Lar'nix'va was a Yautja Adjutant, a commander under the authority of Nat'ka'pu, later Leader of the Pack after Nat'ka'pu's death. He was shorter than the average predator by about a foot. He carried a Burner in the Hunt on Hunter's Planet.


Lar'nix'va was born quite undersized and because of stature, was looked down upon by his peers. As a result, he developed an fever-driven ambition to rise through the ranks and become a Clan Leader after attracting the attention of the clan Elders; he was not satisfied just being a Pack-leader. From there, he would breed many females and sire more young, adding to the gene pool in a way no one had heard of for a while. To be ambitious is Yautja nature, however Lar'nix'va is noteworthy because his ambition is driven by outrage and selfishness.

In Hunter's Planet

Known in his younger days to Machiko as "Shorty", Lar'nix'va comes to Var with Nat'ka'pu in order to oversee a Blooding Ritual for younger hunters. His intentions are purely self-interested, looking to advance his station so that he may sire younglings and prove the Elders who considered sterilizing him wrong. He was uninterested in the strange happenings of the planet and would eventually be killed by Machiko in a challenge. After his death, leadership of the pack fell to Bakuub, a more sensible Yautja.

Lar'nix'va was known to Machiko Noguchi as Shorty. He would be one of two predators who she would give this moniker to.


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