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The Legendary Weapons (LW) are a group of special weapons featured in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, based on weapons used by the crew of the USS Sulaco in Aliens. They are similar in operation to the regular weapons in the game, yet most of them boast a unique appearance and different stats and capabilities.


There are six Legendary Weapons included in the game, with a seventh, Ripley's Pulse Rifle, initially available to those who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition, although it was later released as DLC for anyone to purchase with the Limited Edition pack costing $4.99.

The basic six Legendary Weapons are found by exploring either the Sulaco, Hadley's Hope, or the Origin Facility on LV-426. In-game, they are identified by a yellow highlight with the weapon's icon and a star above it. Once a weapon is obtained, the player is rewarded with experience and the weapon is permanently unlocked for singleplayer and multiplayer use (with the exception of Vasquez's Smartgun and Frost's Flamethrower, which are discarded after use, similarly to the regular versions of those weapons).

Unlike the other weapons in the game, the Legendary Weapons cannot be modified with attachments. They also use a unique ammunition supply separate from regular weapons of the same type. For example, Hicks' Shotgun cannot use regular M37A2 Pump Shotgun ammunition, even though they are essentially the same weapon. Legendary Weapon ammunition is highlighted with the same yellow color as the weapons themselves and will be randomly generated throughout the campaign levels' ammo pickups, although with considerably less frequency than regular ammunition.

Legendary Weapon List


  • Frost's Flamethrower — "Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed"
  • Gorman's Pistol — "Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley's"
  • Hicks' Shotgun — "Mission 1: Distress"
  • Hudson's Pulse Rifle — "Mission 5: The Raven"
  • Ripley's Pulse Rifle — Pre-order bonus/DLC
  • Vasquez's Pistol — "Mission 9: Hope in Hadley's"
  • Vasquez's Smartgun — "Mission 6: For Bella"


  • Collecting all of the Legendary Weapons (not including Ripley's Pulse Rifle) unlocks the trophy/achievement "I Like to Keep These Handy".
  • Jenette Vasquez is the only person to have more than one of their weapons featured as a Legendary Weapon.
  • Despite appearing in the game, most of the Legendary Weapons were actually destroyed in the film — Frost's Flamethrower, Ripley's Pulse Rifle and Vasquez's Smartgun were all left inside the Atmosphere Processing Plant when it's reactor exploded; Gorman's Pistol and Vasquez's Pistol were both destroyed when they committed suicide with a grenade in the Hadley's Hope air ducts; Hicks' Shotgun was likely damaged beyond repair by the acid blood of the Warrior that he killed in the door of the APC. Only Hudson's Pulse Rifle could conceivably have survived Aliens.
  • Moreover, all of the Legendary Weapons differ in appearance to the weapons in the film that they are supposedly based on. For example, Hudson's Pulse Rifle features a skull and crossbones design that was clearly not on the weapon in Aliens (although there was a similar design on Hudson's M3 Pattern Personal Armor), while Vasquez's Pistol is based on a Colt M1911 (due to it being a modified M4A3 Service Pistol game model [which was obviously based on a M1911]), when her weapon in the movie was actually a Smith & Wesson Model 39.
  • When viewing the Legendary Weapons in the Service Record Special Projects menu, they each feature a dialogue quote from Aliens in their description.
    • Also when viewing the Legendary Weapons in the Special Projects menu the Legendary Weapons are known simply as "Weapons". strangely the dog tags and audio logs are still known by their full names (instead of shortened names such as Tags and Logs). This may have been done due to "Legendary Weapons" possibly not fitting inside the box for the name.





  1. In-game graphics identify Ripley's Pulse Rifle as a Legendary Weapon