Ken Fasta Petrillo,[1] nicknamed "Ken Faster",[1] was a Xenomorph cultist, a member of the Church of the Queen Mother and a Xeno-Zip addict who had volunteered to become a host for impregnation. The resulting Xenomorph, dubbed Mozart, was then planned to be used in Damon Eddington's Symphony of Hate project.


Once a renowned guitarist before becoming addicted to Xeno-Zip, Petrillo eventually lost his fame and became homeless. He soon after joined a group of cultists that worshiped the Xenomorphs.

Believing Xeno-Zip was not enough any more, and wanting to worship at the source, Ken desired to become one with them by allowing himself to become impregnated by a Facehugger. Ken is approached by Ahiro and is convinced to come with him. Ken meets Damon and the latter recognizes him as an old associate. Damon becomes slightly uneased by the reveal of the host being his former friend and questions Ken if he is certain that he wants to go through with it. He confirms he does, albeit he admits he is a little afraid.

Before the two could finish talking, Ahiro takes Ken and sits him in front of the egg that he and his men had stolen from MedTech. The egg starts to open and Ken seemed to have changed his mind, but is held in place. The Facehugger then latches on to him and incapacitates him. Ken is taken into a cell and after enough time has past, he starts convulsing as the chestburster emerges. Upon hearing the young Mozart's shrieks, Damon almost immediately washed away any guilt regarding Ken's death and perceives his sacrifice to have resulted in him becoming one with his 'god' and an embodiment of his music.



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