The Kuhjad is a device first seen in The Predator.


The Kuhjad is a unique multi-purpose tool with several observed features:

  • Advanced AI: When attached to the Fugitive's Wrist Gauntlet, the Kuhjad appears to act with a mind of its own, as when Quinn McKenna is fleeing from the Predator, the gauntlet briefly shimmers with blue light before the front tip slides back to dispense the Shifter.
  • Portable Mini-Computer: When removed from the Wrist Gauntlet, the Kuhjad acts like a portable mini-computer.
  • Projectile Weapon: When attached to the Wrist Gauntlet, the Kuhjad can act as a weapon (similar, in principle, to the Energy Flechette), but instead of firing plasma-based projectiles, it instead fires a rather tiny discus that (contrary to its small size) has enough power and sharpness to not only pierce the thick hide of a Yautja, but also cleanly slice through the flesh and bone of a human, with relative ease.
  • Storage Unit: When attached to the Wrist Gauntlet, the Kuhjad acts as a storage unit for certain small objects.

Behind the Scenes

The Kuhjad is described as "the most important prop of the movie", and that the filmmakers wanted it to be as "detailed and complicated and interesting as it could be". Another stated that "there is a lot of mystery surrounding what its actual purpose is and to imply that it has many, many different powers that [they] haven't exploited yet".


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