Kurn are quadrupedal creatures native to LV-742.


Kurn are quadrupedal animals. Greyish in coloration, it is unclear whether or not they have fur, scales, or are hairless. They appear to have hooves. Several spikes come up around the shoulders, which can be used offensively. Kurn make a strange snarling sound when idle, and a snorting-bark when they attack or are rendered comatose.


Kurns are pack or herd animals, depending on their classification. They occur in a varying number size and will not attack the player if they enter it's line of sight. However, should the player attack one Kurn, all of the Kurn will converge on the player and attempt to kill or run them off.

Kurn will also jump into conflicts happening nearby, even if they weren't attacked directly, joining in on the violence.

Alien Infestation[]

When impregnated by a Facehugger, Kurn, like the Kriltic, will bring forth Runner Xenomorphs. Since they are simpler life forms, an embryonic Chestburster could split into two separate individuals before emergence, thus the Kurn would bear two of them instead of one.



  • The Kurn have a passing resemblance to the Predator Hell-Hounds.