"How's she doing?"
"Deep shock but she's alive."
Harrigan and Lester (from Predator 2)

Lester was a paramedic with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He was among the responders to the massacre on the Los Angeles subway perpetrated by a Predator in 1997.

Upon arriving at the scene, Lester and his partner Jackson tended to Detective Leona Cantrell, after she was pulled out of the corpse-strewn subway train.


Lester and his partner Jackson were among the first responders to the City Hunter's attack on a Los Angeles subway train. When Detective Leona Cantrell was found alive and brought up to the surface, it was Lester and Jackson who tended to her, finding her suffering from severe shock but otherwise unharmed. When Jackson discovered she was in fact pregnant, the pair rushed her to hospital for further treatment.


  • Lester is not named in Predator 2's credits and his name is never spoken on-screen, nor is he given a name in the film's novelization. However, his name is visible embroidered on the right breast of his uniform.