't any known fauna on the planet.

Climate and Terrain

The climate is humid and wet with a mean temperature of 30°C and the atmosphere is breathable for Humans.[3]

The whole planet is terrestrial composed of forests and lakes.[3]


Key resources: Timber (produced from Karyta trees), lanthanum, lutetium and other rare earth metals.[3]

Points of Interest

The mains POIs of the planet were its two main colonies and its developed highway system.


  • In Finnish, 'Linna' means 'castle'.
  • 'Bug-Boys' are the rookies of thoroughbred horse racing. These jockeys get their names because the Daily Racing Form used to print a “bug”—or asterisk—next to the weight assignments of apprentices. The more asterisks, the less experience and winners an apprentice had.
  • This is the moment where the Sulaco, the only ship to be damaged in the conflict, gained its reputation for being an unlucky ship .