The Last Engineer was the last surviving Engineer stationed at the Engineer Temple located on LV-223.


For reasons unknown, at some point approximately 2,000 years ago, the Engineers stationed on LV-223 initiated a plan to wipe out humanity by releasing the potent mutagen Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 they had created. This Engineer was among those who participated in the plan. However, they apparently lost control of the pathogen which led the Engineers there to die off. The Engineer, along with three of his brethren took refuge within their ship and stored themselves within their ship's Sarcophagi, likely to wait for the pathogen to die off. The Engineer's brethren weren't so lucky, as their chambers ceased to function, causing them to die, while his continued to function.

In 2089, archeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map among several unconnected ancient cultures within a cave during their expedition on the Isle of Skye. They interpret this as an invitation from the Engineers. Shaw then contacted Peter Weyland, the elderly CEO of Weyland Corp, for a proposal in order to gain enough funding for an expedition to follow the star map. Weyland agreed with the proposal and funded the creation of the scientific vessel USCSS Prometheus to follow the map to the distant moon LV-223.

In 2093, after the Prometheus' two year voyage, the ship arrived on LV-223. The Prometheus crew explored the moon's surface, where they came across the Engineer Temple. The crew entered the structure and discovered the bodies of some Engineers, as well as several "urns" stored within the structure. The crew's interference caused the pathogen stored within the "urns" to melt, A few crew members were exposed to the pathogen, and in the ensuing chaos most were killed. The android David 8 successfully found the Engineer, who was still in hypersleep inside his Sarcophagus and informed Weyland, who was secretly aboard the ship the entire time and wants to ask the Engineer to prevent his death from old age. Weyland and his team went to the Engineers' ship to commune with the last Engineer. After awakening the Engineer, David tries to speak to him in order to explain what Weyland wants. After a brief conversation, the Engineer responds by decapitating David and murdering Weyland and his entire team, except for Shaw, who managed to escape.

The trilobite attacks the injured engineer.

The Trilobite attacks the Engineer in Vickers' life boat.

The Engineer equipped himself with his bio-suit and reactivated his ship to head for Earth to carry out his original mission to wipe out the human race. The remaining crew later sacrificed themselves and the Prometheus to destroy the Engineer's ship. The Engineer, however, had survived the crash and attacks Shaw within VickersFTL Lifeboat. Shaw released the Trilobite she had extracted earlier from her womb as the result of intercourse with Holloway, who was infected by the pathogen, which restrains and impregnates the Engineer, while Shaw escapes.

The Engineer later died and birthed a strange creature, who came out of his chest, like a chestburster.

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  • In Jon Spaihts' original script for Prometheus, titled Alien: Engineers, the Last Engineer was in fact the Pilot from Alien.[3] However, subsequent rewrites changed this, eventually turning the Engineer into a different character altogether.
  • The alternate ending of Prometheus features a fight between Elizabeth Shaw armed with an axe and the Last Engineer. The Engineer does not feature his facial burn in this sequence as it was supposed to be added on digitally after filming, but the scene was cut before editing was finished. Ridley Scott explained that it seems too superhuman of Shaw to be able to fight off a 9 foot giant.


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