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Chameleons are huge, unintelligent, reptilian creatures which live along with the Buhlagh on LV-1201. Because of their long arms and short legs, Chameleons walk in a gorilla-like fashion. When they are undisturbed, they distort into a ball-like form, resembling some kind of rock or plant. During this form, their skin turns to a brownish yellow. Another notable trait is their ability to ionize the oxygen in the air to create a concentrated beam which is then expelled from their mouth. This beam is concussive and is mainly used to repel attackers.


Before the Predators discovered LV-1201, the Chameleons were the co-dominant lifeforms on the planet next to the Xenomorphs which were brought to the planet hundreds of years ago by the Engineers.

When the Predators first arrived on the planet, they hunted several of the
Chameleon sleeping form

Chameleon in its cloaking form

native creatures, including several Chameleons, which succeeded in killing numerous Predators. However, the Predators were more interested in the Aliens, and turned the planet into a training camp for Predators to hunt Aliens. However, the Aliens eventually overpowered the Predators and quickly overrun the camp, along with a good majority of the planet.
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