Lilyan Chauvin (born Lilyan Zemoz; August 6, 1925 – June 26, 2008)[1] was a French-born American actress, television host, director, writer, author, teacher and private coach who played Irene Edwards in the 1990 film Predator 2. Other notable films Chauvin appeared in include Universal Soldier (1992). Aside from her work in film, Chauvin had an extensive career in television.


Year Title Notes
1957 Ten Thousand Bedrooms Uncredited
Silk Stockings Uncredited
Les Girls Uncredited
Tip on a Dead Jockey Uncredited
1958 King Creole Uncredited
Strictly for Pleasure
Lost, Lonely and Vicious
1959 The Man Who Understood Women Uncredited
The Wreck of the Mary Deare
1960 Walk Like a Dragon
North to Alaska Uncredited
1961 Bloodlust!
Back Street
1962 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Uncredited
Two Weeks in Another Town Uncredited
1965 Tickle Me
1968 Yours, Mine and Ours
1971 Machismo: 40 Graves for 40 Guns
The Mephisto Waltz
1975 Funny Lady
1977 The Other Side of Midnight
Beyond Reason
1980 Private Benjamin With Harry Dean Stanton
1982 The Junkman
1984 Silent Night, Deadly Night
1987 Born in East L.A.
1989 Listen to Me
Death Doll
1990 Angel Town
Bad Influence
Predator 2
1991 True Identity
1992 Universal Soldier With Thomas Rosales, Jr., Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gerard G. Williams
Round Trip to Heaven
No Place to Hide
1993 Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings
1999 Five Aces
2000 Stanley's Gig
Skeleton Woman With J. E. Freeman
2001 The Man Who Wasn't There
2002 Duty Dating
Catch Me If You Can
2004 Illusion Infinity
2007 Sublime
2011 The Passing


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