Laurence John Fishburne III (born July 30, 1961) is an Academy Award-winning American actor, playwright, director and producer who played Noland in the 2010 film Predators, as well as the 2010 short film The Chosen. He also lent his voice to the character in the 2010 motion comic Moments of Extraction. He is perhaps best known for his role as Morpheus in the Matrix series (1999-2003). Other notable films Fishburne has appeared in include Apocalypse Now (1979), Event Horizon (1997), Mission: Impossible III (2006) and Man of Steel (2013).

Fishburne has won an Academy Award for Best Actor (for What's Love Got to Do with It) and two Emmys, and has been nominated for a Golden Globe.


Year Title Notes
1975 Cornbread, Earl and Me
1979 Fast Break
Apocalypse Now With Steve Boyum
1980 Willie & Phil
1982 Death Wish II
1983 Rumble Fish
1984 The Cotton Club With William H. Burton, Jr. and James Remar
1985 The Color Purple With Danny Glover
1986 Quicksilver
Band of the Hand With James Remar
1987 Gardens of Stone
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors With William R. Perry
Cherry 2000 With Thomas Rosales, Jr.
1988 School Daze
Red Heat With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sven-Ole Thorsen
1990 Cadence
King of New York
1991 Class Action
Boyz n the Hood With Vonte Sweet and Gerard G. Williams
1992 Deep Cover With John Cann, Henry Kingi and Thomas Rosales, Jr., directed by Bill Duke
1993 What's Love Got to Do with It
Searching for Bobby Fischer With Dan Hedaya
1995 Bad Company
Just Cause With Henry Kingi
Higher Learning With Gerard G. Williams
1996 Fled With Henry Kingi and Gerard G. Williams
1997 Event Horizon With Mark Anthony Newman, directed by Paul W. S. Anderson
Hoodlum With John Cann, directed by Bill Duke
1999 The Matrix
2000 Once in Life
2001 Osmosis Jones
2003 The Matrix Reloaded With Brad Martin
Biker Boyz With Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Mystic River
The Matrix Reloaded With Brad Martin
2005 Assault on Precinct 13
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Uncredited; directed by Shane Black
2006 Mission: Impossible III With Billy Crudup
Akeelah and the Bee
Five Fingers
2007 TMNT
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
The Death and Life of Bobby Z With Thomas Rosales, Jr. and Oleg Taktarov
2008 21
Days of Wrath
2009 Black Water Transit
Armored Directed by Nimród Antal
2011 Contagion With Sanaa Lathan
2013 Khumba
The Colony With Bill Paxton
Man of Steel
2014 Ride Along
The Signal

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