"The Pulse Rifle of the future."
Lacrima 99 description (from Aliens/Predator Collectible Card Game)

The Lacrima 99 Shockrifle,[4] also known as the Burner[5] or the Pulse Rifle,[6][7] was a pulse-action assault rifle primarily used by the United Systems Military as their standard issue assault rifle in the 24th century.

During the Xenomorph infestation aboard the USM Auriga in 2381,[8] Lacrima 99s were used by both the crew of the Auriga and Betty to combat the Xenomorphs.


The Lacrima was a technological descendant of the venerable M41A Pulse Rifle,[4] using a similar electronic pulse action to fire solid slugs from a magazine loaded into the pistol grip. Notably, it is keyed towards combat at longer ranges than traditional rifles.[3] As a result, the weapon is favoured by USM Scouts and Snipers, who are well-trained in its use and extremely proficient with it as a result.[3]

Halogen Attachment[]

The Lacrima can also be fitted with an underbarrel Halogen Attachment device,[3] which can deliver a short-range electric shock to targets. The power of this shock depends on how long the Halogen Attachment is charged, with a short charge being able to instantly kill a Facehugger and a long charge being able to instantly kill a Cloned Xenomorph Drone.[6] The Halogen Attachment is capable of delivering charges that would be instantly lethal to humans,[9] and is even effective against Synthetics.[10] The Halogen Attachment runs on Electric Gun Energy Packs.[6] This optional unit also incorporates a flashlight for illumination.


Shockrifles were notably used aboard the USM Auriga in 2381 to combat the Cloned Xenomorphs that escaped and infested the ship.

Behind the scenes[]

All of the USM weaponry in Alien Resurrection was designed by the movie's production designer Nigel Phelps.[11] In contrast to the fictional weapons that had appeared previously in the film series, the props were not built around any existing firearms but were fabricated completely from scratch. In fact, the prop Lacrimas contained no genuine firearm components whatsoever and were therefore incapable of firing blank ammunition. Instead, some of the weapons were able to fire pyrotechnic charges that simulated gunfire on set. In the larger rifle weapons, these charges were loaded into an electrically-operated rotating drum, similar to a revolver, hidden within the weapon. The Lacrima props were made mostly from machined aluminum.