"Comm check. You getting me, Lewis?"
"You're a little fuzzy Marlow, but you're coming through."
Marlow and Lewis (from Alien: Isolation)
Lewis was the engineering technician[2] aboard the Anesidora. He was serving on the ship during its fateful voyage in 2137 when it discovered the derelict ship on LV-426, an incident that ultimately unleashed a Xenomorph infestation on Sevastopol Station and led to the destruction of both the station and the Anesidora.

Once the Xenomorph outbreak began, Lewis found himself trapped aboard Sevastopol[3] along with the rest of his surviving crew. Although his exact fate is not known, it is highly unlikely he could have escaped Sevastopol before its destruction and it is presumed he perished on the station.


When the Anesidora detected the unknown signal coming from LV-426, Lewis got to work attempting to analyze the transmission. After landing on the moon, Lewis stayed aboard the vessel while the rest of the crew set out on foot to try and locate the source of the signal.

After Foster was killed on Sevastopol by the Chestburster she had been impregnated with on LV-426, Lewis, Heyst and Meeks went into hiding on the station. As it was overcome by the Xenomorph infestation they had unwittingly started, Lewis found himself trapped in the Lorenz SysTech Spire as the station's desperate inhabitants attempted to seal themselves away from the creatures.[3] Terrified, surrounded by bodies and hearing a Xenomorph moving through the ventilation ducts in the area, he sent an archive log to Heyst imploring him to come and let him out. Although his fate after this is unknown, it seems unlikely he escaped Sevastopol and he is presumed to have perished aboard the station, most likely at the hands of the Xenomorphs.



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