"Let's bring us into closer orbit. And prepare the lander."
Chris Oram (from Alien: Covenant)

Lander One was a Class E Lander-Type Drop Shuttle, and one of two aboard the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant. After the destruction of its stablemate prior to the Covenant's launch, Lander One was itself destroyed when the crew of the Covenant diverted their expedition to a mysterious world and encountered dangerous lifeforms.


"Lander One, are you reading me?"
"Roger that, that was one hell of a landing.
Upworth and Faris discussing the landing on Planet 4 (from Alien: Covenant)

Lander One on Planet 4

Lander One,[2] registration 27709584–2,[1] was one of two landers assigned to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant.[3] In 2103,[1] shortly before the Covenant's launch, the ship's second lander was destroyed in a successful effort to halt a suicide run by the fanatical Earthsavers, who were attempting to halt the launch. As such, Lander One was left as the sole lander available to the expedition.[3]

In 2104, the Covenant sustained serious damage from the effects of a stellar ignition. While effecting repairs on the outside of the Covenant, ship's pilot Tennessee Faris' EVA suit intercepted a rogue transmission. Once the transmission was analyzed, newly appointed Captain Chris Oram ordered his crew to change course from their original destination, Origae-6, to explore the origin of this transmission—an unknown planet in an uncharted system. An expedition team, including Dan Lopé's security detachment, set down on the mysterious world in Lander One, piloted by Maggie Faris.[2]

Not long after landing, security officer Ben Ledward was infected by mysterious spores after accidentally stepping on several egg sacs. Chief biologist Karine Oram escorted him back to Lander One, where she and Faris attempted to treat him in the med bay. Their efforts came to nothing, however, as a dangerous alien lifeform hatched from Ledward and attacked them, killing Karine. Faris was cornered in the payload bay, reduced to firing a shotgun point blank at the creature. Her wild shots connected with the munitions locker and detonated its contents, destroying Lander One. The other members of the expedition arrived in time to witness the resulting conflagration.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Lander One first appeared in the 2017 film Alien: Covenant. While referred to as "Lander One" throughout the film and its novelization, the lander in the film is marked as "02".[2] This designation is also used in the 2019 book Alien: The Blueprints.[1]




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