The LV-1201 bug is a large insect native to LV-1201.


Superficially identical to terrestrial insects, possibly through parallel evolution, the bugs more closely resemble beetles. Their main differentiation with terrestrial insects is their size — they are up to 1.5 feet long, with a wingspan of approximately 2 feet. Their dark brown color camouflages them against the ground. Their blood, just like humans, are red in color.


LV-1201 bugs are harmless besides just being pests, often appearing in air ducts or vents[1] and triggering motion trackers.[2] They seem to be scavengers, often found near organic remains, and prefer closed quarters where they can hide. Their wings are only able to carry them a few yards. When endangered, they have no other defense mechanism than leaping away.

Weyland-Yutani scientists on LV-1201 studied the bugs, keeping various live specimens in cages in the Primary Operations Complex's animal storage.[3]




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