Corporal Lars Henrikson[1] was a member of Grant's expedition team set up to attain Royal Jelly at the alien´s homeworld in Aliens: Genocide. He is very tall and muscular.

Lars was a person who was mistaken as a synthetic by others. This was because he had a cold personality and preferred to keep to himself. Lars also refused to take Xeno-Zip, later revealed because of its adverse effects on him. Grant establishes a relationship with him. During the fighting he turned out to be a formidable combatant in that expedition. However, he also turned out to be a killer hired by a company called MedTech to kill Daniel Grant as part of a plan to take his company and his other properties, like Xeno-Zip, away from him.

Lars attempts to kill Grant twice but fails. Finally, he exposes himself during the second time and is overpowered by Grant, who force feeds him Xeno-Zip to cause him to frenzy and distract the Xenomorph horde. Grant then leaves him on the planet to be killed by the Xenomorphs, while he goes away with the wounded leader of the military team, Colonel Kozlowski, who was also his superior, in order to return to the space ship and leave the planet.




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