Kezia Holly Burrows[1] is a Welsh actress who provided the motion capture performance and likeness for Amanda Ripley in the 2014 video game Alien: Isolation. Her likeness was later reused for the 2019 web series Alien: Isolation - The Digital Series, which reused many cutscenes from the game whilst also creating new scenes and story threads involving the character.

Born in Neath, she lived in Porthcawl and then Carmarthen. Kezia trained at RADA, graduating in summer 2004.[2][3] She first took roles in various theatre productions.[4] She made her first television appearance in ITV1's The Capgras Tide, before starring in the 2009 BBC Wales commissioned, Tony Jordan produced hospital drama Crash as Dr Cath Llewelyn.[5] She voices Nilin in the video game Remember Me.[6]


Year Title
2011 Panic Button
2012 The Dial
2013 Magpie
2014 Viking: The Berserkers


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