"Sometimes I think I'm dead too, and I just haven't realized it yet. Am I dead?"
"Then please get me out of here.
Goode and Paget (from Predator: Life and Death)

Laurence Goode was member of a Seegson excavation team. He and his crew travelled to the planet LV-797 with the intention of illegal prospecting, only for his crew to be slaughtered by a clan of Yautja, leaving Goode one of the few survivors left. He was later killed by the Predator Clan Leader aboard the combat ship, Hasdrubal.


Slaughtered by the Predators[]

"They killed everyone. One by one. In the day, in the night. Sometimes they left a body. A few bones. Mostly nothing except blood on the leaves."
Goode (from Predator: Life and Death)

Goode was an employee of the Seegson corporation, assigned to covertly strip the assets of the Weyland-Yutani-owned planet LV-797, nicknamed Tartarus.

Upon landing on Tartarus, Laurence and his crew set up an excavation site, eventually encountering an Engineer Juggernaut. The team boarded the ship, intending to secure it for salvage. After several weeks however, the team were ambushed and massacred by a clan of Yautja, who intended to acquire the ship for themselves. Goode was left as one of the few remaining survivors.

Encountering the Marines[]


Goode interrogated by Paget.

After an unknown period, the USCM combat ship, Hasdrubal was dispatched to investigate Wey-Yu suspicions of illegal activity on Tartarus.

Upon patrolling the area, Sergeant Roth's squad encountered the ruins of an excavation vehicle. Freebody noted movement and opened fire, causing Roth to order her to cease firing. After being ordered to come out, Goode emerged with his hands in the air, subsequently warning the Marines that they never should have come to the planet.

The Marines regrouped at a previously discovered Seegson excavation site, and Captain Paget began interrogating Goode. He admitted to his illegal activity, but happily embraced imprisonment. He went on to detail to the Marines how he and his crew were massacred by creatures that looked like "trees" and "glass". Laurence subsequently begged Paget to get him off the planet.

Goode later accompanied Paget and her squad in a plan to secure the Juggernaut. The squad was ambushed by the clan, and Goode was caught in the middle of a brutal skirmish, but he managed to survive the attack after the Cracked Tusk Predator ordered his subordinates to retreat. Goode was subsequently taken to the Hasdrubal and imprisoned within a cell.


"Listen to me, Goode! Listen the hell to me! You're a low-life creep You cheat! You steal! You must know how to hack a secure system!"
Lorimer to Laurence Goode (from Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death)

The Clan leader prepares to kill Laurence.

Six days later, after the Hasdrubal had followed the Juggernaut to the moon LV-223, Weyland-Yutani adviser Lorimer quickly rushed towards him and asked if he knew how to open a weapons locker. Laurence, confused, questioned Lorimer, before the latter was suddenly stabbed from behind by the Tartarus clan's leader, leaving Goode to look on in fear as it moved onto him. Goode was then killed by the leader, and the remaining personnel on the ship were slaughtered by the clan.