The Lector was a commercial transport vessel registered to the Chigusa Corporation. It was tasked with hauling an enormous food processing plant, mostly meat and fish with a capacity of at least 15,000,000 tons, to the ranching outpost Prosperity Wells on the planet Ryushi.


The shape of the Lector resembled a scarab, with two giant intake vents on front, and two smaller retro-rockets under the fuselage for landing. A large dome was located over the ship and the cockpit was barely visible due to the size of the ship. Beneath the cockpit, there were three cargo hold gates, where shipments were loaded. Left to the cockpit, the Lecter had nose art which consisted of a pig face and an inscription reading "I know I'm ugly, but my mama loves me", encircled by a heart.

The food processing plant was eight modules shaped as a truncated pyramid, arranged by four (01-04) in normal position and four (05-08) upside down, each one with the Chigusa logo painted on it. The whole processing plant had a capacity of 15,000,000 tons of fish and meat products. Similar to the USCSS Nostromo, the plant remained in orbit as the ship landed. Shipments were loaded in the Lector's cargo hold and later transferred to the plant in orbit.

The Lector had a crew of fifteen.


The cargo ship the Lector made a regular trip from Earth to Ryushi and back to Earth. Circa 2100s while in hyperspace bound for Ryushi, captain Tom Strandberg and copilot Scott Conover watched and detected a yautja ship, but as it traveled fast for a human ship, it was tagged as a meteor.

The Lector arrived on Ryushi at dusk, the ship left the orbital cargo -a food processor plant- stationed above the planet and land on Prosperity Wells's landing pad. The crew disembarks to attend a party hosted by colony's administrator Hiroki.

At the morning, loading operations begins, and inadvertently to everyone, the first rhynts to be loaded were infected, one of them with a Queen embryo. The Xenomorphs born and quickly established a Hive inside the cargo hold, using  the rest of the rhynth as hosts and -presumably- killing the all crew but Strandberg and Conover, who are cocooned after they return from the party.

The next day, after Strandberg and Conover escape from the hive, Machiko Noguchi and Dachande crash a truck into the cargo hold and Machiko goes to the cockpit and put the nav instructions Conover give her, which make the food processing plant still in orbit to set course to The Lector, crashing as it not suited for atmosphere, destroying The Lector, Prosperity Wells, the Xenomorphs and the Yautja.


  • Captain Tom Strandberg
  • Co-pilot Scott Conover
  • Thirteen other crew members.

Behind the Scenes[]

It was stated by Randy Stradley that he used the name "Lector" because it had similar onomatopoeic with "Lecter", Hannibal Lecter's (a character from Silence of the Lambs) last name.[1]


  • In later, re-released versions of the Aliens vs. Predator series, a text box was added to introduce the ship and its statistics, where its name is spelled Lecter, while everywhere else in the comic, it's spelled Lector, as it was in the original version.



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