Rank Blooded
Superior To: Young Blood
Blooded (Adjutants/Non-leaders)
Subordinate To: Clan Leader
Next Rank: Clan Leader(Presumably)
"Hunt well, be brave, always respect your Leader..."
Dachande's dying sentiments to Machiko Noguchi, his best student.

In Yautja society, a Leader is a seasoned Blooded warrior tasked with leading packs of Un-Blooded and Young Blood hunters down the path of the warrior. Sometimes, even Blooded predators of sufficiently high rank and status will train newly blooded Yautja in a particular area of the hunt, be it methods or weapons.[1]



Dachande training his students.

Once a hunter has reached a certain level of prestige and skill, he eligible to take up duties as a leader of inexperienced, unskilled hunters. Leaders are first Adjutants, or second-in-commands, who are chosen from and learn at the feet of an existing Leader. A Leader is charged with teaching large groups of students the basics of hunting and fighting. To this end, Unblooded are meant to spar against one another and practice with weapons. Occasionally, this sparring can be lethal for the students, who prefer it this way.[2] It is in a teacher's best interest to properly train his charges, as their prowess and skill reflects back on himself. Yautja teachers run the gamut from hard-but-fair to using threats and humiliation to whip their charges into shape. According to Dachande, a leader can became a "Leader of Leaders" and this was something both he and his brother Nei'hman-de aspired to do since they were pups. Particularly good leaders who come under the scrutiny of the clan's Elders could be raised to the rank of Clan Leader.[3]

Vk'leita's mark.

Leaders themselves are not Clan Leaders; they take orders, for example, from higher sources.[4]

Dachande's mark, a lightning bolt

Leaders are known to be very popular with females; Dachande sired over 80 offspring before his death and Nat'ka'pu was said to have a harem of wives waiting for him after every hunt. One of Lar'nix'va's main interests in being a Leader was siring many pups, something his short stature was impeding his success with. Leaders are also expected to be obeyed and respected, even if disobedience produces better results. However, given how tiresome young males are to train and how inevitable it is that they snap and challenge at the slightest provocation, most teachers will overlook insubordination a certain degree.

If a Leader dies in his duties, the title and responsibilities will fall to one of his Adjutants. One of those responsibilities is the blooding of all students who complete the Blooding ritual.

Known Leaders



  • Dachande's mark is a lightning bolt, similar to clan who hunted in Antarctica in 2004. However, while their mark holds possible religious significance, Dachande's may not be so.


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