Kurtz was captain of a group of U.P.P Commandos that boarded the USS Sulaco. After discovering the severed torso of the synthetic Lance Bishop fostering an Ovomorph, he is subsequently subdued by a Facehugger and abandoned by his comrades, later birthing a Chestburster.



Kurtz attacked by a Facehugger.

After the Sulaco had its course re-routed from Gateway Station to Anchorpoint Station by Weyland-Yutani military science execs Fox and Susan Welles, the military ship had trespassed UPP territory, violating a non-aggression treaty. Kurtz is sent alongside fellow commandos Juanito and Chang in their ship the UPP Interceptor and boards the Sulaco to investigate. The group explore the interior of the Sulaco and eventually encounter the severed legs of Lance Bishop and the Hypersleep chambers containing Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop. After noticing a malfunction in one of the chambers, Kurtz opens it, revealing Bishop's torso and fostering an Alien egg. The egg suddenly opens, and a Facehugger leaps out and latches onto Kurtz. The commando begins flailing and firing his weapon in a panic, causing chaos. Juanito subsequently grabs the torso of Bishop and tells Chang to get back to the Interceptor. Though Chang protests leaving Kurtz behind, Juanito cites that the Sulaco is leaving UPP territory and that they have to be gone by then, lest they breach the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the UPP and Wey-Yu. He also notes that Kurtz would never be able to pass quarantine. As such, the two retreat back to the ship and leave Kurtz behind.


Kurtz gives birth.

Some time later, Kurtz awakens on the Sulaco in his solitude. He questions what is happening to him and suddenly begins convulsing. A Chestburster subsequently rips out of him. A biohazard containment team led by Tully and accompanied by Fox and Welles eventually board the ship, with Welles discovering Kurtz' corpse. Kurtz and Fox subsequently bring Kurtz back to Anchorpoints medbay and examine him, discovering his chest being ripped open.

After Anchorpoint is subject to a Xenomorph infestation, the AK-104 Suit Gun that Kurtz was equipped with is later acquired by Hicks to combat the creatures.



  • In the original script, the UPP commandos are not named, nor communicate with each other. In the comics, the commandos are named.
  • Kurtz' name may be an intentional homage to Joseph Conrad's character of the same name in his novella Hearts of Darkness.



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