Katherine Daniels,[3] nicknamed "Danny", was the chief terraformist aboard the colonization spacecraft USCSS Covenant and the wife of its captain, Jake Branson. She was serving on the Covenant during its disastrous voyage to Origae-6, during which it suffered several catastrophes that resulted in the loss of most of the ship's crew and its hijacking by the android David.

Daniels was part of the expedition team that set down on Planet 4 and one of two Covenant crewmembers to survive the incident alongside the ship's pilot Tennessee. However, they were captured by David when he hijacked the Covenant, presumably to be used in his future experimentation.


Daniels was an intelligent, astute and resourceful individual, being incredibly proficient in her role as chief terraformist on the Covenant and able to identify the purpose, capacity and value of every piece of equipment in the ship's Terraforming Bay, to which she was heard to refer as "my turf". Daniels was also skilled in cooking up impromptu solutions to emergencies, successfully killing both of the Praetomorphs she encountered on and around Planet 4 using skill and guile few others would be able to apply.

She was also a kind and talkative individual, harboring a friendly relationship with ship's android Walter and some of her human crewmates, Tennessee in particular. She would, however, not pull punches when she felt slighted, such as when acting captain Chris Oram attempted to comfort her over the loss of her husband Jake Branson and stumbled over encouraging her to grieve for him.

On that note, Daniels often showed high emotion when facing events that would be distressing to anyone, namely witnessing the cruel death of her husband and later realizing that mad android David had supplanted Walter while she was slipping into hypersleep, which would likely not have a pleasant outcome for her.


Daniels claimed an AR-15 outfitted with an EOtech holographic sight, dropped by Ankor when he was killed by a Neomorph. She later armed herself with a Beretta 92FS Brigadier, although she was disarmed by David after she tried to shoot him in self-defense. When fleeing David's temple, she armed herself with an AR-15 rifle. Later, she armed herself with a Thales F90 when the Praetomorph born from Chris Oram managed to board the cargo lift on which the survivors were escaping the planet. The rifle proved to be of no use against the Praetomorph and she ultimately discarded it once she had expended its ammunition, leaving it to fall to the surface of Planet 4. While hunting for the Praetomorph that birthed from Lopé aboard the Covenant, she again armed herself with a Thales F90, although she never needed to fire it.


  • In early drafts of the film's script, Daniels was known as "Griff" Griffin.[4]






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