The King, also known as the Monstrosity[1], is a large and rare form of the Xenomorph XX121 species, that are only known to exist in the largest of Xenomorph hives.[1] They are very similar to the Queen caste but are much more built for combat than the egg-laying Queen.

While known as a counterpart of the Queen, the exact role of the King is unknown. As Ovomorphs do not need to be fertilized, it is unlikely to be a reproductive caste. Most evidence would seem to point to the King being a commander caste like a Praetorian that would act as a hulking field commander for the lesser castes. It is unknown how a King is created and why they only exist in the largest Xenomorph hives.


Much like its Queen counterpart, the King possesses a large head crest, which is much more ornate than the Queen's. Parallel to its jaws, a pair of tusk-like protrusions jut out of its crest, though they seem too small to be used offensively. The King is also much more rigid and bulkier looking than his "female" counterpart. Another difference is the lack of ventral arms that Queens have.

Much like several other castes of Xenomorphs, the King is capable of spitting acid, which is known to be extremely corrosive. It possesses large talon-like claws and a powerful tail which allow it to tear through even the armor of tanks. Its tail possesses rows of spines similar to the scutes of a crocodile instead of the single row of most Xenomorphs. The King also possesses two barb-tipped tail-like structures on either side of its four dorsal spines. Its regular dorsal spines possess a shape similar to most normal Xenomorphs, and not the spike-shaped spines of the Queens and other related castes.

The King ranges in height from slightly taller than a Queen to towering several stories over its smaller brethren. It has been noted that the King possesses enhanced regenerative abilities, specifically linked to the consumption of its enemies. It is also said to be fairly mobile and fast moving for something of its size.[1][2]

Behind the Scenes

Sideshow Collectibles design

The Sideshow Collectibles Alien King

Working in direct partnership with Legacy Effects, the artists and nightmare makers behind the creatures and Queen from Aliens, Sideshow Collectibles created the King Alien maquette to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Alien franchise. The King design was intended to be much more masculine than the feminine design of the Queen.[2]

This iteration of the King would make its first debut in any franchise media with a 2018 expansion to the Prodos Games board game, AVP: The Hunt Begins. In this appearance it received some more information about its abilities and behavior, as well as being massively up-scaled to be as big as a Queen Mother (if not bigger).

Kenner figure

The Kenner Products King Alien.

A 'King' Xenomorph first physically appeared in Kenner Products' 1992 Series 4 of its Aliens toyline. This version of the creature stood more upright and instead of a crest, featured a pair of large mandible-like appendages that when resting, formed the shape of a crest on the head. It was predominantly green in color with black limbs and lower torso (although there was also a black and silver reissue).

Other physical distinctions include tusks very similar to those of the Sideshow Collectibles maquette, large blade-like hips and a bulbous sack for a tail which stored acid that it could spit in streams out of its mouth.

Other Kings

The idea of a "King" Xenomorph first appeared in the 1990 unproduced script for Alien3 by Vincent Ward. While being completely different in its design and nature, it is said to be able to spit acid much like the Sideshow Collectibles and Kenner Kings. This version of the King could also implant Chestbursters directly into victims and was able to camouflage itself similar to a chameleon.

The 1993 comic book Aliens: Rogue featured a genetically engineered human/Xenomorph hybrid called the Rogue that was also referred to as a 'king'.


  • The description for the Sideshow maquette mentions that the design is a "fully-realized canon character". Though whether this means the caste is actually intended to be canon is still questionable and debatable by many fans.
  • The Prodos Games figurine for the Alien King is drastically larger than the earlier Sideshow Collectibles maquette model, being of a similar size to a Queen Mother whereas the maquette stands roughly the same size as a regular Queen and this is most apparent by using the Drones featured in each model as a size reference. It is possible that the difference in size could just be referencing earlier and later developmental stages and this is plausible due to the unparalleled combat advantage that a Xenomorph the size of a Queen Mother would provide without it having to remain immobile to perform the functions that a Queen Mother does and the description given for the Prodos Games model does describe a creature that would be as large as a Queen Mother.
  • The gargantuan Prodos iteration of the caste is said to cause small localized earthquakes when it steps. This is rather unlikely and is probably just an over-exaggerated description designed to market the caste as this unstoppable Monstrosity.
  • When charging into combat Kings are said to emit a loud screeching roar, almost like a war cry. This is similar to behavior exhibited by various Praetorians.
  • The Alien King features tusks similar to those of a Palatine, Raven or a Tusked Xenomorph, though they do not extend past its jaw like those of a Palatine or Tusked Xenomorph and so are more similar to those of a Raven.
  • While referred to with masculine pronouns, much like how Queens are referred to with feminine pronouns, Kings are probably hermaphroditic like most other Xenomorphs.
  • In the 2011 DS game, Aliens: Infestation, the final boss is a huge crested Xenomorph that bears some resemblance to the Sideshow King design and is similar in size to its Prodos iteration. Similarly, a recurring antagonist/boss in the 2014 Raw Thrills arcade game, Aliens: Armageddon, is also a massive unidentified crested Xenomorph. Though the latter Xenomorph has less similarities in appearance than the prior Xenomorph.
    • Both aliens possess more rounded crests than the large crown-like crests of Queens, and the Infestation Xenomorph in particular possesses a similar (albeit less pronounced) three pronged crest to the King's. Both lack he Queen's ventral arms and appear much bulkier and similar in size to the Prodos iteration of the King. However, all three designs have unqie dorsal spines and the two unidentified Xenomorphs have bladed tail tips instead of the cercus-like pincer of the King.



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  • Rogue — A genetically engineered Xenomorph-human hybrid that is sometimes referred to as a King.